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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. Qazimod

    It's Another Gitaroo Man Thread...

    I was very late to the Gitaroo Man party, but I eventually picked up the PS2 game and Lives! for PSP. Being daft, I've since ditched the PSP game, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to track down if I really wanted to. I remember first time around I was really impressed with how varied the soundtrack was - things like "Bee'Jam Blues" and "Nuff Respect" were amazing shifts in mood Also the slightly dynamic tracks were a nice touch (playing in different ways led to different sequences) and I'd sometimes find that my "best" performance didn't sound as catchy as another one where things went slightly differently. I don't know if it's my favourite rhythm game (god knows there's a lot of competition), but it's certainly a fun time.
  2. Qazimod

    Let's Play: Persona 2: Innocent Sin

    Okay, this sequence of information gathering isn't too bad; as long as you exhaust dialogue options you're likely to end up with a lead. The map places us outside Kasugayama High, right next to a dialogue icon for a student. The student tells us of a rumour about armour being sold at the "Anima Mundi" store in Yumezaki, and claims that if we want more information we should find a "stout man" named Toro, who "loves fatty tuna". I move along the map to Kameya Alley as I know there's a sushi place there... ...and I talk to the stoutest man there; a large, round customer named Toro! As we go through the dialogue options for rumours and small talk, we discover locations for various armour and weapons shops - Time Castle and Rosa Candida in Rengedai, Anima Mundi and Tony's Shop in Yumezaki. So it looks like I've just unlocked some shops! Exhausting the remaining dialogue options, we're left with the choice to "talk to Toro"; here, Toro says that he's never heard of the Masked Circle cult, and says that the "girl at Peace Diner" may know more about it. We leave Hirasaka and immediately head to Yumezaki Centre, Yumezaki - entering Peace Diner, we find Chikarin, the writer we met here during my January 11th update. Chikarin tells us about the armour and weapon stores again, but we also discover that the club named Planet Mu in Yumezaki is a casino (something I think I already figured out when I randomly explored the map.) When choosing the generic "talk" option, she doesn't know anything about the Masked Circle, but tells us to visit a fortune teller in the Kounan district who might know details. I think Kounan is a new district on the map, so there may be a few places I can check out here between updates, but first I head to the Seaside Mall and find the location that sounds the most like the location of a fortune teller, "Sumaru Genie". Talking to the rumourmonger there, she tells us to find the "man at Honmaru Park", which is in Rengedai. He directs us to the "salesman at the sushi restaurant", but this feels like it would only direct us back to Toro and send us in circles, so it's probably time to bring these rumours back to the Kuzunoha Detective Agency mentioned in my January 3rd update. As we share rumours, we hear that the agency knows rumours as well - apparently there's an idol group named Muses who perform at the "Planet Mu" club, and posters have been faked to make people think that Lisa is secretly a member! Furthermore, Lisa recognises some of her friends in the poster, and this causes concern amongst the party due to the dangers of rumours becoming true. Clearly, our next stop is Planet Mu in Yumezaki - as we enter, we overhear a conversation... It seems like a Muses performance is going to be filmed here and the crew need to find extras to fill the crowd. The director calls to our party and asks if we want to be in the recording, and we see this as an opportunity to explore Mu and find Muses. This sets the scene for the next dungeon - I took a quick peek in here without saving and it looks like you only have to explore about four floors at first - also, the battles aren't too tricky so I'll try and do some negotiating and levelling if possible. Senpai Kun status: Lv13 Playtime: 8h30m
  3. Street Fighter III: Third Strike. I poured months into IV and really enjoyed my time with V, but 3S is one that I keep returning to again and again...
  4. Alternatively, the Switch is appealing if you can’t bear to put your games away when you go out or have company...
  5. Don’t some of the Elder Scrolls games (I’m thinking Morrowind and Oblivion) suffer from this a little? Glowing praise on day one followed by footage of daft bugs and glitches when more people begin playing...
  6. It probably can be how it works if you like, but I think the system is fairly open-ended. Throughout most of my playthrough I often have a set of "support" gambits for each party member just to automate the handling of status ailments, but that means that the rest of my tactics are manually driven through menus. On the other hand, you can change your gambits every time for specific encounters, but that might mean that you're using the menus for other more mundane tasks that are no longer automatic.
  7. The boss in the waterway? If you don't have Cure magic (likely at that point) it may be worth grinding out cash for potions and setting up a gambit for allies to use potions or the first-aid technique when their health is low. Also when it does the big attacks that have the cinematic animations (Bushfire, etc), it's good practice to bring up the command list manually immediately afterwards, just to assess the damage and override current gambits with phoenix down/potion/first-aid usage. For ranged attacks, I think there is a "Foe: furthest away" gambit condition, but I don't know if this is available yet, or if it will help much in a single-enemy battle!
  8. Qazimod

    Let's Play: Persona 2: Innocent Sin

    ~Masquerade~ Walking upstairs from the basement to the first floor of Kasugayama High, there are banners and decorations around the hallways, and as we pass a student he tells us that he didn't want to clean up in the hallways, and that he wanted to go to the masquerade. Another student tells us that the masquerade is going down at the gym, which can be located if you go to the northwest of the first floor. Inside the gym there's all manner of music and dancing and...lasers?... Yasuo, the student council president of Kasugayama, appears to be drawing energy from the mask-wearing students at the masquerade. At least that's what the slightly subtle lasers shooting from the masks towards him seem to indicate. Furthermore, another named character, Anna, is present, and we tell her that it's not safe here. After Eikichi tells Yasuo to stop what he's doing, Yasuo flees and we pursue him. We head to the roof, but when we get there all we find is a walkie-talkie. Just like before in the bomb shelter, Yasuo communicates to us through the walkie-talkie, and talks about wanting to "reshape" the school. As he's talking, Eikichi follows where his actual voice is coming from, finds him around the other side of a wall, and clocks him around the head. He commends us in escaping the bomb shelter, and explains how he wants to work with Eikichi to take over the school. Eikichi rejects the offer, and we ask for him to return the energy-drained, mask-wearing students to normal. It's clear that he won't though, and we enter another boss sequence. Yasuo is weak to fire and strong against wind, but has moderate single-target ice attacks and some form of status ailment that prevents actions being taken. Even so, I let our healers heal, our casters cast (unless the element's ineffective) and the others use regular attacks, and we beat him on the first attempt. With Yasuo beaten, we ask him why Joker is "harvesting people's ideals". If you remember at the party in Zodiac, we discovered that Yasuo was trying to use Joker's powers for his own pursuit, and that he was trying to join an organisation that we now know as the Masked Circle - a cult of mask-wearing individuals who seemingly follow Joker. He tells us that people who want to join the Masked Circle have to draw "ideal energy" from "dreaming hearts"... which I guess explains the lasers? Anyway, Yasuo tells us that Lady Scorpio, one of the executives of the circle, could have granted him a higher position in the Masked Circle if enough energy was drawn and given to her. Despite all of this, it turns out that Yasuo didn't really want to draw out energy from people; he just wanted to shake off any competitors to the position of student council president. As the conversation continues, it's interrupted by the materialisation of Lady Scorpio herself, as well as a new masked individual, King Leo. He immediately vaporises Yasuo, and the narrator introduces him as "An executive of Joker's Masked Circle. He seems to harbour a deep grudge towards Maya. An insane man who hears voices." He criticises how Lady Scorpio handled the festival plan, and explains that there will be consequences. He then turns to Senpai Kun and Maya, and tells us that we will burn in purgatory; that we "can't escape the fate the Exalted One has in store for (us)". Hmm. He vanishes from the scene and we try to talk to Maya. Apparently, King Leo has been "stalking" her for quite some time, but we don't find out much more than that. Nevertheless, Maya endeavours to press on and continue pursuing Joker. With most people either vaporised, defeated in battle or sucked dry from the "ideal energy" lasers, sticking around in the gym won't get us anywhere, so Maya suggests that we go around the city and see if there are any rumours circulating about the masked circle or Joker. Aaand we're back on the city map. I might do some of the rumour-checking in-between updates, because essentially you're going to every location and talking to every individual in the hope of getting some kind of lead. Senpai Kun status: Lv13 Playtime: 8h07m
  9. £900 if you want one to keep sealed and flog on eBay later...
  10. Qazimod


    Ooh, we're doing favourite shoot 'em ups? Last time @Benny did a "top 100 of all time poll" my all-time number one was still Llamasoft's Iridis Alpha - not just my favourite shooter but my favourite game. When you first try to play it nothing makes sense, you die for seemingly no reason, everything's too fast and you don't know how to travel around the place... but when you figure out how everything works, there's nothing else like it. The entropy system, the swapping between halves of the screen, the landing, flight and bouncing, the way you travel to each unlocked area... It's innovative to the point of being an incomprehensible mess to a newbie, but rather than being a gimmicky game the innovation creates a pretty unique experience. Someone phone Jeff, tell him to stop making tube shooters and consider a modern re-release of this, with a few tutorial screens just to ease newer players in a bit.
  11. Qazimod

    Dark Souls 3

    I completed this this evening! Well, I did the main questline - maybe not all of the optionals. I got the ending: I know there will have been other endings depending on prerequisites, but hey - miss out on things or read up spoilers: pick one. As for that final encounter, I was getting better and better at the second phase and it was always my impatience that was killing me; 99% of my internal monologue was "he's done with this combo now right? No follow-ups?" and then there was a follow-up. I liked the concept of the last boss though, and it made things really tricky and interesting when you found that In the end, simply being patient and waiting for the right opportunities got me through. My final stats were as below: I know some of those stats are very high but I needed to be doing more of everything in that encounter - more surviving attacks, more damage, etc. If we count Bloodborne (personally I don't; I think it's different enough to be it's own thing, but I've had that conversation a bazillion times) I'd say that my preference is BB > DS3 > DS2. And I haven't played Demon's, and I bounced right off DS1*. At least now I've freed up some of my gaming schedule in time for new games! *which probably made the boss' last phase more daunting for me...
  12. Qazimod

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    But does the story/script/radio chatter make you feel like you're in Top Gun though
  13. The hosts were as expected; the cars were ace. The muscle cars and the McLaren test were Clarkson's veggie rant was
  14. Qazimod

    PC Classic

    Hmm, talk of a “closed system” is unusual - surely a “PC Classic” would be an ideal opportunity to build something that can support the kind of abandonware that can’t be played on newer PCs (at least, without DOSbox shenanigans...)

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