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  1. Qazimod


    I sold my 360 copy I might have the arcade version on MAME somewhere. I remember being able to 1CC the 360 game but only if I planned out a specific route and didn't go for the more difficult stage variants. For me, the key is to have 1000 items at the right time in order to survive the more difficult moments - but if you know what you're doing you can do that thing where you power-up and create enough items to instantly get back to 1000. About bombs: it took me ages to remember that bombs replenish if you completely lose a block of health (or a life, or whatever they are), so it's better to use them rather than eat the hit and lose a life whilst still holding on to them.
  2. Mine is here! One bag of jelly beans per day, and it looks like each bag is all one flavour. The flavours are shown on the back (and thankfully there's nothing too gross in there) and there's one "surprise" flavour for the 24th.
  3. Qazimod


    The main innovation I've tended to see has been within an established format, rather than anything that really defies labels or genres. I think that games like Elden Ring and Yakuza: Like a Dragon completely reinvented an established format for their series or genre, but they still fall back on gameplay pioneered in other games. Rhythm Doctor is stylistically a lot like Rhythm Heaven but it introduces enough interesting gameplay concepts to make it a genuinely different experience. I haven't played Immortality but it does sound like it defies labels. Perhaps you could file it under "point and click" but that seems like a bit of a simplification...
  4. Qazimod

    To The Moon

    Coming late '22 or early '23. https://store.steampowered.com/app/2159210/Just_A_To_the_Moon_Series_Beach_Episode/
  5. September didn't go as planned - but in a good way? I was going to pick up Metal: Hellsinger, but held off after hearing about the brevity. The only thing I did pick up was Catherine Classic because it was on sale for £2.85 - I own it on 360 already but my Slim is packed away and I don't own anything that can do backward compatibility. It was significantly cheaper than M:H though, so I'm counting that as a "saving" in my head. I only have one more "definite" purchase in mind this year, which is Persona 5 Royal on PC. It's being released at the end of October... but I might end up skipping that depending on PC compatibility/requirements woes. The only other future spends I can think of are any random sale purchases; I still have a bit of unspent PSN credit...
  6. I made a thread, then deleted it because everyone had been posting updates in the PS+ Premium megathread, so I reposted the news there instead. But personally I like the monthly threads so it's all good. I very nearly picked up Hot Wheels a few months ago, so I'm looking forward to trying it.
  7. October: Fallout 76 Total Warhammer 2 Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Glass Masquerade: Origins Loom Hero's Hour Horace I've updated the OP and GoogleDoc.
  8. New Magical Drop game coming this winter:
  9. 225º in V - so more like half-circle and a bit. In the below I start with the up-back then do the half circle. Curious to see what VI's modern controls do for command grabs.
  10. Bill & Ted Face the Music Splitting the difference with my score here; for the more miserable types who prefer deep and meaningful cinema it's closer to a 2 or 3, but I'm easily pleased so it might even be a 5 for me. The premise seems a bit laboured as they travel through various time periods and ending up in messy situations and lolsome hijinks, and you could say that it's one joke recycled through the length of a film ("lol oops we went too far back/forward in time!!1") but it's easy viewing and the parallel narrative with their daughters' adventures made it more interesting/entertaining. EDIT: also you could argue that the daughters' narrative is a bit of a rehash of the other films - rather than gathering historical dudes, they're uniting musical icons - but whatever; it's fine. 4/5
  11. I half-expected to find her in the roster leak given her trailer prominence. Maybe she'll do stuff in bonus stages, or hang out in World Tour mode to offer challenges and things.
  12. Old Hunters' Fishing Village: The Game. ~200 hours of running away from the BB expansion's giant fish-men.
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