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  1. scottcr


    Repentless was *ace*
  2. shut-ins online can't stand her - they blame her for emasculating (their words, not mine!!!) Han Solo and James Bond - destroying male heroes and forcing 'woke' into films. One of my pals heads a bit broken with this stuff and he's convinced Indy 5 is going to be absolutely terrible purely because of her and Kathleen Kennedy's involvement. I pointed out that KK also produced his favourite modern star wars film, Rogue 1 and was was producer on Andor... and that Solo and No Time To Die were actually *good films*. He doesn't want to know.
  3. this gave me the genuine fear… having watched the trailer though, they boulder is on some Greek statue thing so it’s obviously a different place…
  4. I thought the shot of Indy sitting oo the chair, obviously captured by the Nazi's looked amazing
  5. absolutely - proper street brawler, and always looking for a quick escape.
  6. 120 year old Ford still chucks a punch better than practically anyone in the business. He’s always been Hollywoods Greatest Puncher. Clint Eastwood second. the reason is that Indy fights erratically, constantly on the edge of defeat and often getting out of scrapes through sheer luck and HF does that so convincingly- even in Crystal Skull.
  7. I was not prepared for (Around lvl 50 spoiler)
  8. Enjoyed that… nicely winding up the arseholes too
  9. scottcr


    Don’t stop for nothin’ its full speed or nothin… it’s a motorbreath reference
  10. The Return : Episode 8 is one of the greatest things ever seen on telly or film.
  11. scottcr


    that's a shame since Atlas Rise is probably the best and most 'Metallica' song they've written since AJFA. and if you love early Metallica - this is practically Hit The Lights 2. You don't get older than that.
  12. scottcr


    No hook? Whit??
  13. scottcr


    like a bunch of kill em all tunes; it’s just a tune about rocking out
  14. scottcr


    Holy shit - that's straight from Kill 'Em All era ... fucking ace
  15. that was very good....
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