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  1. 16/10/2021 - Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) I played this on my PS5, so had the lovely 60fps visuals... although, weirdly, it looked to me like the in-engine cut scenes were in 30fps !? I finished this on Saturday, but spent several more hours that night (and tonight) going through and finishing all the trophies... which is something I've never bothered doing before. I loved this game, I thought it was an absolute epic. It's stunning lovely to look at and the progression of fighting skills leads makes you feel like the ultimate samurai death-bringer by the end of the game. Although one could argue the missions were samey - essentially "go there and kill people" the narrative was very strong IMO and there were many side tales to go through and get deeper into the stories of the supporting cast. I spent 53 hours on this, but none of it felt like a chore.
  2. 22/9/21 - Control (XSX Gamepass) This was an interesting game, a delightfully odd concept with some things that managed to genuinely unsettle - weird and crazy angles, this muttering in the background. Even the first roll of the credits went all strange. It felt a little bit silent-hilly, but crossed with a 3rd person shooter where you get crazy powers... I guess a bit like crackdown there. Anyway, I was enjoying myself a lot, until I got around 70% in and then I hit a wall (it was the anchor boss for those who have played it) it just threw enemy after enemy at me and I just couldn't do that and handle the one-shot-and-your-dead effect from the boss at the same time. After trying lots of times and not being able to come up with a tactic, it wasn't fun any more - but I felt invested enough in it to see it through, so I moved some of the sliders around to make the game easier. Recovery energy faster and shots don't do as much damage. I hate doing that, as it feels like I've failed, but I just couldn't see any way forwards. It got worse as the game went on with the final stage being like a boss rush. I don't think the combat was particularly involved - it was more of a run and shoot and don't get shot - I didn't find it tactical. I'm still going to go back and hover up a few side missions I didn't do, but ultimately I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to play the game as intended.
  3. 17/9/21 - Pikmin 3 (Switch) Pikmin was a game I always loved on the cube, although I always found the time limits slightly stressful. I've got Pikmin 2 on the cube as well, but I've only played it for about 10 minutes, so is on my long list of to-do's. Pikmin 3 is utterly charming though and features the new dynamic (I think so at least) of allowing you to split up your pimin and divide them amongst your 3 crew members. So while there's typical fights and puzzles, there's also some where you have to throw your crew up to a new place with a bunch of Pikmin to do their thing. The final battle came slightly quicker than expected. I thought I was just doing a really hard level - taking about 3 game days and losing around 200 pikmin in the process, but then it was the end. Happily you can simply go back a day and jet off to different landing sights to pickup any fruit and other objects you left behind as well as having several scenarios featuring Olimar to play - which I'll probably do before moving on completely. Very enjoyable - the time thing still stresses me a bit, and it's always upsetting when you see Pikmin spirits float up to the sky - but still lovely to play.
  4. 13/9/21 - The Artful Escape (XSX Gamepass) It's a short and sweet experience this one and certainly more of an experience than a game. I was playing it over a few nights to wind down from playing a few other games. I don't think it's a GOTY or anything as some others have said. Yes, it's weirdly joyful to slide along a weird alien landscape playing space guitar, but it then doesn't really go anywhere or do anything different. A nice little experience all the same
  5. Had a quick go of this as I saw a few mentions of it. only spent around 30 minutes so far, but it's very lovely to look at and already quite intriguing in it's story and concept. I do like to mix in these shorter narrative experiences amongst all the shooty stuff
  6. Not programming necessary in the camera movement. The camera takes a 360 degree view at all times, so you can just take the file and do what you like with it afterwards. So keeping the horizon flat whilst the rest of the picture moves is a common one, but you can effectively switch from 1st to 3rd person views and some really wacky ones inbetween.
  7. You can indeed, but that to me looks like an Insta360 camera where you can process the video afterwards to do all sorts of angles that look impossible.
  8. 6/9/2021 - Psychonauts 2 (XSX Gamepass) Having been a huge fan of the first game back on the original Xbox (I do remember having to try the Meat Circus level quite a few times though) I was really looking forward to this game. It didn't disappoint in the most important way. I loved the story, and I loved the look. Certainly a case of using the power of the console to do exactly the graphics they want. Things look basic from the outside, but there's incredible detail in there. So story cool and the levels as brilliantly wacky as before with a perfect representation of peoples thoughts and feelings going on . What I didn't really care for was the combat - it wasn't engaging and just served as something to stretch out the game a bit. That said, it didn't hold me up, it was just bad compared to the rest of the experience. Great fun.
  9. Getting more into this now. I love the platform sections and the really out there different level designs, but the combat sections just annoy me. I'm probably doing wrong, but it seems there's no particular tactic to these. Run around (or go on your ball) fire off the blasts and maybe slow an enemy down and go and melee him..... and then repeat unteen times.
  10. I'm laid up at home after a knee op a week ago. It turns out that if I'm not doing something creative I start to go a bit crazy. Normally my "creative" stuff comes from making YouTube content, putting drones together and coding. I haven't been able to do any of that as I need to sit at a desk and my knee just doesn't want to bend to accommodate that right now. The laptop isn't powerful enough to run the stuff I need to for coding, but Blender is pretty lightweight (at least until you render something). So I have started going through the donut tutorial stuff. 3D is something I've occasionally tried to do but always fallen flat, but I've enjoyed the tutorials so far. There's a lot to take in, but I do have actual things I'd like to do with it. I developed a sim for flying quads with very primitive models and I'd like to be able to at least have a go at spucing that up. Anyway, donut so far. We're up to sprinkles - next (I presume) is the bread texturing
  11. 31/8/21 - Tell Me Why (Xbox One Gamepass) This was an interesting piece of interactive fiction. It's something I didn't know much about, but the quick preview movie on Gamepass reminded me a little of Life is Strange (which is a curious game in that I watched a play through of it but haven't played it) It's difficult to go into in any detail without spoiling things, but it seems well written, nicely acted and does allow a few key choices that alter the outcomes somewhat. 31/8/21 - A Plague Tale: Innocence (XSX Gamepass) I think I'd seen video of this from the last E3 of just as a general "looks whats coming to xbox" type of promo) it looked interesting as there seemed to be lots of rats around. Clearly, I don't need to much going on to tempt me into stuff! Anyway, this was an interesting experience for me - it's mostly an escort mission in which you have to keep your whiny brother alive in 14th century France... and I did mostly wish him dead for the first few hours. The thing about this game is that you do feel utterly powerless for most of it. Although you eventually get the skills to take people out in the game, any time a soldier reaches you it's pretty much instant death. In many games it's stealthy but then it's "opps, I got discovered and you have to shoot your way out". There's a downside to this in that some of the game only has a single way through and so is quite linear. But I actually really enjoyed the experience throughout.
  12. I tend to think it's the "give them a deal good enough and they won't need piracy" argument that's prevailed here rather than always being online. Xbox Gamepass has given me much more content that I could shake a stick at and keeps bringing out more before I've ever got through the current crop of stuff. It's also very clever that this is not just an old games thing. Having every new title coming to Gamepass day 1 says a lot. My only concern here is what happens in 10 years time. I've always been a physical collector. Whether it's carts, CDs or whatever. If I want to play Mario 64 on a Nintendo 64 then I still can and will always be able to. But if I want to play on my Xbox Series X in 10 years time, even if I've got the original disk will it work if it can't talk to any servers, will it be shockingly shite because it can no longer download the 200GB of patches that came out since day 1 and will it rely on some weird cloud service that no longer exists. Given the efforts that have been done to try and archive older games and make them playable years later - I'm not sure if this can continue in the next few generations.
  13. Wow, it actually came out Next thing you know they'll have Beyond Good and Evil 2 out! Anyway, I'm liking this - although it's kind of as expected. And what I expected is a game that's pretty big on humour and has a interesting take on the sort of trippy mind/dream imagery you'd expect inside peoples heads. I played the original on the release and the one that mostly sticks in my mind was the "Have you seen the milkman level" which stood in my mind for just nailing it somehow. Only a little way in so far, but looking forward to digging in and doing more.
  14. I'm playing a plague tale at the moment as well - about half way through. It is in some ways like the longest escort mission ever. Due to the fact that your character is so vulnerable the path can be a bit linear, but I'm enjoying it.
  15. I watched that this morning and came back to check if it was posted here. It always sounded iffy, but wow - there's iffy and then there's just massive fraud!
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