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  1. I really enjoyed that but I don’t think anyone who has come in cold and not paid any attention to Star Wars clone wars or rebels lore would have got much out of it.
  2. It’s finally clicked.... went back to default controls and played it like an FPS and not a flight sim. Much better. Low res aside, it’s ace in PSVR. Does the PS5 make a big difference to PSVR?
  3. Is it just me? I’m finding controlling this on the dual shock almost brain breakingingly difficult.
  4. Anyone tried PSVR with it yet? Does it improve the resolution and framerate?
  5. I fancy watching this now as I'd like to see how it portrays the 80s... but this stuff about 'feeling sorry for Thatcher' is putting me off.
  6. the ranger shot down a wereraven thinking it was a Strahd spy. The dragonborn picked up the wounded animal and scoffed it... not too long afterwards he then spewed up a massive quivering mound of flesh. haha
  7. Will definitely pick that up for my son at Christmas. I've also got all the 'Young Adventurers Guides' and they're all superb. We're on session 17 of Curse of Strahd now. My party were TPK'd by the crones. Hahah.
  8. I gave up half way through - thoguht it was a mess. Approach it like the Twilight Zone and don't expect any Lovecraftian stuff and you might enjoy it.
  9. From what I've noticed, the very very very start of the first level is the worst of it, and then it's fine...
  10. Impa is an absolute KILLING MACHINE. You can build up a wee army of followers, get your energy up high by battering basts and then lock onto a Moblin, hit A and BOOM. So far, actually more powerful than Link.
  11. Chances of me having a PS5 any time soon are nill I'm afraid... anyways, I goes through to the big telly to try it again to see how it looked and it says there are 'no more trial sessions available' - I've only played it twice for 5 minutes a pop!!!! The Hyrule Warriors demo took me 2 hours to see through to the end and I can keep playing it and grinding some leves while I wait on the full release, likewise Pikmin 3!
  12. Ah... when I did a price comparison with PS4 I didn't appreciate this... I'm quite intrigued now. Especially since, provided the connection holds up, it seems to be potentially better than the PS4 version?
  13. Played it by skipping everything on high quality graphics mode and I was honestly pretty impressed. It seemed to keep the pace up and when fighting 6 guys at the same time I didn't notice any lag or sluggishness... The res changed dynamically, but as a switch player I'm pretty used to that... I could stay focussed on what I had to do and it didn't become a blury mess like the last time I tried cloud gaming a few years ago - I'm not going to buy it, as it makes more sense to buy a game like this on the PS4 since it's not as if I could take it out the house anyway.... BUT...
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