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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. Does Mr. Resetti in Animal Crossing count?
  2. It's kind of nuts that we're calling the Switch "last gen". It's still available to buy, now. People still release games for it. It directly competes with PS5 and Series. It couldn't be more "current". The Wii U was the alternative to PS4 and Bone, in the same way that the Wii was the alternative to PS3 and 360. Nintendo just had an absurd head-start this time. (E: btw I'm not picking apart any particular poster, and I know I'm in the wrong anyway (if wikis and things are anything to go by), but I'm an old man who likes yelling at that particular cloud. Also yes generat
  3. Undertale? I feel like something like this might be said by The game does a few other weird things with its own format…
  4. It's an action RPG, so you'll be collecting materials, crafting, upgrading gear, levelling, customising loadouts, doing sidequests et al... but the shmuppy bits and button mashing form the foundation of this RPG's combat. It'd be disingenuous to say that it was "all" there is, but it is what you'll be doing a lot of as you go to different quest locations.
  5. So I tweeted this out a minute ago, but it might be useful for certain streamers - there's a site called https://gamepadviewer.com/ which shows the buttons of a connected controller in a browser page, and highlights the buttons when they are pressed on the controller. There are a few skill-based games (shmups, fighting games) where some online videos show the controller in a PIP to demonstrate what's going on, and something like this could be a nice cheap option for streamers here. You have to have a controller connected to your PC before you visit the site, and then you can click
  6. Imagine basing your purchasing decisions for everything on how quickly you can trade them in again. Returnal: a game in a genre noted for high replay value and plenty of variety on each run. Yes, that’s the game I’ll play through once before trading in. Destiny 2*? The campaign’s only a few hours long mate, there’s nothing much to do after that. Street Fighter? You could probably finish the arcade mode in an evening and then you’re done with the game forever. *for the sake of example, pre-F2P Destiny 2
  7. I don’t really have an allegiance but I am influenced by exclusives, availability and sometimes company manifesto (e.g: the original vision for Xbox One made me keener to get a PS4.) This gen there have been no big manifesto goofs so far - only things like £70 price tags (which aren’t going away.) And there are no exclusives I’m keen on either - FFVIIR Integrade looks neat, but it’s not enough to justify the entry fee. So I’ll only be influenced by availability… but at that point I’ll just be buying a console because it’s there, so why bother? (I should mention that I d
  8. Interesting choice of tune it got my hopes up when it had a bit of "Twister" in there but then it went back into shouty rock music. Hopefully it still has some cheesy rap tracks and scratchy instrumentals...
  9. I was getting vibes of the old "Contact" public event. It does feel like they've jammed a lot of gameplay components together though. And the aesthetic of the simulation is kind of neat when you first see it, but it's also a bit "random PC sci-fi FPS from the 2000s"
  10. I have to buy on release day because I need to feel special by letting everyone know my hot takes.
  11. Possibly more good news for the port beggars - an SE article about Yakuza: LaD's success suggests that it might look into multiplatform releases with other series such as Persona: SE
  12. TBF this was originally a discussion in the Elden Ring thread, so the Soulsbros were already making noise. But there's nothing wrong with looking at how other developers approach these issues.
  13. It's not pay-what-you-want, but there's a generous bundle of games, books and software available for £14.43 ($15) until 7pm on the 19th. Games: Into The Breach Baba Is You UNDERTALE Euro Truck Simulator 2 This War of Mine Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package Titan Quest Anniversary Edition Stick Fight: The Game BioShock™ Remastered Portal Knights The Witness SUPERHOT Wargroove Brütal Legend Hyper Light Drifter Tooth and Tail Death Squared Crusader Kings Complete Pinstripe Teleglitch: Die More Edition Dwarfs!? Dead in Bermuda Bury Me
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