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  1. not yet. I abandoned him for a bit and will go back tomorrow
  2. 19 to go and getting pretty tough. Struggling a bit with the less obvious seamen and topmen. Back to it tomorrow.
  3. I'm a bit stumped - I've got and Will go back to it later tonight.
  4. I've tried Bosun's mate spoiler Chapter 2 spoiler - I felt really clever when
  5. Got 30 fates now... absolutely convinced I know who the Bosun’s mate is but it’s just not clicking so I must be wrong...
  6. erm - deleted what I wrong because I can't remember how to do [spoiler][/spoiler]tags
  7. That was a very very good final episode
  8. yeah - pretty much. I loved it at the time, but can see its flaws this time... but when it's good, it's awesome. I still absolutely love those void levels.
  9. That R-Type Dimensions is really good - I think I'll be getting that.. .and Pikmin 3 and Hyrule Warriors and and and and.... this machine just doesn't let up
  10. that looks *really* good. Must buy for me.
  11. This is lovely on the switch... perfect handheld. Is it just me or is the auto-lock much better than it was on WiiU? I don't remember it being able to cycle through targets the same way, makes it much easier when there's no pointer to use.
  12. scottcr


    The heist is a masterclass and still an absolute standard when it comes to audio...
  13. Fucking Love Sausage hahahahahhahaha
  14. Getting my dash to do damage is usually the first thing I try to get if I can... spamming through eneimes, slamming them into walls and then shooting them in the arse with the bug gun weapon thing... great fun.
  15. I can now pretty reliably get to Elysium after getting my arse handed to me by Meg over and over again. Ok, I've got better weapons now (or at least weapons that work for me), some nice keepsakes and bonuses that I've bought from the mirror. Great game this.
  16. I’ve given up. Got to the point that I didn’t care if I saw the latest one or not
  17. I loved that bit... was like a wee puzzle. Once you work it out, scaling up there quickly is great fun.
  18. I managed all that stuff back in the day and godammit I won't be defeated this time round!
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