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  1. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Surely as long as the game has seperate save profiles (most games do) -- it would be fine? He'd have his own character in Skyrim for example? Although Nintendo games don't tend to have one save per profile. I suppose it's analgous to giving someone a physical cart - but yeah, it depends on the save system.
  2. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Does this mean if I have a switch and my son has a switch with his and my profile on it, he can play games I’ve bought as long as I’m not playing at the same time and he uses my account? That’s good.
  3. Sounds like the desire sensor isn’t working properly in your game...
  4. I remember the first time I ever played MH3 on the Wii. Took me ages to kill the great Jaggi. But the skills never leave, I’ve got early game shitey armour and great sword, but feel as though I could still twat them about the map. Ive now been sucked in completely... again Great game. Apart from the RED FUCKING TEXT ON MY TELLY.
  5. Got it! Yay! Couldn’t resist. had a quick play - can’t read any of the red text on the big telly at all! Grrrr
  6. scottcr

    Nintendo Direct - 13th September (11 PM BST, 12 AM CEST)

    Haven’t watched it yet but looks ace... hope they bring Scythe digital to switch.
  7. scottcr

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Jeeeezo - if there's any more wrong way for a party to approach Cragmaw Castle, I'd like to see it... taking the side door in, my party then battered their way through the kitchen against tons of goblins then out into the entrance hallway, to be faced with 4 hobgoblins and 4 goblins that escaped from the kitchen area. Finally defeating them, with one party member downed... they decided to head back towards the centre of the castle, where they were ambushed by another hobgoblin with 2 goblin backup... co-ordinating a distraction while two other hobgoblins stood by the doorway of the captured owlbear and banging it to make it angry... after killing the hobs and gobs, typically stood pontificating for too long on where to go next... so the owlbear was released and charged straight for them. They downed it, but only after another player was taken out and was on her final death saving throw (the same character that was downed by the hobgoblins ffs!)... the rogue chucked oil over the owlbear, and it died as it tried to flee - jamming the doorway. Again, they pontificated about left or right.. and the two hobgoblins that released the owlbear appeared behind it's corpse arming their longbows. The rogue got the initiative, ran in and set the owlbear on fire. Woosh... and this set fire to the wooden beams supporting the fragile ruins. They scarpered into the chapel, didn't notice the Grick, and had a tough time taking that out with few spells and only one magic item between them.... smoke coming under the door of the chapel, the ran towards the shrine and luckily managed to detect the hidden goblins. 4 goblins ended up doing much more damage than they probably should have, and our elf wizard was downed. They're almost all out of hitpoints, no healing potions left, the cleric has one spell slot left, the wizard is stable but unconcious and the castle is on fire...
  8. scottcr

    Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan coming to Amazon

    5 episodes in... this is cracking stuff
  9. I haven't bought this yet - because I'm scared to... because I'm still playing Skyrim and some stuff I want to do before I give over my soul to Generations for the foreseeable future.
  10. scottcr

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Cracking weekend at Tabletop Scotland. Organisers did a great job. Our team also won the board game pub quiz which was nice. Got a chance to play Root, and thought that was excellent and had a great play trough of Legends Untold on a 3800 quid geeknson. the game library was *superb* - easily the best one I’ve ever seen.
  11. scottcr

    What are you playing?

    Back to Arkham Horror LCG. Set up a camping table in part of the house so I can keep it up and not worry about set up and tear down every time. Played the first two missions of the Carcosa campaign and continue to be really impressed at how much story can work into a card game. a cracker
  12. scottcr

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    A squad of us going up... I’m the only mukker mind.
  13. scottcr


    ... anddddd.... with that, Gloomhaven goes to the Great Kallax in the Sky (or at least my pals loft). Not much more to say. Cracking value. Lots more potential. The final scenario was fun, if not particularly difficult.. but then, I prefer boss battles to be like that. Something a bit different and fun to play, but not punishingly and crushingly hard... it's got to feel achievable. And with 5 level 8/9 characters - we did hit pretty damn hard. Good times. On to weekly DnD sessions next week.
  14. scottcr


    I’d like to see more RPGing going on. The mechanics are great for combat, but all the scenarios basically boil down to ‘kill all the things’... less missions but more variety and choices

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