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  1. I used the Lion Rampant’s perk for my easy mode although nailing the jumps consistently was still tricky - I ended up soloing the beginning repeatedly just so that I had it down when my co-op ally was available
  2. The Halloween sale is live (until November 2nd) - some things on my list have decent discounts but I might browse around in case I spot anything else...
  3. When I talked about the initial state of SFV at launch to others, I had so many caveats. It was one of the most busted launches of a fighting game I'd experienced because there was so much "missing" (lobbies, trials, arcade mode) and they still hadn't ironed out those server issues from the betas - however, the actual business of playing a match against someone was still kind of satisfying. You're right about balance though - any competitive game has to deal with the shifting meta and how broken it might be - and if the game's own designers need months to see what works and patch a
  4. It’s kind of why Edge’s Still Playing, Long Game and Time Extend bits are so welcome, especially in the era of content updates, balance patches and - in some cases - service-based games being rebuilt from the ground up. Posting impressions online (in a forum, on Twitter, wherever) can be treated as more of a continuing stream of consciousness - week one impressions, full impressions, “went back to it after six months” impressions...
  5. Nier Automata? Entirely new gameplay mechanics are gated behind multiple playthroughs, the full story extends way beyond the first credits roll, there are numerous sidequests, side-stories and collectibles (including plug-in chips that can transform how you play) and it helps to have a writer who knows about Nier 2010 (and maybe even Drakengard?), not just for story reasons but so that they know what kind of game this is. At least Replicant 1.224... is providing a Nier 2010 remaster (of sorts) so that it provides context to people who skipped it originally.
  6. I had a post along these lines, but it was kind of echoing this - so much of the modern FPS blueprint was seen in HL2 (and, in a way, HL1) but it went under the radar of so many people, whether that was because they didn’t have a PC or their PC wasn’t good enough. If you look at it now then it might not seem special, but within the context of other games available at the time there was nothing else like it.
  7. The “Outrun 2 series”: OR2 on Xbox 2006 on PC 2006 on PSP 2006 on PS2 Online Arcade on XBLA Also Persona 3: P3 on PS2 FES on PS2 Portable (digital) on PSP in Japanese Portable (physical) on PSP in English Portable (digital) on Vita in English
  8. Just take my list from the Eurogamer thread and trim it down, I guess.
  9. No change; still "neither" here. I absolutely can't blame people for getting excited about new platforms, but I want to see how things go at launch and maybe make a decision later. Also my PC isn't terrible just yet, and I'll probably still be catching up on old-gen stuff too...
  10. I'll hopefully be doing a themed stream this weekend - I don't do cameras or commentary so it'll just be a few appropriately spooky games. I've already done it a few times - I played some Ultimate G 'n' G and Zombie Virus (don't ask) in 2017, a bit of Jack Bros and Super Castlevania IV in 2018 and a short TotD thing last year - so I'll see if I can get something streamed again this year...
  11. Aliens: Colonial Marines was a big fib at the time...
  12. Bioshock Infinite, of course. I thought the final game was okay, but that trailer...
  13. It’s a bit different when you willingly forget though. Nobody commits every detail to memory when they think that some of those details don’t matter - however, sometimes you won’t know what will “matter” until it’s too late. There’s no value in claiming to “have this thing called a memory” if you’re not efficiently managing the information you have, and deciding whether or not you think you’re holding on to unnecessary information. And that unnecessary information could be at an in-game scale (“why was I supposed to care about the number on that guy’s bandana in the fourth cut-scene?”) or a br
  14. It’s been a while since I played, but I think Persona 5 has a section of the System menu which covers the story so far? I hardly ever had to use it because I was playing pretty regularly, but it was nice to see. I also like the little timeline updates between chapters on DMC5.
  15. I believe the creator of Street Fighter 1 jumped ship and designed Fatal Fury as a “spiritual successor” to SF1? It was an objectively better game... but they didn’t know that SF2 was being developed and subsequently got blown up.
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    Xbox Series S and X launch

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    Sony PS5 Launch

  18. I picked up an RS-97 handheld earlier this year so I stuck the ROM on that (I have a SNES Classic Mini too so technically I've "bought" it in the past? ) I know that mobile phone ports exist, but I'd totally be down for an updated version on modern platforms with little bits of QoL polish (or just kinder drop rates for things...)
  19. Probably my Final Fantasy VI playthrough earlier this month - whenever I had a spare moment I'd load my save and try and improve my progress a little. It was my first time completing the game, and the rest of my gaming schedule was pretty barren, so I'd just sink into more battling and levelling and shopping. Even if I'd barely made any story progress I knew that I'd be better prepared next time, so it was all worthwhile. It can be pretty cruel in places - some amazing items (Economizers) have very low drop rates, and you can run into trouble later if you don't keep everyone equally levelled u
  20. I try and pretend that revisiting old games is no different to revisiting old books, films, or music - they should still be the same as they were, right? However, the games may stay the same but we change - we don't have the free time or patience we used to, etc - and the games I used to see as fun may be a bit rough when looked at objectively today. On the other hand, a lot of things hold up really well, so I think it's worth rolling the dice.
  21. I never went deep on the features (and I have an Elgato and PC software anyway), but I still found PS4's ShareFactory great for when I just wanted to isolate a bit of footage and throw it on Twitter or wherever. Importing media from USB sounds cool (as long as you import stuff that won't trigger the ContentID cops... )
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