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  1. I was playing the Wonderswan Gunpey earlier this week (with my RS97) - it’s a cruel lesson in greed and the repercussions of my actions, as I always try to set up elaborate arrangements of connecting lines and then get too greedy when things are speeding up…
  2. Sale ends 6pm on the 1st.
  3. All that my ineptitude really did was make the fights last longer, because it turned certain moves into a cue to GTFO. I could sometimes figure out which perilous attacks required a simple jump to safety (as @Oz says, just study the animations), but my counter execution was too unreliable under pressure.
  4. Does the payment go to the player being removed?
  5. Similar to the above posts... is "habitual note-taking" weird enough? Too weird? I'm pretty disorganised and generally have a sieve-like memory, and I often make hand-written notes for the most trivial things. It's probably the opposite of @CovisGod forgetting things and restarting. I note down control schemes and gameplay concepts when I first start playing (you wouldn't think it would be an issue with today's games, but getting used games with no manual, or emulating them, and finding that they don't have in-game tutorials...); I scribble down notable leads and threads in narrative-driven games, or locations of bosses in Metroidvanias because the map doesn't show you where they are even if you've met (and died to) them once. Ahem. People already read other players’ notes when they have to visit GameFAQs so I can't be that insane, right?
  6. Oops. good to know that you found the download @LaveDisco. They moved the page to https://support.xbox.com/en-GB/help/xbox-360/store/view-download-history it seems, so I'll just quote it for anyone else: Not sure if the "on your computer" method still works though - the store navigation isn't great.
  7. I don't really bother with "look it's 2D Souls!" games, but the movement and animation looks pretty nice. Could be interesting.
  8. I played a demo of this during one of Steam’s festival events and it was good fun. It’s definitely something I’d like to pick up in the future… (E: it looks like there's still a demo up on Steam at the moment...)
  9. I recently saw some adverts for advent calendars in my email but it still feels too soon for me! I never get anything too fancy for myself, but it's always fun to see what's out there.
  10. Into The Pit is out today for £11.99 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1422410/Into_the_Pit/
  11. I think I got it in a Humble bundle with a bunch of other games and I didn't really give it a chance at first, but it's worth sticking with.
  12. There's a Devolver sale happening until November 1st (6pm). Death's Door, Not A Hero, Enter/Exit the Gungeon, The Messenger, Hotline Miami, Inscryption and more... https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/devolver-publisher-sale/
  13. It's now being released on February 25th. (No big deal for me as I'll have enough to play in January already. )
  14. Does Strider (2014) count? It feels a bit more accessible but I had fun with it.
  15. It’s not utilised as much in games, but the holodeck thing is why I find AR kind of awesome as well. When I had a Nokia Lumia and could have superimposed floating labels and markers on the camera’s view of my streets it felt very GTA; very videogame-y. It just needs to be shoved into some unassuming affordable goggles/specs
  16. Elden Ring confirmed to be part of the Armored Core universe.
  17. I only got around to the TDK Trilogy last year and I expected edgy gritty grimdark misery but afterwards I felt like it wasn't afraid to be silly and OTT with some of the spectacle and characterisation - it was pleasingly daft at times without doing anything ruinous. That trailer up there feels a bit more... mainstream, somehow? Which isn't a bad thing for me. It gives me vibes of the pre-Nolan stuff, but with modern production quality.
  18. It’s just a subjective thing which I don’t think is intended to be taken too seriously. I remember when P4G was reduced to £8.99 (as a regular price on PSN, not a special discount) and people were still waiting for it to be on PS+. I countered by saying that it’s already a bargain at £35, but in all seriousness I know that it’s a risky purchase if those kind of games do nothing for you.
  19. Lately I seem to have self-control over impulse buys but no self-control over day one purchases. So I'll go for weeks or even months without buying new games and then put down £45-50 for a Persona 5 Royal or a Neo: TWEWY. Although like @GamesGamesGames I'm often confident that these purchases are worth it. I'm generally over special editions though. Unless I get extra content as a consequence of my desire for day one purchases (e.g. Yakuza: LaD and its "Day Ichi" steelbook edition.)
  20. It’s gimmicky and a bit daft, but I like the way that WarioWare Twisted committed to the tilt controls in its menus. Menu entries are arranged in a circle and the circle spins around as you tilt to the left or right. It instantly sells the motion gimmick before you touch a minigame. Honourable mention to Yakuza: LaD and the battle transitions and menu overlays feeling a bit more natural than Persona’s way of whisking you away to a miniature arena. Also the four-button battle menu navigation is pretty neat.
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