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  1. Looks like this goes live at 1pm. Hopefully the Series S embargo will be lifted after this.
  2. Yeah, even with the softest of dusters as well. I was horrified after I dusted my PS3 with a microfiber the first time round.
  3. They use the gloves as they will be doing pictures for media after the unboxing and wont want fingerprints all over it. I think as a consumer having as much info before you buy something is fantastic. These unboxings may lead someone to change their mind/go for the Xbox instead as they can now see the PS5 is massive and might not be something they want to look at everyday. Also lets people know whats in the box, what they might want to purchase alongside the console. Even you said you took something from it. Of course you won't like everyones personality online, thats t
  4. I love to see the ol' "I hate/don't understand unboxing video's/youtubers " comments. Everytime. Looks massive. Don't like how the shiny bit looks under light, all warped and cheap. Can't wait till the 19th Nov.
  5. Yip, as soon as the light refracts off it, looks all warped, funky and cheap.
  6. I just can't decide whether to buy on PS5 or XSX. I think they are both 4k 30 which really doesn't excite me. I'd rather 1440 or 1080p 60.
  7. Console needs to be unboxed and moved to a separate room away from the cables and accessories until the 18th November.
  8. Ubisoft games are well known to be incredibly difficult to achieve high fps though even on PC (possibly not now with the 3080 mind you). Assassins Creed Odyssey. 4k Ultra settings you will struggle to get 60fps even with an i9 9900k and RTX 2080 ti
  9. Austin Evans not shocked either way but DF is a huge one to leave out. I did notice it's all Americans that got them though? Maybe DF will get one when people on our side of the pond get them.
  10. Mine is bright enough (LG CX) in the daytime in a bright livingroom at 50% brightness. As an aside, my wife doesn't know what the different TV technologies are and prefers the OLED tv to our old Samsung LCD and hasn't noticed any difference in brightness. I can see your point and realistically there should be a disclaimer at point of sale with a warning. It is well documented for those that do their research that it may be an issue depending on your usage type and you do get guidelines and warnings in the box. The other thing that annoys me is extended warranties tend to shy away f
  11. Completely redundant analogy. You are basically saying ray tracing is the only thing that makes next gen "next gen".
  12. Please if you could, explain in detail what the difference will be between a last gen game and a next gen game will be? You can exclude ray tracing from the explanation as that is an easy answer as the last gen hardware couldn't support it. Also on RT not all developers will choose to use it as it is very demanding on the hardware and they may choose to exclude it in favour of greater resolution, fidelity and frame rate.
  13. Got to remember though framerate performance on ray tracing is heavily dependant on GPU performance and the XSX has more of that than PS5 so might be a little early to judge on this one. I'm not too disappointed with that performance. DMC V never had RT on PC so you don't know how demanding that is even on a well optimised game. I won't be buying this game as it's not to my taste but i wouldn't be disappointed in any game running at 4k 60fps on next gen even if that is only possible without RT.
  14. In the LG C9 and CX the red pixels were increased in size, in OLED technology these are the pixels that wear out fastest. With OLED all the pixels wear over time and this is witnessed in the brightness of the pixel. Best way to protect your OLED is to not have static images on the screen and also don't run at high brightness levels for prolonged periods. All OLED screens given enough time will suffer from this.
  15. Sorry mate, got a bit too excited and carried away and made 2 for today, my MS paint skills are just far too good to go to waste. Please accept my sincere apologies. ONLY 20 DAYS LEFT
  16. The difference being though at 1080 and 1440 it's the CPU that will allow for the higher framerate and the XSS has a massivelt better CPU in comparison to the PS4 Pro.
  17. I might be talking out my arse here but for everyone worried about the XSS outputting 1440p with 4tflops GPU. The PS4 Pro had a 4.2 tflops on an older AMD gpu architechture and could get games to 4k, most likely 1800p with checkerboarding). It also had less AND slower VRAM. The XSS has the CPU to help with high framerate - 1440p 60fps is most likely on the cards for most games if the developers set the game up to achieve that. Again it will depend on type of game also.
  18. I thought the same thing. I was wrong. I have a 144hz benq monitor and the difference between 60 and 144fps is the smoothness. It's the reason mobile phones are starting to come with 120hz panels it just gives you an incredibly smooth experience scrolling, Take your current phone (most likely 60hz panel) and scroll fast on a page of text and see if you can still read it clearly, it's unlikely however at 120hz the text would be scrolling smooth and legible. Another example is a mouse pointer on a screen, move it fast at 60hz and you get the juddery trail, at 144hz there
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