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  1. How do you control the movement and stuff? This could tip me over the edge into getting one of these….
  2. I'm a shitey game player - but really enjoying them. I've had to go to youtube a couple of times just to make sure I've been trying them right but in all cases so far, yeah... the main thing the game doesn't teach you is that you can spark in mid air in one of 8 directions and if you spark *horizontally* into an slope you'll regain your boost to allow you to spark again. Once you know that, you're sorted. The rest is just knowing what to press and when... like that one above, you need to know to wall jump and not lose momentum, press towards the wall - then slide with momentum to smash the bricks and when you come out the other side, thumb off the stick and use ZL to come out of morphball, and then immedaitely press down (or stick click). That took me *ages* to figure out.
  3. The one where you need to spark off of slopes in Burania was a piece of piss compared to that one I did earlier. love these.
  4. You absolutely do not want to know how long this took me to pull off. The game is really very precise about what type of actions you can do to keep your momentum.
  5. yeah, it’s that one. I couldn’t pull off the morph ball to shine spark move then eventually I got to the point that none of my wall jumps were working so I figured my brain had given up after 19388489291035 attempts
  6. Ah. No. I’m at a different one. at the entrance to Ferenia.
  7. the flappy bird bit? That’s it.
  8. I’m stuck on the same one and wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing… sounds like I am but just can’t pull it off.
  9. which one? I’m genuinely shite at games but up till the last boss, none have seemed insurmountable and all of them, once I’ve worked out their patterns have been ended up being a piece of piss. the one that gave me the most hassle was the big crab thing with the electric ball things… but once I worked that out, he went down like a ton of bricks
  10. Must admit though - for folks who have never played a Metroid game, I think Dread is a perfect start. I'm quite envious. It trolled a lot of us old guys by keeping the morph ball away. We knew it was coming, but it was further into the game than normal. If you had no idea such an item existed and you kept seeing all these wee tubes around the place - it must've been amazing to finally see those open up for exploration.
  11. you just need to look back a couple of pages to see someone complain that they felt they had to tank it through lava to get somewhere and take the damage... must admit, the first I played a Metroid game (Metroid Fusion) - I did similarly. Fusion was an even more linear game than Dread though IIRC - it's been a while
  12. I do get what Cywhux has been saying - what would this game had played like if there was no Adam. Now I'm at the end of the game, I think it would be amazing - but if I'd never played a Metroid before, if I'd never known that the lava area would probably need an item to get through.... I think I'd have really struggled with it. TBH - I think most gamers would have, unfairly, bounced off it. Just look at that David Jaffe video - and there's people who agree with him.
  13. just did the Cataris shinespark puzzle that was bothering me...
  14. afaik - if you've been in that area and haven't uncovered the item, it'll flash.
  15. I've not had a problem till now, but now I'm peering at the map for the tiniest thing - I can't remove clutter I don't want to see and it's a bit annoying. Takes the game to a solid 9.99999999991 / 10 for me now.
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