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  1. Did you try the raid, 6 man content? It's anything but "vapid".
  2. Thanks I must have it, it looks awesome.
  3. I'm helping Kieran and Baz then if we get done quickly you know i'll help
  4. I've done heroic and it's not there now. Do they mean it will always be on the map when the event is on or permanently?
  5. Well he better sell it again because even if I could assemble a team to do Calus I guarantee it wouldn't drop.
  6. You can enjoy it solo and occasionally but it's still grindy. It is the nature of the beast to be fair.
  7. Apparently it's not in Benedict 99-40's loot pool but he might sell it? Haven't seen any proof of this mind you and looks like he has also never sold it. Looks like we need to kill Calus more.
  8. I really really want a Midnight Coup (talking about the gun obviously).
  9. I felt bad for Lord Scotland who got the 400 Sidearm after we eventually killed Argos. Now that's bad luck.
  10. BarryL85

    Xbox One X

    I was really just looking to get the official play and charge kit and not a docking station type thing as it takes up some space. Thanks though.
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