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  1. I was coming in here see if it had been posted yet - and it had. The video was very interesting - it nicely illustrated how you could optimize code very well, but certainly at the expense of readability! I have my Everdrive cart waiting for this release - looking forward to seeing what this ends up like
  2. 8/4/22 - Paper Beast (PSVR) One of the giveaways from playstation during lockdown, I finally got around to looking at this. It's only around 3-4 hours in length... and is weird. I kind of liked the weirdness at first. Not knowing what to do or where to go, but aside from getting the general idea about what to do and where to go, nothing much really happened or got explained so left me feeling a bit meh about the whole experience. It's very pretty and an easy going experience, but just as well it was free. 9/4/22 - Kingdom Hearts (PS2) I've had this for ages but I got stuck. I got to the island at the End of the Word stage, but then couldn't do the seemingly unending boss rush - this annoyed the hell out of me from the hours put in it so far, especially as it seemed like such a massive spike in difficulty. I'm not proud, but I downloaded an Action Replay disk and boosted my health/magic just to finish it off. The ending was quite a disappointment after all that
  3. GTA: Vice City A bit of an oldie I know, but when people reminisce about GTA games they always seem to go on about Vice City being "the best". I've actually owned it since the GTA3/Vice City double pack was released on the original Xbox and played it for an hour or two (I finished GTA 3 fine) but trying to get back to it now (playing on a 360) is an exercise in self hate. Everything is so unbelievably clunky. The vehicles handle awfully, but the thing that just kills it for me is the aiming system... or the lack of it (I suppose you could add the camera in there as well) without the familiar right stick to look around or target people, I'm just lost. I'm getting wiped out in the most casual of firefights because my character is facing the wrong direction whilst failing to shoot anyone. I got as far as getting the mansion on the island and a few missions after that but nope... I can't do it any longer, it's shite. I thought it might just be the age of the game, but I recently picked up San Andreas on the PS2. I did have a dodgy copy on the original Xbox, but my save corrupted. I started playing this tonight, and it's a breath of fresh air. A camera you can move around and aiming you can live with. It's not like other things aren't a bit clunky but you can live with these when the main game is playable.
  4. 5/4/2022 - Not a Hero DLC for RE7 (PSVR) Not really a game in itself as it's just a piece of DLC and took just under 2 hours to complete. Pretty good though, and it's free so the price is right.
  5. 4/4/2022 - Resident Evil 7 (PSVR) This was quite a struggle and its a game I started several years ago when I first got VR for my PS4, but I had the VR sickness to go with it, but I decided to give it another go with my PS5 as this should give PS4 Pro like experience and hopefully any little boost in frame rate etc should help. I also was careful not to try and push the limits. So I still felt "odd" while playing, but not feeling like I was going to die. I limited my play sessions to around 30 minutes but sometimes went into the hour mark. Anyway, I survived and glad I stuck it out in VR. I enjoyed the game, but it genuinely made me jump and possible give a little bit of me shouting "arrghh" at one point. It does jump scares quite well. I've just started playing the free Chris Redfield DLC for it as well.
  6. 25/03: Horizon Zero Dawn (PS5) There's a slightly drawn out story to this one. I had played and loved HZD on the PS4 a few years ago, but then Sony gifted us all the "complete" version with the Frozen Wilds DLC so I went back to play the expansion. Then I found out that somehow the copy I had was European and this wasn't the same as UK and so my save wasn't recognised. So I eventually decided to play the whole thing again from a new game. I actually enjoyed it immensely once again - getting some extra stuff that I'd missed on my first playthrough and playing in a very different way. My first time around I was all about stealth and sneaking. This time I went in way more aggressive and hit things with my spear a lot. Frozen wilds was very good - a worth DLC, I really got the idea that I was in a blizzard most of the time. Now I'm ready to get onto the Forbidden West... although I'll wait a little while, I spent 80 hours on this one, which was many weeks worth.
  7. 17/1/2022 - The Gunk (XSX GP) I gave this a go after I saw a bunch of people mention it in the Gamepass thread as a bit of a ok but simple/quick game to play. I played this alongside a more "serious" game as a bit of light relief. Yeah, it was ok - nothing amazing, but a quick and enjoyable enough experience. 6/2/2022 - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition (XSX GP) I'd never heard of this game - although I understand this is the 10 year anniversary edition, it had completely passed me by. I'd actually been browsing through the available Gamepass games and saw some screenshots of it (there's no trailer) I actually thought it was a rhythm action game! Nothing could be further from the truth! Wow, this one really sucked me in - if you haven't tried it, think Phoenix Wright crossed with a Japanese Dating Sim... but where people get bumped off and tortured in quite extreme ways! Anyway, I really loved this one - a little unexpected gem from clicking on something and having a punt.
  8. 08/01/22 - Halo Infinite XSX via Gamepass I haven't read all that much on the forum about Halo as I was playing it and didn't want to spoil anything. I get the impression that people thought there were aspects that were a bit broken and other parts that were great. Well, firstly it's Halo and its always cool to play Halo. A little bit like GoW though, I can't remember the plot at all with Halo - I wish they'd do a "previously in the other 4 games, this happened" so I'd remember bits. Anyway, I loved playing the outside bits - it was fun to navigate around the ring with the new powers of using the grapple hook, and I went around free every possible FOB, rescuing marines, doing every side mission possible and picking up every spartan core and cosmetic armour (even though I won't play this on multiplayer) I could. What I didn't particularly like were the thin corridor shooter bits, there were a few too many "survive the horde while trapped in this room" bits and the boss fights felt a little unfair. I don't know how many times I died on the last two bosses. I ended up punching my own leg a lot which doesn't normally happen, but I got there in the end (I was only playing on normal as well, Heroic can do one) I did like the fact that I finished last boss with no ammo left and killed her with two elbows to the face Anyway, a fun game overall.
  9. Whilst I hated 12 Minutes with a passion, it wasn't something I'd really heard about too much before hand so it didn't disappoint as such, the winner of that one goes to Back 4 Blood. Left 4 Dead was the game I'd put most hours into, me and friends played it for weeks and months to get every mission done on the hardest levels and then we did it all again on the sequel. I was looking so forward to Back 4 Blood being a continuation of this, but I found it instantly dull and boring - and the deck thing was an instant turn off. One might argue that I can't say this based on never having completed more than 3 levels, but I found it that bad that I didn't want to continue at all.
  10. Either there was an update that made drifting easier, or I got way better overnight. It seemed to be that the dirt drift zones would stop scoring you if you were just a tiny bit out of the road, but when I came back suddenly I could score big here and 3 star everything. The only thing I have left... and royally suck out now are stunt scoring. I'm trying to link things together and keep my score going, but most of the time I can barely break into a 2 star. This is just to 3 star all the stories that seems a little OCD, but as it's all thats left to do (aside from online/monthly challenges) I wanted to finish it!
  11. Went to play this last night on my XSX, and the campaign hadn't been pre-downloaded... which I thought it would. By the time it was, I needed to go to bed I might actually get to try it tonight.
  12. This seems to track pretty well. There was always a core group of us at work ready to play L4D together in the evenings, and we were trying to get each of us to get the achievement for surviving all the campaigns on expert. Which would often go horribly wrong at the last moment, so we must have played this for months on end, before doing everything and then doing much the same on L4D2, and then Borderlands.
  13. You do completely forget about loading times on a Series X (and S) Quick resume is amazing. The Xbox did an update the other night and I had to wait like 30 seconds before I could start racing - I was like "come on ffs". You become a spoiled brat very easily when there's no loading.
  14. I'm semi annoyed that the only one that seems to be coming to Game Pass is San Andreas. I was quite a way through that on my original Xbox, and then the save corrupted But I'd recently actually got the original on PS2 as it seemed to be very much made for PS2 and not Xbox. I had managed to get through the original GTA II on the Xbox but lost interest in Vice City. I tried to pick this up again recently on my 360 and bloody hell the lack of camera control is beyond awful (I'm presuming the remasters have camera on the right stick - I think it was added to the PC version)
  15. 31/10/2021 - Super Mario Odyssey (Switch) Hmm, I'm not sure. It's all very nice and polished, but I suppose it just feels like Mario-by-Numbers at this point. It just played exactly as expected and didn't offer anything particularly new. I did like the largish worlds and multiple moon pickups as you go - although having finished and looking back at just how many moons there are left around the worlds, I'd barely collected any. Weirdly, I'm not feeling like I need to go back and fully "complete" it though.
  16. 21/10/21 - Full Throttle Remastered (XSX Gamepass) It seems a weird platform to finally play this game on, as I've got it on ScummVM and I even had the old big box PC version. It played it mostly because having just spent a long time on Ghost of Tsushima I wanted something a bit lighter and quicker. It's a fun adventure, but it suffers from issues that I tend to find with all adventures (that said I'm mainly playing older ones) and that's a few times I hit something that I just couldn't seem to figure out. Sometimes it's the case of using every available item with everything else until something works - but in this case it was doing very specific actions in specific timeframes which I couldn't figure out.... and then I was annoyed by having to get a hint from the web.
  17. 16/10/2021 - Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) I played this on my PS5, so had the lovely 60fps visuals... although, weirdly, it looked to me like the in-engine cut scenes were in 30fps !? I finished this on Saturday, but spent several more hours that night (and tonight) going through and finishing all the trophies... which is something I've never bothered doing before. I loved this game, I thought it was an absolute epic. It's stunning lovely to look at and the progression of fighting skills leads makes you feel like the ultimate samurai death-bringer by the end of the game. Although one could argue the missions were samey - essentially "go there and kill people" the narrative was very strong IMO and there were many side tales to go through and get deeper into the stories of the supporting cast. I spent 53 hours on this, but none of it felt like a chore.
  18. 22/9/21 - Control (XSX Gamepass) This was an interesting game, a delightfully odd concept with some things that managed to genuinely unsettle - weird and crazy angles, this muttering in the background. Even the first roll of the credits went all strange. It felt a little bit silent-hilly, but crossed with a 3rd person shooter where you get crazy powers... I guess a bit like crackdown there. Anyway, I was enjoying myself a lot, until I got around 70% in and then I hit a wall (it was the anchor boss for those who have played it) it just threw enemy after enemy at me and I just couldn't do that and handle the one-shot-and-your-dead effect from the boss at the same time. After trying lots of times and not being able to come up with a tactic, it wasn't fun any more - but I felt invested enough in it to see it through, so I moved some of the sliders around to make the game easier. Recovery energy faster and shots don't do as much damage. I hate doing that, as it feels like I've failed, but I just couldn't see any way forwards. It got worse as the game went on with the final stage being like a boss rush. I don't think the combat was particularly involved - it was more of a run and shoot and don't get shot - I didn't find it tactical. I'm still going to go back and hover up a few side missions I didn't do, but ultimately I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to play the game as intended.
  19. 17/9/21 - Pikmin 3 (Switch) Pikmin was a game I always loved on the cube, although I always found the time limits slightly stressful. I've got Pikmin 2 on the cube as well, but I've only played it for about 10 minutes, so is on my long list of to-do's. Pikmin 3 is utterly charming though and features the new dynamic (I think so at least) of allowing you to split up your pimin and divide them amongst your 3 crew members. So while there's typical fights and puzzles, there's also some where you have to throw your crew up to a new place with a bunch of Pikmin to do their thing. The final battle came slightly quicker than expected. I thought I was just doing a really hard level - taking about 3 game days and losing around 200 pikmin in the process, but then it was the end. Happily you can simply go back a day and jet off to different landing sights to pickup any fruit and other objects you left behind as well as having several scenarios featuring Olimar to play - which I'll probably do before moving on completely. Very enjoyable - the time thing still stresses me a bit, and it's always upsetting when you see Pikmin spirits float up to the sky - but still lovely to play.
  20. 13/9/21 - The Artful Escape (XSX Gamepass) It's a short and sweet experience this one and certainly more of an experience than a game. I was playing it over a few nights to wind down from playing a few other games. I don't think it's a GOTY or anything as some others have said. Yes, it's weirdly joyful to slide along a weird alien landscape playing space guitar, but it then doesn't really go anywhere or do anything different. A nice little experience all the same
  21. Had a quick go of this as I saw a few mentions of it. only spent around 30 minutes so far, but it's very lovely to look at and already quite intriguing in it's story and concept. I do like to mix in these shorter narrative experiences amongst all the shooty stuff
  22. Not programming necessary in the camera movement. The camera takes a 360 degree view at all times, so you can just take the file and do what you like with it afterwards. So keeping the horizon flat whilst the rest of the picture moves is a common one, but you can effectively switch from 1st to 3rd person views and some really wacky ones inbetween.
  23. You can indeed, but that to me looks like an Insta360 camera where you can process the video afterwards to do all sorts of angles that look impossible.
  24. 6/9/2021 - Psychonauts 2 (XSX Gamepass) Having been a huge fan of the first game back on the original Xbox (I do remember having to try the Meat Circus level quite a few times though) I was really looking forward to this game. It didn't disappoint in the most important way. I loved the story, and I loved the look. Certainly a case of using the power of the console to do exactly the graphics they want. Things look basic from the outside, but there's incredible detail in there. So story cool and the levels as brilliantly wacky as before with a perfect representation of peoples thoughts and feelings going on . What I didn't really care for was the combat - it wasn't engaging and just served as something to stretch out the game a bit. That said, it didn't hold me up, it was just bad compared to the rest of the experience. Great fun.
  25. Getting more into this now. I love the platform sections and the really out there different level designs, but the combat sections just annoy me. I'm probably doing wrong, but it seems there's no particular tactic to these. Run around (or go on your ball) fire off the blasts and maybe slow an enemy down and go and melee him..... and then repeat unteen times.
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