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  1. SMB2 was shit. An exercise in frustration and luck and they even ruined Monkey Target. SMB1 was *amazing* - like a perfect gamey game. Sega had no idea what they had and every single game since SMB1 demonstrated that it was a fluke. Why don't they just re-release SMB1?!
  2. The world of Ice of Fire is a great app for catching up. I think Dany will still turn but it’ll be played out much longer. There’ll be no night king. Bran ends up on the throne but it’s because he’s the bloodraven and not bran
  3. I pretty much imagined the switch to be like an iphone now... relatively small semi-frequent hardware upgrades of the main tablet piece backwards compatible guaranteed for a number of itterations.
  4. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Do people forget that Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming? This is going to sell like fuck!
  5. I was about ten times that when it came to Ganon
  6. I’ve just started Master Mode. You really need to sneak about and avoid combat where you can on the plateau. Theres even But I’ve found myself following the old man around and had conversations I never had before... and found a completely new way to a shrine I didn’t appreciate was there and designed in. Climbing with one stamina wheel is TENSE!
  7. there's usually only 6 cars you actually need to race
  8. this is really good and cracking value for a fiver. Got Urban Trials for 2.60 as well. Sorted.
  9. and Mage Knight... everyone raves about Mage Knight solo
  10. I'd highly recommend Arkham Horror LCG - a great deck building narrative type game that plays brilliantly solo. In fact, this months Table Top gamer has a top 10 games for solo play and it's number 1. I also recommend Escape the Dark Castle - it's ace.
  11. played this a few times last night and this morning - holy shit, has everyone just got to god-tier level of skills now?
  12. I could never play games non inverted. First thing I did was always invert. Then I played a bunch of shooters on the Wii. Metroid, etc and found that it completely rewired my brain. Now inversion doesn’t make sense to me. It’s mental. Literally
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