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  1. The Ancient Cistern is absolute pinnacle of dungeon design. It’s wonderful. Beautiful. Amazing.
  2. maybe - didn't make for an interesting character on screen though.
  3. yeah - pretty much. Richard E Loki was the best Loki. I expected time travel shenanigans, but thought Loki became really uninteresting by the end of the series.
  4. Might give up on these MCU programmes. That finale was bobbins. My son was bored. How can they make the God of Mischief boring!?
  5. I would never have realised just how massive a difference camera controls make to Fight
  6. About 16 hours in. I loved this on the Wii… but the improvements and just how utterly amazing it looks has pushed this right up into second place on my Zelda list. yes. I’m constantly doing stuff. There’s very little ‘space’ - but it’s just such a rewarding and enjoyable place to spend time in. It’s a game and I t knows it’s a game. the perfect Zelda is a combo of this and BotW
  7. It took 10 years, but I knew you'd come home....
  8. DF made a good point - we've almost overdosed on open world games and BOTW is the best of them. It's actually quite nice to go back to a really dense game like this.
  9. Tried the stick controls in handheld - they work really well too. Better than I expected them too.
  10. Simple things - a completely free camera makes such a big difference.
  11. Something I’d never noticed before - but there’s a mural carved onto the wall at the bottom of the pit the imprisoned comes out of.
  12. Genuinely impressed at how good this looks. Never thought it was have aged as well - but it looks great.
  13. Free camera, 60fps, HD and improved motion control makes a massive difference. The boy did Ghirahim first time…. First time round it took ages and I had to intervene and even then it took ages too of almost chucking the controller through the telly
  14. Went and dragged the kids around St Vincent street last night - it was really cool. Can't wait to see that in the pictures.
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