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  1. Of course the real issue nobody wants to address is how awful that D-Pad will be for special move inputs in fighting games. And when can I get six face buttons as a standard design feature?
  2. The shape makes it look like a PC controller from the 90s - those angles - but with a more tasteful design (e.g: it doesn't have six shoulder buttons and four hat switches...) EDIT: I think what's throwing me off is the fact that it's not the classic DualShock shape - the one you could recognise from a silhouette. But then even the DS4 was moving away from that
  3. It’s not my favourite in the series, but I agree that nothing can touch 3 in terms of tone and atmosphere (maybe the PS1-era stuff and their PSP remakes, but that almost doesn’t count ). Tartarus has this awesome vibe of oppression and mystery, and the reveals later on establish a pretty bleak story arc. It’s ace.
  4. Oof, that Master System version. I need my continuous scrolling, not short transitions when I reach the top of the screen sometimes. The new tune is okay though.
  5. Now that I seem to have reached the new content, I've added my own notes to the OP. Recommended reading if you don't want to potentially miss stuff.
  6. Plug plug: https://www.disposablemedia.co.uk/2020/04/persona-5-royal-initial-impressions-the-old/ I've kept my comments quite general but I'd still avoid clicking if you've avoided everything so far and want to go in cold.
  7. After I made my previous post I thought “but on the other hand surely it’s “just” a view from a virtual camera?” And “views from cameras on screens” was one of the tech demos when Valve were showing off HL2’s iteration of the Source engine if I recall. So it could probably be faked in some instances, but the more complex and “authentic” techniques will be more demanding...
  8. I beat the final boss of the vanilla P5 experience last night, so hopefully I should be in new territory soon (oh god I hope I did the prerequisites correctly ). Outside of the forum I do some writing for @Badger’s Disposable Media website, and I’m thinking of collecting my thoughts on the experience so far (as a “first impressions” bit) then doing a second piece on the new semester content, because there’s already a lot to digest (and it would help separate potential spoilers.) My immediate thoughts this morning are that it’s a very generous update but it can still feel a bit bloated - there are some great ideas in there but in some ways I prefer the simpler but much tighter design of 4G. But as I said, I (hopefully) have a whole new semester ahead of me so we’ll see where that goes...
  9. I’ve heard people on YT mention that mirrors are always intriguing if you have a background in testing because they never really work - people say that as soon as you’re able to get another reflective object in front of the mirror it’ll probably crash. So I guess it’s something to do with representing objects in the world on that reflective surface, and things get more demanding if there are multiple reflective surfaces. (EDIT: I think I heard the claim on a video about Luigi’s Mansion, which has “working” mirrors) This is all stuff I’ve heard though; I don’t necessarily know how accurate the claims are. Wouldn’t the visual effect of a mirror be similar to the visual effect of Portal’s portals?
  10. More recently, Haven is quite a looker:
  11. Times are coming in on HLTB and completion screenshots are being posted on reddit, and it looks like it’s more than 6 to 8 hours. I’m taking the times with a grain of salt at the moment (at least until more data is recorded), but I would have expected many more times to be recorded by now if it was the length of the original...
  12. For those who don't want to watch, this guy basically says that whilst Microsoft showed their latest box and told people about what it could do, Mark Cerny told people what PS5 could do but hasn't shown the console, and from that he assumes that Sony is having "hardware problems with the PlayStation 5". To substantiate a claim that forms the basis of his own content, he then quotes about five paragraphs from someone else's website here: https://comicbook.com/gaming/2020/04/02/ps5-playstation-5-sony-rumor-console-overheating-power/ - again, if you can't access this, I'll add this in spoilers below: As an aside, most of this quote refers to information that comes from "a variety of sources" - a twitter user and two journalists are mentioned, and the paragraphs end by saying that "the source in question isn't the most reputable." The YouTuber then goes back to comparing Microsoft's console showing to Sony's absence of a console, and comes up with his own theory that they've designed a console which has components that aren't suited to the design, and which is subsequently having overheating issues. He wraps up by saying that Sony will fail if they delay things too much. It sounds like a lot of speculation backed up by rumour and limited sources for now, so it's probably best to wait and see. I'll be entering the ninth generation from a neutral standpoint for now, and whilst MS have definitely been more active in showing their console I'm not sure if we should be reading too much into content that's based on personal speculation and potentially unreliable sources.
  13. I made it to the Haunted/Monster Island thing on the C64 version but got greedy. I also had one run where I found the 7 diamonds, but not in order oh, and I'm getting back into the rhythm of scaling the level with rainbows created mid-jump arc but it's still pretty risky. Also I forgot how insane the special item system in the original version is - you're essentially getting mini objectives in each level that reward you with extra perks https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Rainbow_Islands/Special_items#Special_Powerups
  14. Oh man, the new cruise ship boss is for real. I mean, every boss has had some new features added to their moveset or phases, but I kind of scraped through the stuff I knew and got bodied by brand new things. It's all knowledge though - once I knew what was coming I could prepare more easily. And there's one new twist in the final part of the battle that's pretty scary - don't click below if you don't want to know...
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