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  1. And we're back. For now. Massive thanks to @gospvg for bringing my thread back. After considering various means to continue, I settled on using Retroarch and the PCSX-ReARMed core... and since I removed the old files, I played all the way back up to where I previously had that crash. Since I had only put in a few hours there weren't many specific customisations I had set up, so I could more or less play by ear. My new status is more like Maya status: Lv15 Playtime: 5h19m and whilst the core I'm using can be kind of slow, the speed toggle that comes with it will be superb for grinding. Anyway, at the time of posting I'm just redoing the meetup with Baofu outside of the office, so we - again - agree to meet Katsuya at the police department. He tells us that something bad has happened, but before we can get more info, Ulala calls Maya and tells her to hurry before she "changes", It looks like the perpetuation of the Joker curse is spreading and threatening to turn people into Jokers themselves. Baofu and Katsuya ask if Maya knows anyone Ulala might want to take revenge on with the Joker curse, but I've got nothing. It then fades to a flashback scene (well, sepia-toned scene) in the fitness club GOLD, where Lisa, Yukino, Maya, Deja Vu Boy and Eikichi are in front of a glowing figure. Ulala enters the room and the figure - identified by the game as "Handsome Man" says "Ah--- I missed you! I haven't forgotten about you for even a day!" Ulala then retorts with "Who do you think you are!? I'll show you what happens to someone who runs off with my money! Die!" So, this must be a flashback to the person she'd want to curse? The flashback ends with Ulala chasing him out of the room, and then fades back to the present. Maya tells Katsuya and Baofu that she might know who Ulala may want revenge on. We don't get a ton of detail in the dialogue, but Katsuya and Baofu head off to investigate. Baofu has a lead in the form of a bar in Hirasaka - the owner there tells us that being a "man-searcher" - one who takes vengeance on men in the way that Ulala may have - was part of her past, but not anymore. We ask where Ulala's mysterious conman might be, and she recommends going to the Parabellum bar in Aoba. Together with Katsuya and Baofu, Maya finds our conman - the game's "narrator" eventually identifies him as "Youchi Makimura: The con-artist who swindled Ulala of her savings. "Makimura" is the alias he used at the time." Katsuya asks Makimura to come with us under suspicion of fraud; however, Makimura is quick to claim that he doesn't know Ulala. In a cunning move, Katsuya explains that we were sent to protect someone who may have been targeted by the Joker curse, "but if you aren't the man we're looking for..." This causes him to panic and he becomes a bit more co-operative. Katsuya asks Maya where Ulala might be right now, and we know from the previous cutscene that she was at the GOLD fitness club in Yumezaki. When we get there, we find a bunch of staff members out in the lobby. Katsuya asks what's happened, and we find that a female club member has locked everyone out, and barricaded herself in - it's got to be Ulala. Finding a way in, we end up at the next actual dungeon, so I'll do the usual levelling and negotiating between updates as I try to figure things out. Maya status: Lv15 Playtime: 5h28m
  2. For anyone curious about the series, the original Cytus games are still available on the App Store; I think Cytus II is "free" with the caveat of limited content... https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/cytus/id485246824 https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/cytus-ii/id1290687550 It looks very similar to DJ Max Technika, albeit without the split down the middle...
  3. I’m the worst kind of dance music "fan". Deep breath... I discovered The Prodigy via Firestarter (although I had heard older tracks before then - Out of Space, No Good, Poison - without knowing who they were by) I found out about FSOL through Wipeout 2097. I only really started getting into Leftfield from Rhythm and Stealth onwards, but later worked my way back. In my defence I was still at school with barely any money to buy music during pre-internet times!
  4. Streets of Rogue is "actually" out, rather than "early access" out:
  5. Prime Day deals: PSVR Starter Pack - £179.99: https://www.amazon.co.uk/PlayStation-VR-Starter-Pack-PS4/dp/B07K2P42YR?ref_=Oct_DLandingS_PC_7fe60722_5&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE PSVR Mega Pack - £209.99: https://www.amazon.co.uk/PlayStation-VR-Mega-Pack-PS4/dp/B07K9MHWHW?ref_=Oct_DLandingS_PC_7fe60722_0&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE
  6. That price is nuts, but I'm posting this from a desktop which can do most emulation stuff for me as it is, so it would make more sense for me to resist...
  7. Freedom Wars (Vita) actually has a strong atmosphere for a videogame, in that the gameplay and the premise go hand-in-hand and you're not just admiring pretty backdrops or narrative flavour. Part of the premise is that civilians live under a brutal totalitarian law, and that people are given million-year sentences for merely existing. However, the "best" part of this law comes from the privileges and penalties. In the game you get penalised - with more years added to your sentence - for breaking your rights, and at the beginning of the game you don't have the right to do basic things like run in the hub world, sit down, speak to members of the opposite sex, lie down to sleep, and other gameplay interactions. The penalties forcibly limit your desire to experiment in the gameworld (unless you don't care about an extended sentence) - and that sounds like crap... but you're a criminal in a fucked-up totalitarian society so it works perfectly. There's a genuine sense of oppression that other games can only hint at - even HL2 stopped bugging you to pick up stray cans after the opening minutes. The soundtrack's nice (but no masterpiece), the visuals are fine, but if we're talking about atmosphere delivered through gameplay and interaction, those beginning moments in FW are really interesting.
  8. I was going to go for Bloodborne but that's pretty obvious... More of an honourable mention than perhaps "most atmospheric", but I really liked the slightly European flavour of Gravity Rush - it was a weird, fantastical world and yet nothing seemed truly out of place. Somehow, the weird transport systems and various districts and little alleys all made sense, and helped you feel like this could be an actual place (if not for the slightly abstract concepts in some places.) Also, I liked how populous it was; it reminded me of buzzing around Shibuya in Jet Set Radio Future. The little speech bubbles and dialogue bits from NPCs also added a lot of character. It's one of those games where I liked just "being" there - not necessarily running from mission to mission, but exploring and flying around for the sake of it...
  9. Ack, that's too many options for Twitter polls so I tweeted a strawpoll instead. I just wanted to do the thing.
  10. As there's no poll on the forum, anyone interested in joining in? (as I mentioned on Twitter, you can interpret "a Switch" as "at least one Switch". Text length for poll options is quite tight!)
  11. Nice to see them continue the trend of timely E3 coverage EDIT: oof, what happened to Muse Dash? E2: getting negs for this is beautiful. Like I don't realise that magazines can get boned by publishing schedules and late coverage is inevitable. Like I don't think that late in-depth coverage is much better than rushed garbage. Like I was posting a genuine criticism rather than a wry acknowledgement of unavoidable circumstances. Needs bigger winking smiley.
  12. Where's the venn diagram showing people who want the bath water and people who petitioned to drink the sarcophagus juice?
  13. I told myself I'd ignore the Switch until the first hardware revision - the original GB, GBA and DS were all pretty terrible compared to the Pocket, SP and Lite - so I'm keen to see how this performs. The thread needs a poll of general interest in the hardware.
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