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  1. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Winder Waker WiiU is a beautiful and wonderful thing that will never ever age
  2. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    Don't get your hopes up for Mario 64 being anything other than launching the N64 collection on Switch just like NES and SNES. Every other game will be sold standalone. C'mon guys - you know this. It's Nintendo ffs. I hope they do with sunshine what they did with Wind Waker. A proper eye popping colourful version of that could be gorgeous. and I will buy every one of them.
  3. yeah - the design is too strong and obvisouly thoght through for ARMS to be a one off (looks at F-Zero and makes sad face)
  4. I strongly suspect this group of characters aren't going to be confined to vs fighting games. I'd love to see an action platformer starring Ribbon Girl
  5. I pretty much avoided all the ? that are in the sea
  6. I watched the bad ending bit when Ciri goes through her memories - you'd have to go out of your way to be a total dick I also don't believe that
  7. Ooft! Lots of possibilities. Again, with Temeria becoming a country again in my ending, it felt like a good one.
  8. well - quite - I thought a key message at the end is that I was really happy with the ending I got.
  9. From the above I reckon there are no good endings I suppose - I felt mine was the lesser evil
  10. How do you get each ending?
  11. Ooo. What’s the various endings?
  12. And it’s done... cracking ending. time for Blood and Wine
  13. Finally at the end game of the main quest
  14. something I love about the books are the connection to fairy tales... the story of Renfri basically being Snow White was *ace*
  15. That was an amazing episode. From the very opening shot to the last one... every single scene. The build up of threat is getting really heavy now. Jimmy and Kim on the balcony without a word spoken was *amazing*.
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