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  1. In one episode, it's the best Star Trek we've had in 20 years. The reveal at the end was awesome. The 5 Queens was quite ominous. Would love to see the character of Q done justice in a 'modern' TV series story telling approach.
  2. amongst my many favourite memories of this game was sneaking around the castle while woefully underpowered... avoiding the guardians and but finding amazing loot and secrets.... then, like all the best Nintendo games, returning at the end, fully tooled up with amazing weapons and fully upgraded Guardian armour and riding Epona *all the way* up to the final chamber. Ok Ganon... Let's go.
  3. It's definitely worth running to the castle before you're ready... *definitely*.
  4. scottcr

    Nintendo Switch

    oh FFS! I'm baws deep in The Witcher 3 just now... probably about 100 hours in and still just cuttin aboot Skellige.... the last thing I want (first thing!) is some more Witcher greatness on my switch. OH VALLEY OF PLENTY
  5. I just watched it, came to say how much I enjoyed it and see that some twats on the internet are declaring it as shite. Fuck the internet. Spoils everything.
  6. and rock trolls who collect shoes
  7. Something that's always cracked me up about this game is the way the trees bend in the gales... constantly! If the winds were that bad, there wouldn't be any trees (see the NE of Scotland or Tiree for example)
  8. I'd definitely recommend the big box expansions. There's some more powerful cards, companions make a difference to. Some things make it easier (companions) and some things make it hard (plague). It's still a crushingly difficult game though and if you get bad rolls, you're stuffed. Definitely recommend playing as 2 or 3 characters even if playing solo.
  9. I've played a couple of games with this with various people and I really enjoy it. It's nice and quick too and straightforward. The one thing I keep forgetting is the order in which cards leave your deck when you're shot. For some reason I'm completely unable to commit that to memory.
  10. there's no drop in quality - if anything, they've slowed the pace of the show down as there's no immediate threat to its run anymore. I thought series 4 was great. Not as good as series 3 - but that was jam packed with an entire book condensed into half a series.
  11. depends what you class as complex. BotW sacrifices realism for gameplay purposes. Witcher is a more realistic world. Both are great games. BotW does mapping and general exploration better IMO but in such a way that would maybe feel odd if it was ‘realistic’.
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