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  1. I really hope they do Kill em all end to end at download - 40th anniversary and two nights
  2. can I just add... I have absolutely ZERO idea what the hell is going on. None whatsoever. The entire game story makes no sense. I get that this is one of From Software's things - but I would like a BIT more on making it easier for me to follow a story.
  3. I like the fact that enemies don’t scale - that’s not a problem. I think it’s fair to say that the last 1/3 of the game feels a bit rushed - like they ran out of time. Limgrave and Stormveil castle are still probably the most interesting to explore and entertaining areas of the game.
  4. That’s me done the Ranni storyline, got my mimic tear up to level 10 and ready to go to Godfrey. Really enjoying it again but shamelessly using guides all over the place - I don’t know how the game is possible without that. I think I just needed a break tbh, enjoying it again
  5. How open is this compared to Arceus, which I loved btw.
  6. I’ve just been listening to the the OST tonight and it brings back so many memories. I’m an old bastard and I’ve played a LOT of games… but… it really is the best game ever made. It just is
  7. I really enjoy the themeborne games - they're light and quick and easy to play... I struggle to justify the price for this though so even I've got all the Dark Castle and Sector with expansions and big box... I'm out for this one.
  8. last night, son played elden ring on the big screen while I played Xenoblade 3 on the couch handheld. Ace.
  9. exactly... the steam deck would be even better because graphics are better, but I've had to put that purchase on hold for now because funds. Sitting on the couch, plane or train playing these massive big games works better for me than having to dominate the big screen for 200 odd hours.
  10. really pleased to see that content is coming out for the switch - the port there was superb. Sure, it's a bit patchy graphically in places - but I still find the switch as the ideal platform for time sink games like this.
  11. most of the time I try to summon before a boss, no-one appears...
  12. Hahaha... looking at my sons build. He jolly co-ops all the way through. He's level 237 as a result of people giving him runes - and he put it all practically into endurance (it's 99!) haha.. I've told him to go back to the academy and change his stages, he uses Rahdan's great sword all the time... so he shove most of that into Strength and Dex, and reduce his faith and arcane to the minimum they need to be for whatever he uses.
  13. Gave up on Godfrey for a bit - headed off to another area of the map and stumbled on Castle Sol. Was a piece of piss given my level so Commander Niall went down quickly... got some medallion and realised I had the other half from somewhere else. So turns out I'm now at the Haligtree... enjoying the game again. I probably going to use jolly co-op to complete it - call on xbox gamers to help. My son asked for help with Malenia and some guy appeared and basically did it single handedly. Was impressive to watch.
  14. Anyone seen what Metallica played at Hollywood the other day!? holy shit… I can’t wait to see them at download
  15. yeah - it's like a WW2 serial - IN SPACE
  16. no... In fact, it'll be better if all you've seen is the original trilogy... watch this, then when it's done next year - watch Rogue One.
  17. I thought that was great - he carries a long stick, wears a big long cloak - it's almost like he's a rogue Sith... I half expected him to force drag the agent out of the lift. His monologue where he gave up everything - like giving everything up to be a Jedi. I think all that imagery was deliberate. On viewing figures... it hasn't bombed. It just isn't up there with the stuff that is obviously much more kid friendly. There was only ever going to be 2 series... and they're making the second one just now. This will determine whether or not we're more likely to see this side of Star Wars more often or just endless stuff on Tattoine for ever.
  18. My mate and his brother stumbled upon Space Cruachan as well during a hike - we didn't know much about Andor at the time, so it was cool to know mysterious Star Wars was being filmed in Scotland.
  19. TAKE THAT YOU CUNT Foreskin duo is DOWN. after months of not playing, my son said he wanted to see me play. The fuckers went down on my 4th attempts. back in the game
  20. great - I’ll give it a try. Want to get it set up before Christmas for him.
  21. We've got our son an Acer Predator Helios 300 as a gaming PC - which will be good enough for connecting the Oculus to the PC for Alyx and Minecraft VR and stuff... BUT I've no idea how best to do it. Any thoughts, recommendations?
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