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  1. 348 hasn’t arrived yet but there’s stuff on MFM: https://issuu.com/futurepublishing/docs/edg348.issuu/1?ff&e=1191357/79523587
  2. I had a new one recently! In FFVII Remake they did a great job of reimagining the classic tunes, whether they’re part of mandatory sequences or hidden in jukebox tunes. One neat thing you can do in the game is find music discs in the world - return to 7th Heaven, and these discs will be added to a playlist on the bar’s jukebox. However, it hooks you in a similar way that P5R’s stamp hunt did, because each disc is numbered, and you can view the full list of obtained discs in your inventory, and so any gaps in the numbered list inevitably drive you (me) nuts. There’s no harm in checking online for certain locations, but even then a few of them are locked behind lengthy gameplay sequences... (At least completing the collection towards the end of the game helps, as everyone is levelled up and you have fast-travel options. )
  3. I think I got up to the Crystal Tower in FFIII for the DS and was done - I liked how things were going but the grind between boss attempts was a bit much. And apparently that was near the end of the game too I really like the later DMC games but never stuck with 3; I think it was in the era of me buying dozens of old PS2 games on the cheap, and so I never invested time in anything... I'm not even sure if I ever finished Deus Ex 1 - I enjoyed that a lot when it came out, but other games always distracted me...
  4. I said something similar in the PS5 thread: The thing is, I’m not sure if 60fps can really be marketed in the same way that higher resolutions can; on the other hand, as resolutions increase the differences may be less noticeable to the average consumer...
  5. If the game has aged well and I don’t mind the time investment, sure. Next time someone asks “why go back to old games?” repeat the question but replace “games” with books, films, music. Sure, there’s a technology difference with hardware, but I was revisiting Super Mario World and Kirby’s Adventure on an RS97 a few days ago because I still enjoy hopping into them. EDIT: also I can get pretty picky over new purchases, so if there’s a long period where nothing of interest is being released, I’ll kill time with something familiar...
  6. For what it’s worth, I totally get some of this. I maintain that the teenage heroes and high school backdrops are some of the least interesting aspects of the series, and there’s a reason people have no interest in the PS1-era games despite them sharing those traits. I play them because I was tired of a difficulty curve that’s like steep steps in other RPGs (having dozens of individual floors in certain dungeons makes for a much more gradual incline than a handful of rooms with inexplicable variations in challenge), I play them because the battles are to a template (discover the elemental affinities and prepare in advance for them) but there’s satisfaction in making preparations after getting stomped the first time (because the enemy can take advantage of elemental affinities too, and completely wipe you if you’re unprepared.) The walls of text can definitely be a problem, but they’re often bookends between hours of gameplay (P3 to P5 all have time limits for your dungeon crawling, and so it’s in the game’s interests to get these dialogue scenes out of the way when you don’t need them, because they will still take up calendar days.) The series probably isn’t for you, and that’s fine (I just dunked on Zelda so I can hardly comment on other people’s dis/likes!) but I don’t mind trying to explain the appeal. Also, I’ve mentioned this before but I’d love to see a game that rips off the Persona template for battles, dungeons and S.Links but uses it outside of a high school premise. It would definitely upset some hardcore fans, but it would be an interesting experience.
  7. You say that but the GoT State of Play literally had
  8. Yomi's a little bit like that but there's still quite an involved ruleset. It exists in physical and digital form. http://sirlingames.com/yomi https://store.steampowered.com/app/287960/Yomi/ Also, maybe look at Fantasy Strike, which has a very stripped-down system but still looks pretty satisfying. I haven't played it myself but it seems to focus on rules that are easy to learn, but a balanced system that focuses on outsmarting your foe. http://www.fantasystrike.com/ EDIT: Also, quite a few Arc System Works fighters (and I think later Marvel games) have "easy input" options where you can pull off stylish combos by repeatedly pressing a single button, or execute a Hyper Combo by pressing a few buttons at once. I've played DBFZ and MVCI with my nephew like this (pre-lockdown) and it's kind of fun.
  9. Following on from the above points, it would be nice to have map quests categorised by time investment rather than difficulty. Or even both. Point A on the map has a quest with a recommended player level of 50 and scaling for teams, but it’s a superboss encounter that can be done in an hour at most. Point B on the map has a quest to discover and collect the audio logs of your friend’s long-lost uncle, with each log pointing you towards a new objective - there’s no recommended player level here, but it’s a 15-step questline that won’t reward you until 10 hours of gameplay. Also, things like this need some way of scaling rewards. If I ignore a quest for weeks and then come back to it after all of my gear has been improved massively, why would I want the green uncommon pistol you get from it? At least in games like Destiny 2 the gear perks can be more useful than the gear level, so you can get a low-level hand cannon with awesome fixed perks and then use infusion to increase the power...
  10. Zodiac Age has useful speed toggles for battles which should help a bit; just be sure to hit the brakes if things start to go awry
  11. I'd recommend MM2 (it's kind of a classic next to the lazier NES efforts) or if you want slightly more advanced gameplay, X1 ...but it's probably a pretty subjective question, and other people will have their favourites.
  12. 10 has an easy mode where there are less enemies and some pits have safety platforms and it's still pretty enjoyable The first X is do-able, but it helps to know the secrets (where to find subtanks, the best order of enemies) 2 is one of the more accessible classic games, but even then it relies on dying in order to figure out things like disappearing block patterns (Heat Man) or beam attacks (Quick Man) Powered Up's "New" campaign isn't too harsh either, but the "Old" one is based on MM1 which can still be punishing. Also an MM fan I know on Discord says that 5 is kind of easy but I have mixed success with that. Oh, and a big part of MM is figuring out the "order" to approach levels, because some are much easier if you have abilities from other areas. In short, don't feel bad about googling the recommended order for a particular game.
  13. Uh, Zelda. It's not that I don't like them, but I've never enjoyed them enough to stick with them until the end. I've tried the original, AoL, LttP, LA, and a bit of Ocarina and Majora, but they all seem to bank on a simple but gratifying gameplay loop that just gets too samey too quickly for me. Again, I don't dislike what I play but it never holds my interest - and when I can begin to guess the template of "fight through rooms of enemies to get the thing that opens up the next bit" it stops being intriguing.
  14. @StoooTube played with it a while back, I think. I was curious about it, but it sounds like a bunch of hoops to jump through and I don't know if my PC's any good.
  15. I played a demo of Carrion a while ago and it was ace, so I'm looking forward to that. Olija might be fun too.
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