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  1. Just realised this is 11pm ... hahahahaha... tomorrows a holiday up here in Scotland I'm going to be fucking blasted hahaha... oh dear. I appologise in advance
  2. I'm not really fussed about GB games - although Mario Land because the tune is great. Prince of Persia was a nice version... and... erm GBA games. GEEZ IT.
  3. N64 online with no border F-Zero would be *amazing*
  4. A smash bros character Metroid dread a few cool Indie drops one last thing BOTW2
  5. Switch Sports Resort : Return to Wuhu Island. BELIEVE
  6. My son had a pal up at the weekend - and rather than sit on the xbox or switch as they usually do, he wanted to show him Descent - so they started a new campaing and I helped them get going then left them to finish the first mission. It's a shame it's so expensive with an enormous box - could be an absolute breakthrough game for kids, this generation's Heroquest, if it were more 'mainstream'.
  7. I really quite fancy playing Middara but stuff like this just gives me The Fear. It looks like a mountain of stuff and busy work - and a pain to set up and tear down... which is a shame.
  8. It's definitely relatively light and easy - and in the 2 scenarios so far, only one character has ended up with 'major wounds'. On the flip side of that though, is my son really enjoys it - to the point where he'd rather play it with me than a videogame himself, and that's got to be worth it. I'm tempted to start up my own campaign on hard to see how difficult it gets. Really looking forward to how this campaign pans out and what they bring out for this in the future - it looks as though FFG are going to do Terrinoth some justice. As an aside, the artwork is *superb*. Great well designed and diverse characters. I want to see some graphic novels with it!
  9. only 2 quests in and my son and I *love* it. It's so full of surprises and the map reveal just makes it all the more interesting and tactile. quest 2 spoiler The crafting is really well done as well. Managing that without an app would be just a mountain of tokens and busy work - the app just handles it all. Sure, it'd be nice to see a pool of tons of different types of materials, but being able to improve your weapons, add stuff to them without having to bother with extra cards to worry about and extra dice to roll as a result - it's just GOOD. It's the best app driven game I've played so far and genuinely feels like a great combo of video game and board game.
  10. Such a great game this… reckon we’ll play it solid till we’re done
  11. Finished the first scenario - genuinely really impressed. The map kept surprising us with what happened next. If you fancy a story driving dungeon delve I can’t recommend this enough
  12. unfortunately I’m away for the weekend so the best I’ve got is me sitting t my caravan reading the rules
  13. hahaha… it’s about the exact size of a kallax cube. Surprisingly light though as half the box is just a cavity designed to hold all the bits once it’s all built. extreme heroquest vibes when building it
  14. played a solo game of Regicide. It’s VERY GOOD and all you need is a standard deck of cards https://www.badgersfrommars.com/buy-regicide
  15. We've been playing Curse of Strahd since the first lockdown using R20 and DnD Beyond. There's a doofer that connects your DnD Beyond dice rolls to R20 and it makes a *massive* difference. If you have a campaign going, only one person has to buy a book and it's content can be shared - so we all chip in a few quid each to get the content unlocked.
  16. They look like Fighting Fantasy books - which was the exact look they were going for. I've got the Big Box Escape The Dark Castle - it's cracking.
  17. That's pish but. PJ and yer man Chris Scullion are *Very Good* games reviewers
  18. If you like Escape the Dark Castle, get Escape the Dark Sector. It’s even better!
  19. PJ reviewed it for Nintendolife and it’s a 9/10.
  20. If you fancy Gloomhaven - go for Jaws of the Lion. It's a better game. It's introduction is better. It's a much more manageable size and theres less faffing about with side quests and goals and stuff. I hope they release more ones in this format.
  21. incel neck-bears who rant and rave about it using an app and, while not really saying it, are annoyed at more diverse characters...
  22. I really enjoy it - the card play and combat is very nicely done... as Nathan said above, the threat counter is a bit obvious... you've not really got the time to explore and you need to pretty quick an efficient. As a LOTR fan though, I reckon you'd enjoy it.
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