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  1. John Wick 3 - 4/5. Or 3? 3.5? It's more John Wick so it's as slick as you can imagine, but where JW2 was getting a bit over-the-top JW3 got even more silly at times. The first one at least had a moody hard-boiled vibe to it rather than this massive globe-trotting adventure. It was still good fun though, and I liked the new characters (Sofia and the dogs were great )
  2. Since the Room of Guilt encounter was so one-sided last time, I don't think I'm going to be succeeding in the encounter any time soon; instead, I'd like to offer a few more details about the encounter. I was going to take a break from updates until I figured out the battle, but then we'd end up going straight from me getting wrecked on the first attempt to me succeeding, and that isn't too informative. So instead I'll talk a bit more about the battle. The metal trio have single-target -dyne skills (Eikichi used Aquadyne for instance), multi-target attacks (such as Maha Mudo, Lover of Darkness and Wingbeat), they can receive buffs (for example: in one attempt Lisa used Tarukaja, which increases attack power), remove our buffs (with Dekaja)... oh, and Jun can heal himself and his allies with Medirama also... And they can also use standard attacks. And there's more stuff I probably missed. Sounds rough, right? ...However, the worst attack is one of Jun's named "Terror Fortune" - this deals moderate wind damage to all party members and inflicts random status ailments on everyone. If you ever got Persona 4's true ending you'll know that the final boss has a skill named "World's End" which is one of the strongest enemy skills outside of the stuff used by optional bosses, as it hits everyone for big almighty damage and inflicts random ailments. Put simply, Terror Fortune feels very World's End. Ideally, I want to take out Jun first... but you don't know when he'll cast it because you're at the mercy of dice rolls, and it's not one of those skills that only gets thrown out once a certain amount of damage is done - Jun can use it whenever he wishes. So in one attempt he cast Terror Fortune at the very beginning of the battle - Maya got charmed (fights allies and supports foes), Ulala got confused (performs a useless random action such as throwing away items), Katsuya got enraged (ignores player commands and attacks a random foe) and Tatsuya was hit with sleep (cannot act.) And we all received damage which we couldn't recover from because I'd lost control of Maya. In another attempt, he cast Terror Fortune later on (when I was focusing all of my attacks on him) - Ulala got KO'd from the damage, Maya was hit with sleep, Baofu got enraged... It's honestly one of the worst things that can happen to the party, and you never know how quickly it will show up, which is why I want to do more levelling and hit Jun harder at the start of the encounter. (EDIT: speaking of World's End in P4 - that was rough, but it came about at a time when the party started to get skills like Amrita, so you had a built-in way of dealing with it, unlike here where you have to try different options in the Velvet Room by yourself...) One slightly more positive thing that came from doing these attempts was that I occasionally got Jun down to a "critical" state - when certain characters are low on HP they have a different stance on the field so that players know how close they are to victory. However, even if I do eliminate Jun I'll probably be left with barely any HP/SP and two other enemies I haven't touched (Metal Lisa has a skill that can charm my party, and Metal Eikichi has one that rolls a dice to instantly KO party members, so it's not like the others are total pushovers...) As Terror Fortune is a wind attack I might see if I can find a barrier skill against wind, as I think one exists... Maya status: Lv55 Playtime: 46h18m (adjusted for mapping, levelling, trying new personae) B6's Room of Guilt: NOPE
  3. Top-tier trailer editing btw. I wish I could be bothered to montage that well. Also we should totally have another online forum tournament for...something. It's been too long. That said, I sold SFV and would have too much DLC to catch up on .
  4. I think last time we did a "best of all time" poll it was somewhere in my top ten. Either that or GBA Rhythm Heaven/Paradise/Tengoku/whatever it was. Possibly both.
  5. A new bundle's being released on Oct 4th. Most retailers seem to be pricing it at £299, and there are no Move controllers... https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/09/20/the-2019-playstation-vr-mega-pack-including-5-fantastic-games-launches-this-autumn-in-europe/
  6. From my save point in the middle of B5, I run around a large empty space in order to map out the edges and find a small room I can enter, labelled by the UI as the "Room of Damnation". When we enter, there's a short scene - our party stop in the middle of the room and Ulala drops to her knees in exhaustion, asking the rest of the party if everyone can walk a little slower. She wonders aloud if there's even a place that the party can recover - and it has been a while since I found a Trish's Fountain - Katsuya agrees, and also thinks that we haven't seen a Velvet Room in some time either. Tatsuya steps forward, looks around the room we entered and tells us that both of those things are right here in this room - the camera moves forward a little bit to reveal the doors. Some of my party members wonder if it's a trap, but they aren't going to skip the opportunity if they're genuine. As they all head to one room or another, Tatsuya stays with Maya - there are about four exchanges of ellipses between the two characters, and then I get a dialogue choice as Maya: "Th, thank you for saving me...!" "You're kind of cold..." I'm skipping the ellipses so quickly that I pick the top one before I see the options, but I would have picked that anyway. Tatsuya replies "This is...the burden of sin... You... don't have to worry about me..." Hmm, okay. This touching scene is then shattered when three golden figures emerge from the doors that appeared - they're similar to the golden metal versions of Jun's mother and Eikichi's father that appeared in Innocent Sin, but this time they're metal versions of Lisa, Jun and Eikichi! "Metal Lisa" demands to know why Tatsuya is with Maya, "Metal Eikichi" asks if Tatsuya even cares about them. Tatsuya tells Maya to get back and explains that these figures our illusions that came from his heart... but when he swings at one of them, it has no effect. "Metal Jun" asks if "the promise to protect Maya" was a lie, but assures him he needn't suffer alone. The three golden figures disappear, but then Tatsuya disappears with them! At this point the rest of my party return so we quickly explain the situation and then we're back in control. Going north out of the room, I overwrite one of my saves and proceed through more of B5. We soon find an elevator that goes to floors B6, B7 and B8, but for now I double back as there's more of B5 to map. Once I'm satisfied with my mapping, I take the elevator to B6 and do more simple puzzling with teleports and barriers, then one teleport brings me to a short dialogue bit with Katsuya - "Tatsuya's still alive... We must hurry..." This suggests that a boss battle is coming up... but rather than double back and check out the other routes that were available from that elevator, I foolishly head forward into the "Room of Guilt" and get stomped by the metal students we encountered earlier. GAME OVER. Oooops. Well, at least I know what's there now. I did end this update here, but I'll add a little edit because I later went back to look at floors B7 and B8 - I mapped out as much as I could but there were a lot of barriers blocking my path so the game's pretty much telling me that I have to do the Room of Guilt battle before I can do anything on those other floors. Maya status: Lv52 Playtime: 43h25m (adjusted for mapping, levelling) B6's Room of Guilt: NOPE
  7. Yeah, the Steam thread was the worst when it came to game discussion being buried in a megathread, so smaller threads are welcome. I only just found out that the new library thing was recently made available; it's reported that you can take a look once you turn the beta stuff on (see below link for instructions) https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=7021-EIAH-8669
  8. People like being angry on the internet - and agreeing with other people who are angry about similar things - so I can see why people watch the videos. His appearances are very predictable though; I'm not subscribed to Jim's YT channel or social feeds but if you follow gaming news to any extent you can kind of know when something's going to be covered by him in a future video.
  9. From the town map, I head to the Narumi subway (after buying more Chewing Souls and Balls of Returning), and we automatically see a short scene, as our party board an empty subway train. Maya enters the drivers seat, and after a short moment of awkward silence Ulala and Baofu try to speak to SK about the "Other Side", as they're interested to know what the rest of the party were like over there. Apparently Katsuya was the same there as he is here, and Ulala was scammed by a con artist (which sounds familiar.) Tatsuya then asks Baofu if life is hard as an adult, and Baofu says that life is "the same... there's nothing good. The pain just keeps growing." Ooh, deep. After another awkward silence in the group, Katsuya has to rein Maya in a little: "Hmm...? Ms. Amano, it's a dead end... Please stop." She hits the brakes, we exit the train and I'm back in control - after entering the only door here, we begin the subway dungeon. This is quite a linear and short dungeon, made shorter by the fact that I played ahead without saving earlier (to allow for smoother updates) and noted down some negotiations. We go through a couple of rooms and find our first blocked path that we can pass through by flicking a nearby switch; we explore some crossroads and find some dead ends and a path downwards to a new floor... This floor has more dead ends and more battles ended with negotiations until we find a lift, and the next few floors follow an identical pattern - map out the paths forward and the dead ends, negotiate with most enemies, battle or flee if you can't negotiate, and find a lift because this will take you to a new area. It's kind of a relief to have another simple dungeon, but when we find one lift that leads to a cutscene we know that there's more to this place. In the cutscene, the party stop in a wide room and the camera pans to reveal the entrance to the Torifune, not unlike how Xibalba was introduced in Innocent Sin. It then shows a cutscene from the Torifune control room, where Tatsuzou is gathering his men in his effort for NWO's utopia plot (see my August 24th update) to move forward. General Sugawara is also present: Tatsuzou reassures him - "Gozen is very happy with your work. Your wish for immortality will be granted..." Sugawara responds positively to this until Tatsuzou finishes his sentence: "...your body might change slightly though..." (which is met with a "wait, what?" moment as Tatsuzou leaves the scene.) It cuts back to our party at the Torifune's main entrance, and Tatsuya explains that the Torifune turns thoughts into reality, and we should avoid thinking of certain things (much like the stuff I mentioned about Xibalba in my March 12 update of my IS thread). Hard cut to our party being cooked alive in a locked room and party members yelling at each other, wanting to know who started thinking of hot things. After this (brilliant) scene, we begin the dungeon properly. For now I hurry through each room, negotiating when possible, as I want to get to a safe place before doing any levelling. The Torifune has a bunch of dead ends, a few floor traps, a little bit of teleporting and some enemies we can't negotiate with effectively (because they're entirely new and I haven't worked out negotiations yet), but we have enough resources and negotiation knowledge to move forward. After some routine dungeoning we find one room on floor B3 with a bunch of dead soldiers on the ground - Katsuya identifies them as Tenchu Army members, and suggests that they probably triggered some kind of lethal trap (not unlike the trap that tried to cook our party.) Ulala wonders if this is Nyarlathotep's doing... and if so, whose side is he on? Tatsuya suggests that NWO don't know all of this place's secrets - and they probably don't know about Nyarlathotep. We take a lift to B4 and do some light puzzling (go down certain paths to remove barriers blocking other paths) then take a teleport to B5... Maya status: Lv47 Playtime: 39h43m
  10. Still on P2: EP with some ESWAT on the side.
  11. I think Jim Sterling said something in a video about FUT along the lines of better cautions and warnings being needed with these risks, and how it's nuts that something like a PEGI 3 game carries its own financial dangers. It would be cool to see something implemented at a console OS level that lays bare this kind of stuff for parents. I don't know how it would work though - maybe you install a game and then a pop-up asks you to add it to an "allowed" list where it shows games you've allowed users to buy DLC for. Maybe go further and let users set a maximum budget either across the whole "allowed" list or on a per-game basis. The "invisibility" of these purchases - until it's too late - is one of the most troubling things about these stories.
  12. Not the first, but B. Rap Boys has looping snippets of songs from Three Stories High and a few other artists - I only found out about the game after digging through MAME entries. Also: https://www.zophar.net/music/arcade/brap-boys
  13. I thought people might be interested - although it may be old news - my Blu-Ray of John Wick 3 arrived from Amazon today and there's a sticker saying "Includes 50% off John Wick Hex" (Small print: "Pre-order now. Game available late 2019. Code valid until 01/03/2020. See inside for details. 16+".) Worth looking out for if you're likely to get the game.
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