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  1. 3 minutes ago, Wahwah* said:

    Oh sure, but it’s not a reaction to the content, it's every single thing that's posted. 




    "Ps5 is better"


    This happens on both sides, it's really not worth caring about. Here's a random tweet about PS Trophy changes....



  2. Yeah apart from the sheer size of the PS5 the teardown is positive.


    Now what I want to see is some next gen games running on the XSX, I'm ready for the next embargo to be lifted allowing those with the XSX pre release systems to publish their next videos. 

  3. 1 hour ago, deerokus said:

    The x is at least on paper a good bit more powerful than the ps5 (hard to say how much so as Sony are still keeping some hardware details close to their chests) and even the s uses the newer more efficient amd architecture than Sony does, so I wouldn't infer anything for the series x or s from demons souls at this stage. 


    I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure digital foundry brought something up regarding this in one of their xbox series x videos saying that they are all using the same RDNA2 gpu architechture if this is what you are referring to?

  4. 8 minutes ago, Steven said:


    I'm glad I didn't pay full price for my One X as under three years ago it was being touted as this beastly upgrade by MS which has now been dropped. Makes me wonder how long the Series S has. I keep thinking of the Daz doorstep challenge - " You're not still using that old shit we sold you last week, are you?" 


    Thing is though, the bottleneck of the entire current gen is the abysmal CPU. The X1X was hamstrung in this regard no matter how good it's GPU was. The Series S CPU will keep it current throughout next gen lifecycle for 1080p and 1440p.

  5. That Verge video :facepalm: 


    On a plus side, the other videos have done nothing but increase my excitement for launch. I actually really like how the XSX looks, I don't even have somewhere to slot it into my IKEA Besta, it's going to have to sit on top. I also may have an Elite Series 2 controller coming today... oops.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Lorfarius said:

    Is anyone all that bothered about the 4K side of things? When it first came out I was impressed with how it looked on films but after awhile I started to realise they just looked.. too real. Like you could see it was clearly a set with plastic/wood props and it put me off watching more (Terminator 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean were good examples). I tend to stick to Bluray as it just doesn't have that ultra real edge. I gave up with it last year and flogged my 4K tv for a couple of hundred quid on Facebook. I'm now using a 32" Samsung TV I picked up from Argos a few weeks back and everything looks amazing on that. Doesn't seem to be 4K TVs available at that size for the moment but I wasn't all that bothered really. Part of me has a feeling its a bit like the 3DTV gimmick. Is it a big thing for anyone else?


    4k tv at that size is for all intents and purposes is useless. I'm not saying its not noticable for say a PC monitor if you game at a desk but for a TV you wont tend to be that close.


    4k is best put to good use on larger screens. I have a 65" LG OLED and it is amazing. Ive never seen anything as glorious. It is this years CX model which is (a fucking rip off and wish i had got last years C9 and saved a chunk of money) capable of 120fps. My PC can run a fair few games at over 60fps at 4k (you would need a gpu with hdmi 2.1 capability for 120fps anyway) but i have tended to opt for 1440p and even that is a step above 1080p but again thats more so to do with the size of the tv.


    I was never that into 4k until I saw it on an OLED, especially if viewing or gaming with HDR or Dolby Vision. 1080p gaming will be perfect for a massive percentage of gamers, if not optimal for those with high refresh rate monitors. 


    The other thing is input lag with increased resolutions really stacks up on certain TV's. You really want to have a low latency set or monitor even at higher resolutions.


    In short it's definitely not a gimmick and is unbelievably amazing with a good screen and a relevant/optimal input. 


  7. 24 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:

    What examples is he talking about? The only instance of a lower spec, lower priced console that I can think of is the Xbox 360 Arcade edition which worked fine for people and was partly responsible for giving them such a massive headache at the start of the PS3’s life. You know, when they literally started ripping hardware out of the thing to get the price down?


    Even still, if you really care about power, the Series X costs the same as a standard PS5 and is more powerful. 


    What's bizzarre to me is they have both already been doing this for a few years with the mid-gen machines, pro and one x.

  8. I've experienced some lag with it before but nothing crazy. SSD's should help in this regard too i'd assume. Unless you can ask it to save to a USB HDD


    Also the options for capturing (720p, 1080p and different capture lengths 15mins, 30mins etc) and the editing software on the PS4 always stood out to me as the way it should be done on consoles.

  9. 1 minute ago, moosegrinder said:

    It does suck. I'm presuming the share button is basically a capture button a la switch and PS4. Has there been any info if the share function is Switch-like (lightning fast) or PS4-like (absolute fucking garbage)?


    I'm hoping it's exactly like the PS4, so easy to use. What is it you don't like about it?


    They made a brief overview video on it which makes it look like it works exactly like the PS4...



  10. 12 minutes ago, JPL said:

    Assets will be smaller due to the lower resolution, so in theory you should be able to have roughly the same number of games on either system. As for storage, you can always just plug a standard drive in to archive any games you’re not currently playing. It’s a really well designed system. Take a look at that video I’ve just posted if you haven’t seen it before.


    Just watched it thanks :)


    Will this really mean the game file sizes will be smaller? In theory they can be but will game dev's really take advantage of this? 

  11. 9 minutes ago, denisb said:

    Is the saving on the S worth the performance hit? I’ve got PS5 and series X ordered but was thinking as I’ll only do digital on Xbox would the S be worth it


    I'm torn on the S, I think it is fantastic value for money but the size of the SSD is the concern for many i'd assume.


    If for any reason you feel the need to expand on the storage i'd personally opt for the Series X (providing you are happy with it's form factor). You gain in so many ways, double the storage size being the most immediately beneficial one. Of course an S with the expanded SSD would net you a further 500gb but is that really worth £20 more than having an X? For me that is an easy no.

  12. 12 minutes ago, footle said:

    Fail? No. Degrade to the point of awfulness, sure.
    That’s what happens with batteries over seven years.

    I expect the same from the Elite 2: it’s just chemistry and a function of usage/battery size.


    Exactly and the rest of my post covers some of my past experience with battery degradation.


    I just see a lot of mentions about battery failing in dual shock controllers, which really paints a striking image of it not working at all or that it happens so often that it is a widespread issue. While some may degrade to become awful i've yet to experience anything even less than a 2.5-3hr charge time. Unlike my 360 play and charge battery which was easily 1.5hrs at best when it was needing replaced. 


    Again all of the above is my experience not reflective of the wider communities.

  13. 10 hours ago, Clipper said:

    and when those internal batteries fail?


    With sony controllers you have to replace the controller I believe?  it is only a 1000mah battery - a pair of AAs will easily do 4000


    Is that the case with Elite 2?


    As much as I see the argument from both sides and certainly not disputing batteries fail and will have done so for Playstation owners, I've always owned both Sony and Microsofts offerings every generation i've never had a battery fail in a Dual Shock controller. 


    First thing I done with my 360 was buy a plug and charge kit, which due to degredation and short life then got replaced with rechargeable batteries. This was to me a constant hassle especially if I forgot to charge some. Also I was always concerned about leaving the batteries charging etc. On the Xbox One again I opted for the play and charge kit and have found it much better than the 360's in terms of life and degredation.


    I guess my point is i'd rather have an internal/integral rechargeable battery in my controllers, being removable on the Xbox is definitely comforting should it ever go bad.

  14. 22 minutes ago, bridger said:

    Hands up if like me you’ve just had a quick check on your Amazon order to put your mind at rest?


    Also me. At what stage can we trust it. I'm guessing upon dispatch.

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