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  1. 25/09/2022 - Double Kick Heroes (XSX GP) I started playing this as a "quick thing" as I was waiting for Stray to arrive and didn't want to get into anything long and saw this was a rhythm action game... which I like. I didn't particularly like this though - normally I'd be jumping back in and playing on the higher difficulties and testing my skill, but I didn't like the mechanics of how and when notes were hit, and it didn't feel particularly on the beat as such. I didn't go for the music particularly either, but if you like that sort of metal then I'm sure you'd find it great. That said, it was a pretty short game, so I thought I'd run through the story just the once.
  2. 23/9/2022 - Stray (PS5) I just finished this earlier tonight after the physical copy dropped through the door on Tuesday. It's short - my play through was 5h 44m and that did involve me running around a bit disorientated for a while in one of the sections, but it is very very sweet. I do like the general idea of a game - you are a cat. Ok, sign me up. But it does manage to put some variety in there - so some sections based around platforming, or puzzles, stealth - even shooting. This game offers a little bit of a different take on the dystopian future with underground settlements and towns inhabited by self-aware robots - who all dream of one day seeing the outside. Oh, and did I mention if you press O then you meow Hugely enjoyable, I can see myself having another few playthroughs in the future. i missed a few of these memories to collect, but it's not a huge part of the game
  3. 14/09/2022 - Grim Fandango (XSX GP) I've got a very long history with this game, I started it on PC, then when I got a Mac tried for ages to get it running under ScummVM and then a Windows VM, a Wine thingy before getting the GoG remake and getting half way through the game before I had to upgrade my OS (in order to publish to the app store) and then it turns out it didn't work on Big Sur. So two nights ago I decide to download it on the Xbox from Gamepass and proceed to use a walkthrough to get up to my current spot. Unfortunately, I found out quickly why I'd never finished it in the first place. I don't like it... I like the story concept and the character design etc, but I just don't like the way it plays. I remember I actually needed help way back in the initial part of the game and then was stuck in the forest for an age unable to knock down the antennas. The puzzles in this game really don't gel with me at all. I'm left with thinking "how am I supposed to have worked that out" instead of kicking myself and thinking it was obvious all along. I really dislike that. So just to finish off I used quite heavy use of a guide just to see the ending, which to be honest was pretty underwhelming
  4. 18/8/22 - Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (DS) This game must have been sat on my DS for about 10 years, I used to play it when I'd be on a plane or with the intention of finishing it off on holiday, but I would then end up doing something else. It does feel satisfying to finally finish it, but I have to say this game, more than any of the other Phoenix Wright does seem a bit random in places where the evidence you are using to expose a contradiction doesn't seem to fit, or you have to rely on something some other character said in previous cases (which meant I'd have to remember things from years ago) Despite this, I still love the PR games. I do have the Miles Edgeworth and Apollo Justice still sat on my DS, so I might get to them eventually. 12/9/22 - Skies of Arcadia Legends (GameCube - though played on a Wii) This game has got an even longer history - I picked the game up first on the Dreamcast when the system was dying and it was easy to pick up a lot of stuff for cheaps - going on for about 20 years ago I put around 10 hours or so into it, getting past the first Gigas (eventually). I had an issue trying to pick this up again - I ended up with an OSSC, but this is one of the few games you can't force into VGA mode. A friend of mine gave me his old copy of Skies on the GC and so I started again... got past where I'd been before and then managed to leave it for another year or two. I came back fired up to finish it over the last month or so... and it feels really good to finally get there. Whilst I love the game and the story, my god, Skies must set a new record in random encounters. Every 2 steps that music start and you are off again. I only found I could save a little bit of time by pressing Z during my special attacks to stop the entire animation playing after about 20 hours. I can't determine if I played it "right". I ended up barely touching magic (unless someone needed resurrecting) I built up special attacks with my key party members so I had people to attack single targets very strongly and others that could attack a group well. I coupled this with - essentially maxing out my healing items and it got me through. I did make a cock up on the final ship battle, where I didn't heal in a turn where I should of and ended up having to play about 40 minutes of it again!
  5. 15/08/22 - Resident Evil 8 (PS5) I've been having an enjoyable surge through a few Resi games of late. Doing 7 on VR before going back and doing the remakes of 2 & 3. I found 8 an interesting mix of several of them really. The first person angle from 7 with the treasure and merchant idea from 4. I found some bits very tense indeed - running through the castle with an 8 foot tall vampire lady stomping after me means I might have missed a few items there whilst I was running. Happily though, I didn't find the usual lack of ammo/health bad on this - it felt about right. Although I did spend a lot of time going back and trying to find everything. Very fun indeed. I don't know if I can be bothered with Mercenaries, it's not a style of game I enjoy. My only unplayed RE game is RE6 now which has been sitting on the shelf for a long time due to it being very awful... according to everyone that's ever played it. But we'll see
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. Typically I managed never to have a 3DS, I'll look out for it if it ever comes to switch... or I will get a 3DS if the prices ever go to non-stupid (that way I can understand why Luigi has a pet Ghost dog in Luigi's mansion 3 as well)
  7. 06/08/22 - Metroid Dread (Switch) Just finished this tonight after spending about 1.5 hours on the final bos refining and refining how to beat him... before he'd then shift into new attacks and I'd have to start the learning all over again. I liked this, there were quite a lot of boss battles that seemed completely impossible at first and after several goes you'd click with it, and wouldn't even lose health to defeat one... which are the best sort. The tension going through the EMMI zones was high and frightening.. and sometimes a little frustrating. I did need to use a guide a few times - I was completely lost on where to go early on, and to get the 100% item completion I needed help. I didn't feel bad for using them - it helped me enjoy the game more. Fun - there's no way I'd ever want to go and try hard mode though!
  8. Finished - not that tough after learning the attacks, although not all of it that obvious. I have to say it's one of the few games that I needed to use a guide a few times when I was completely lost (and finding out that I simply needed to shoot a hidden block - after wondering around levels for hours trying to work out where I went wrong) and on another part where I was confused once again about if I was going in the right direction. After that it kind of game me a hint about looking for hidden stuff and working towards certain things - like the upgrade items. But I did return to the guides again after I'd gone back and got every possible item I could find and then was left with seemingly impossible speed blocks (spoilered for those who do not want to know There was some stuff I didn't know about the final boss either, and once again I checked out a few things in a guide because I didn't want the boss fight to end in me giving up in frustration. Really fun game. Whilst I completed the two (I think) GBA outings (and the original Metroid Prime) I haven't finished Super Metroid. I didn't get on with it particularly well... although I expect the gaming OCD to kick in eventually which will get me playing it again.
  9. I spent the last few nights wondering back and forth all the levels picking up every item because I heard the final boss is tough. Wow, he is isn't he. He has been kicking my arse on the first 5 or so attempts, but I'm starting to read the signposting. I got to a bit where he taunts me but then died hard. I know there's multiple phases here and I'm struggling with phase 1! Decided to take a break tonight because it's late - better hit him fresh tomorrow night
  10. The games I've tended to settle on and enjoy the most are single player experiences - generally the mix of combat and story of things like The Horizon Hidden Dawn/Forbidden West, Last of Us(s), Resident Evils etc etc However, I've become acutely away that while I enjoy these games, I seem to go through a certain amount of stress/anxiety about making it through to the next part without dying. It ends up getting to the point where I can play a particularly tense feeling game for an hour at most and then I hit a save point and I have to stop until the next day. I've no real idea why this is - in the olden days it was the pure dread of losing your progress because save points were few and far between. I've been able to handle the remakes of RE2/3 reasonable easily but the days of typewritter ribbons needed to save used to mess with my head. At the moment I'm playing Metroid Dread, which I think is an awesome game, but bugger me - the stress of just about every single boss battle so far (and it's gone very much the same pattern of die 20-30 times until I workout any sort of strategy and then refine strategy for another 20 minutes until I beat them) has made me get to the next save point and stop there for the night. Clearly - this is a me problem, and my brain - despite the endless practice I throw at it - just hasn't warmed up to the idea.... and at the age of 51 it's probably stuck that way. Just wanted to check though - is this just me, does anyone else go through this?
  11. 23/07/22 - Danganronpa 2 (XSX GP) I really enjoyed the first game - which I'd actually mistook for something else, but ended up playing it anyway. This is essentially more of the same.... weird teenage murders, class trials, punishments etc etc. I was expecting a direct sequel to the original, but this isn't that. At first I thought it was a "reimagining" somehow, until later in the game it starts referencing events of the original. My only issue with is the amount of extra things they've added into trials - lots of new and weird mechanics and sometimes I got a bit lost in what the hell I was doing. By the time the ending rolled around everything from this and the original game tie together - so I left happy... although not as happy as playing the original.
  12. 15/7 - A Memoir Blue (XSX GP) I had this downloaded so thought I'd give it a quick spin last night. In my mind I had it pegged as a fairly simple but charming narrative tale of sorts which was not what I got. I was faced with a bit of confusion playing this... so much so that I checked out the description online that tagged is as an "interactive poem" which I guess means it could be anything. I wasn't really in the mindset for this, so didn't particularly enjoy it... i got the story, but I found it really quite depressing. The whole experience was about an hour long start to finish. I'd have been pissed off if I'd paid for it, but it was on GamePass so at least it lets me try out all sorts of oddities.
  13. So i finished this after 88 hours or so on it and I have a few thoughts. First off, I like the fact that it started much like the original but then there was a twist which made things a bit new and exciting the first time facing off There were a few things that seemed to have regressed since the first game though - mainly climbing. In the original I knew where Alloy would go when climbing up a rock.... pretty much in the direction of my joystick, but in Forbidden West whe seems to have a mind of her own and refuses to cimb over the lip of a rock that's directly in front of here because I'm not in the right place for that.... or won't jump to the next part when it's clearly right there. I found that odd. There were too many weapons to think about. I quite liked in the original game there were tutorial missions to make you try all the weapons out, in FW I went around collecting everything, but I tended to stick to bows and slingshots (for throwing explosive stuff) I don't feel like I scratched the surface of weapons. If you went through and compulsively upgraded every pouch you will probably have noticed that when you are chasing a moon fish or a bass it would randomly disappear from the world - I guess it's left it's spawn area and the system culls it off? It's pretty annoying when you are swimming around for hours looking for fish parts though. I did love chasing the collectibles. But this was nothing in comparison to I did every single task and side mission I could, but I desperately dislike timed missions (so didn't bother with the pits, arena or hunting lodges... and I really don't like board games within video games so Strike was out for me. Really enjoyed it overall, not sure what to expect from the 3rd games in the series though.
  14. 11/07 - Horizon: Forbidden West (PS5) I've been playing this game pretty solidly for over a month now and sunk 88 hours into it (leaving me with a completion of 82%) Although that's mostly because I dislike timed challenges like the Hunting Trials, the Melee pits and the Arena... oh and i don't play virtual boardgames within a video games, so ignored strike. The rest of the game was excellent - it started with what I thought would be more of the same... until there's a big twist which makes things very interesting. It started to drag around the end a little - but that mostly because I was running around trying to find animal parts to max out all my pouches I'd done every single possible side mission (aside from those pesky ones I didn't like) but very enjoyable overall.
  15. Yes... well, kind of. I had an aging 720p 32" LCD screen which weighed a ton, but the screen seemed to have developed these area of pixel damage I guess you could call them, so I went for a new screen. We've got a 65"4k Samsung QLED TV in the lounge which is fantastic, but my gaming is in my office/man cave and I needed something that would fit on my desk next to my iMac. When I tried to buy a TV that could do this, I found that nobody seemed to make 32" 4k TV's - which was a bit confusing and gaming monitors of that size that could also do 120hz we're a bit new and very expensive, so I went for a Samsung 32" Odyssey G5 1440p screen which can do up to 144hz. On the plus side this fitted the desk easily and was so light to move around compared to the old TV - on the downside though: connectivity. My old TV had several HDMI's in, component in, and 2 scarts in. It also had it's own speakers. The Samsungs got a single HDMI and a DisplayPort and no speakers - so I had several weeks of buying various "something" to HDMI convertors, HDMI switch boxes and then I needed to get an audio extractor that would grab the sounds out of the HDMI and link it optically to an old 5.1 system (I ended up with 2 of these as the first one couldn't handle HDR or 4k 120). Lots of effort, but it eventually worked.
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