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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. I'm interested in it but christ the Souls bores are already insufferable. God forbid we celebrate a director creating new and different experiences. E: I'm not necessarily talking about this forum, just "the internet" generally.
  2. You can tell the hype is strong when we’re already deciding why a game will or won’t receive a certain score before the week of release Never change, rllmukers.
  3. Qazimod

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    DOA6: Core Fighters came out this week - it's the stripped-down freebie thing they did with 5 where you get a few game modes and online play, but no story mode and a limited number of characters. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP4108-CUSA12117_00-DOA6F2PGAME00000 Oh and that free Dissidia thing I mentioned came out too: https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0082-CUSA14327_00-NTPKG00000000000
  4. Qazimod

    Let's Play: Persona 2: Innocent Sin

    Yay, another game completed! As for whether I liked it... well, I found it easier to get to grips with than P1, but I wonder how much of that was because I had already played P1! Things I like - the dungeon has a little indicator to show how close you are to a random battle, which is nice, and once I understood the rumour system as a gameplay mechanic that was pretty neat. Again, I loved the idea of negative thoughts becoming real just because it's such an intimidating concept, I liked the minigames you could play, I thought that pretty much all of the main cast was "likeable" even if Lisa and Eikichi acted daft at times, and some of the music was ace. I also liked the new way of summoning personas at the Velvet Room even if it was a little grindy. The story went a little nuts in places but also had some really interesting turns, such as the vision of Maya being locked in the shrine and the parallels between the Masked Circle baddies and the childhood game. Oh, and the final boss music was fantastic. Negatives? I thought the opening where you were smashing clocks was completely dull, Velvet Room activity is grindy, negotiation lacks P1's thrill of making everyone Eager and milking a dungeon for loot, running laps in the air-raid shelter was very old-fashioned design...oh, and Mt. Katatsumuri and Caracol all felt a bit samey...which led to me feeling like it was one never-ending slog. The biggest change for me was not being able to loot enemies and skip battles after making everyone eager, but generally I think both games have their strengths and weaknesses. (EDIT: oh also P2 felt like it had less emphasis on positional attacks and attack range, whereas in P1 I had to mess around with my formation more... although I’d say that’s a strength of P2!) Thanks to anyone who's been reading any of this! And yes, I would like to take a look at Persona 2: Eternal Punishment at some point, but I want to enjoy newer games now - Sekiro's just around the corner! (On the subject of EP, it looks like the PSP release was JP only, so unless I go the fan-tran route (which could end up being unreliable) I'll have to look into the PS1 game!) E: also if you don’t mind external site plugging I added some thoughts to @Badger‘s Disposable Media site here
  5. Qazimod

    Let's Play: Persona 2: Innocent Sin

    ~Finale~ Dull endgame stats (based on my final save before the bosses): I enter the door, and a small animation plays - after this we find ourselves on a small hexagonal platform with pillars at each point and more floating sigils than an ArcSys fighting game. Our party wonder where they are, and then Führer materialises right in front of them. He tells us he's been waiting for us, and that he won't tell us anything unless we defeat him - "but know that this spear of destiny and the power of Nyarlathotep are very real..." Okay, so he has the Spear of Destiny as well. Hmm. It's another five-versus one battle, and to begin with I rush him down with standard attacks. Führer isn't that threatening here; in certain rounds he blocks all attacks, but the attacks he throws out are often single-target moves and don't do much damage. He does eventually start throwing out party-wide elementals and some insta-kills, but our items help bring back anyone who's KO'd, and Mediarama keeps us nice and healthy. We win first time, and only SK and Maya level up. (For those interested in SK's level up tactics, everything apart from Luck has been balanced equally, so I've gone for the all-rounder throughout the game.) Führer compliments us and tells us he's "waited ten years for this." We then see a blinding flash, and where Führer once stood we see a new figure - identified by the game as "False Kashihara", this is unmistakably Jun's father, or something resembling him. He congratulates us on making it this far and tells us that we're in a realm "where all human egos are born and return". The skulls we collected and Xibalba itself were apparently manifested by man's collective desires; I guess he's citing all of the stuff where thoughts become reality, but he thinks that we cling to dreams when we should focus on reality. As for why he's appeared, FK tells us that Jun hated his real father and mother, and clung on to an "illusory ideal"... so Xibalba must have made that happen. As he speaks, another figure appears in the air, tied to a cross - this is a projection of Jun's real father, who tells us that he wrote In Lak'ech to help us live without suffering... and then the crucified figure of Jun's mother appears, telling Jun to forgive her for not being true to her dreams. FK presents these projections as an opportunity for Jun to kill his parents, but when Jun won't do it he sends bolts through them and they disappear. He mocks Maya's comments that she won't forgive him - claiming that forgiveness is our "whole schtick", and it's not long before we throw down for one last boss fight. Identified as "Great Father", we can see that this boss has five actions in each round of turns (see the right of the image); this is because he has several targetable limbs. In a way it's a bit like a boss near the end of P5, and obviously the more limbs we destroy the less turns he has to do stuff with. Great Father has attacks that hit the whole party and can inflict ailments at the same time, he has general elemental skills that hit the whole party, there's a move called Seals Raid which (I think) KOs party members based on dice rolls, an attack called Master 18 that drains SP from a single party member, and probably more besides. We begin by throwing out multi-target nuclear and almighty attacks, using Mediarama to recover from his attacks and using what we have available to deal with ailments, or reviving if someone's KO'd. It goes like this for a few rounds but generally it's quite manageable - Seals Raid is the only thing to really watch out for, and eventually we see progress being made when we hear one of the limbs getting KO'd! Since I'm always throwing out multi-target attacks, I hope that this means the others will disappear shortly, and sure enough the next round of turns destroys the rest of the limbs so we only have the body to attack. This pretty much trivialises the battle as he only has one action for each round of turns, and anything thrown out can be compensated for with items or skills. As we land the final blow he says "Incredible... I have witnessed the power you've fostered. Well done." - and we're back out of the battle. Here, Philemon himself appears and says "Has playing the role of a father made you soft, Crawling Chaos... Nyarlathotep? I think now you should better understand what I said." Anyone who followed my P1 LP knows that Nyarlathotep was responsible for transforming the central antagonist Kandori into a mad god-beast thing. Philemon then explains to us that he and Nyarlathotep are incarnations of the collective unconscious, with one leading the strong and the other "dragging the weak into the abyss" to find out if man's souls can develop and evolve. Maya asks if this was just a plot by the two of them, and Nyarlothtep replies by saying that Philemon was the one who did all of the plotting - Nyarlathotep, on the other hand, is a man (deity?) of action. With that, we suddenly see Okumara appear on the scene, pick up Führer's Spear of Destiny, and stab Maya. I can only assume that Nyarlathotep summoned Okumara here, having previously guided Okumara to fulfil the Oracle of Maia. (Or, she summoned herself, what with desires becoming reality.) We all rush to her aid but the bleeding won't stop. Of course, the legend of the Spear of Destiny is that wounds from it won't heal, and when you combine such an ancient legend with a world where rumours become true, it makes for a strong weapon. Nyarlathotep kind of gives a "my work here is done" speech and offers to give humans the gift of destruction they desire. Cue a short FMV of destruction all around Earth. Erk. Nyarlathotep says that he'll always be around when there is "darkness" in the hearts of man, and he vanishes. But Philemon has an idea - if the party chooses to "erase the fact of your meeting (at the start of the game)" it will affect the events that led to this and create an alternate timeline. It's not a deal any of us want to make, but it's the only option we have. (Also P3 kind of does a similar thing, at least in terms of a memory wipe, so it's interesting to see the ideas that were continued later in the series.) Each of my allies vanish - Lisa stays long enough to give SK a kiss - and Philemon asks SK if there's anything he'd like to say before he goes. My options: [Thank him] and [Hit him]. I choose the former - he tells me that there's no need and that he hopes we'll remember each other somehow. After a brief FMV where each party member promises to remember each other whilst in the, uh, vanishing process?, we're back at the start of the game with SK fixing his bike. Ms Saeko approaches and asks what I'll do after graduation; I say I've decided, and she says we can discuss things later. She leaves and the camera swivels to show Lisa, who says nothing. Lisa's friends arrive on the scene, and they head off together... It then cuts to Eikichi, who's in the middle of band practice. One of the band members mentions that SK may be a good fit for the band, and Eikichi says that he should meet him. It cuts to Jun, who talks to his mother about becoming a teacher once he graduates... and then it cuts to the front of the school, where all of them (including Yukino) coincidentally bump into each other - literally, for SK and Maya. We then see a short animated scene where SK and Maya's eyes meet as they get up, and the camera pans back to show a butterfly - Philemon - not too far away. Aaaand roll credits! So I guess they met up naturally anyway; yay for convenience
  6. Qazimod

    Stunt Car Racer

    Speaking of modern takes on SCR - @Strangelite's Stunt Car Online was pretty neat but I think it was an in-progress thing and I don't know if it's still available to try... As for the original, I first played it on C64 as part of a compilation cartridge with Microprose Soccer and Rick Dangerous - it was very challenging but I was impressed by how fast it was when I was so used to other "3D" experiences being quite slow and clunky. It was also very entertaining if you just wanted to play for fun and enjoy tumbling off the track repeatedly. Ahem.
  7. I kind of get this in a way. When people try to bundle every Sekiro and Bloodborne under a generic "Souls" banner, one of the things I bring up is that the other games have a very different aesthetic flavour that certain people might enjoy. And when you pick up a Dark Souls game there's this wall of "ugh medieval fantasy again" that you have to get over before you start enjoying the unique directions taken in those games. I mean, DS3 borrowed some lessons learned from BB in terms of gameplay, but I'd still rather play BB because I think cosmic horror's much cooler. And similarly, I think it's great that they ended up revealing Sekiro instead of Dark Souls 4.
  8. Big, expensive experiences are fine as long as the moment-to-moment gameplay keeps the player engaged... and not in a Ubisoft-style "fill the map with icons that amount to a billion A-to-B quests" way. So far the games I've bought this year have either been simple entertaining experiences that can be enjoyed in small chunks (Astro Bot, Fight'n Rage) or large experiences with enough moment-to-moment engagement to prevent ennui setting in (DS3). It shouldn't be too hard to make your core experience interesting.
  9. Gah. It was on PS Europe's channel today so I thought it was a new thing.
  10. Qazimod

    PS2 Appreciation Thread

    On the subject of PS2 releases, the European release of the original Persona 4 (e.g. the first time many of us played the game) is now 10 years old (apparently)! I remember first discovering P3 in 2008 so I was still taking in that whole experience when news emerged that there was a fourth game around the corner. Even before the excellent Vita release this was one of my all-time favourite games, and - occasional cringey lines aside - it still plays well today.
  11. Qazimod

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    Gamers: Switch has too many ports! Also gamers: [blank] would be great on the Switch! Kidding aside, I think the balance between old and new is fine at the moment. They have new titles to expand upon and enough classics to satisfy those hungry for ports.
  12. Lovely feature on the Testarossa and Countach at the beginning of the latest episode - tapping into nostalgic memories of childhood love for exotic cars The main feature at the end was okay but pretty silly.

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