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  1. Leaving the save room I take out some enemies and grab a Beam ability before turning it into a partner and getting a Cutter ability for myself. After doing laps around the area we were just in and making sure I haven't missed anything, I head to the exit of this area and take out the Bonkers miniboss, then go to the upper left of the area to find a DKC-style cannon which I can use to bust through a wall and get some food and a treasure (Star Stone, 82'100G.) I continue to the right and down some ladders and can break a block to let out some roaming enemies and get to a treasure (Beast's Fang,
  2. TWEWY, Yakuza and SMT/Persona really embrace the idea of a small local environment as the gameworld, and it’s something I genuinely appreciate - you get really familiar with the world and still find “density” in the character arcs and subplots. It’ll be interesting to see how well it works when you’re exploring in 3D at ground level...
  3. I've always thought that the quality of the gameplay was a bit mixed (Neku's combat often descended into mashing), but man that aesthetic works so well here. Also I kind of expected a Nintendo exclusive - as someone who only owns a PS4, this is great news. EDIT: ha, this was my reaction to the Switch release of the original:
  4. Also, is this better or worse than their ridiculous arcade stick they had? The Capcom Home Arcade? Wasn't that something like £200 for 16 games?
  5. Google Translation of the product description: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B08NXMXW25 E: apparently there was a price on the page before (¥21,780 or just under £160) but it's since been removed
  6. Ah, nice. On Chapter 10 now; the boss of the previous chapter was pretty nuts, even after I cleared the adds. Attacks from guns do a ton of damage to allies - who knew?
  7. I don't have the console yet, but the new trophy sharing looks pretty neat. I imagine it eats up space on the drive eventually, but making the last few moments shareable as a short clip seems way better than the old PS4 trophy screenshots (which would nearly always be a black screen or the game's loading screen... )
  8. I don’t mind so much because I like the battle system, but also you still find some low-level encounters in the main city map which are over in seconds. The Ichiban in my game has been using some kind of “dancer” job a lot, and he has a breakdancing “windmill” attack that ends some of these low-level encounters instantly since it does huge damage to a group. It would be nice to have an accessory that enables you to skip these low-level encounters entirely (Persona 5 has an unlockable skill which enables this in Mementos) but generally I find that it’s okay.
  9. My general rule has been that perks are more important than numbers, since you can always infuse numbers into things with good perks. Also vaulting is preferable to disassembly, just to be safe. When your vault starts running out of space you can always sort by newest so that you don't throw away the thing you just got. Oh, and if you see something with interesting perks but you're worried about it being lost in the vault, lock it before vaulting so that you don't accidentally dismantle it later!
  10. 20% off at Humble until 6pm on the 1st: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/persona-4-golden
  11. The new abilities are ace so I'm not that bothered, but the lack of weapons did feel weird to me too. My first thought was that it would be a lot of work to incorporate all of what's here and then create a bunch of brand new weapons with stasis damage - on the other hand, I get the feeling that this was handled a lot better when The Taken King introduced solar abilities? (it's been five years so I could be mistaken)
  12. You know what, screw it - we're starting The Great Cave Offensive. These updates might be a bit more tricky because there aren't really "stages" as such; no levels with starts and ends. There are certain sequences that bookend the platforming, such as miniboss encounters and (I think) some kind of mine cart sequence, but it's generally portrayed as one long consistent environment. I wondered about how I would break up the various updates for this minigame, and then I remembered that there are save rooms you can enter at times, so they can (hopefully) serve as the bits between each update. Anyw
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