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  1. The guy sold it on eBay a while back. If I had the link I'd post it but I'm sure the auction has expired by now. From memory, he was asking $800 and there were no bids...
  2. xx404

    Max Payne 2

    Why, does he get to shag Mona? I might just play it through again anyway to see if I can understand what's going on now that I at least know the basic story. I still don't get the hospital level at the beginning; is it the same hospital scene that you play through later in the game or does this happen after the Manor?
  3. xx404

    Max Payne 2

    I've finall finished Max Payne 2 after having it sitting unfinished on my shelf for over six months. After playing both games I'm still not quite clear on what the story is - the first was easy enough to follow but the sequel has me stumped. The subheading for the game is "A film noir love story" but I didn't feel a very strong connection between Max and Mona - I definitely didn't feel any love. I think the sexual tension betwen the Prince and the Princess in Prince of Persia was far better realised. Can someone explain to me how the story in the second game relates to the first? Also, what are peoples general opinions on the story presented in the two games - there's often talk that games should have better stories and here is an example of a franchise who's hook (along with bullet-time) is its strong story.
  4. Excellent summary - I've been looking for one for quite some time. I have a question though; where does the artifact found by archeaolgists on Coral mentioned in "Conversations from the Universe" come into it? Maybe it's the Ark and it's been moved from Earth to another planet? I also noticed that the agents interested in the artifact are ONI agents and that Bungie also developed the game "ONI". I never played it; is it set in the "Halo" universe?
  5. xx404

    Doom 3

    I was quite enjoying it until I got to hell and not I can't get the motivation to play it anymore. Hell was one very big let down - I was expecting a really creepy, tense and disturbing trip. Instead you get Quake with better graphics. I had about 5 goes at killing the boss and then gave up and haven't played it since. I might just turn on God mode just to finish hell and get back to Mars. The Mars base is good because you really feel like you're in a Martian base - this game is all atmosphere and hell just doesn't have any atmosphere in this game (for me anyway) - Silent Hill 2 was way more disturbing. The constant spawning does get pretty tedious though...
  6. I've got a blank space on the wall in my office and I'd like to fill it with some game art - not a printout of a screenshot but some orginal artwork created by the game artists on paper. Does anyone know if game art is for sale and where I'd go to buy it?
  7. I think you can expect to see it more often. Better gaphics means more data to load into memory. Drive speeds don't seem to be improving at the same rate that CPUs and GPUs have so now you'll have a machine with a slightly faster DVD drive (and probably no hard disk for caching this time) but that needs to load more than twice as much data.
  8. 1UP has a news article mentioning that Driv3r has sold 2.5 million copies already. I know there were allegations of reviewers being bribed but if you look at a site such as Metacritic you see that not all reviews were favourable. For as long as I can remember, the charts have been dominated by crap games so is it even worth bribing reviewers? There are also examples of games that got excellent reviews (e.g. Beyond Good & Evil) but didn't sell nearly as well as they should have. The public seem to want to buy crap regardless of what the reviews say.
  9. Think about it. How is the cable going to pop out of the box when you trip over it? The cable is likely to be at an odd angle to where it plugs into the console and so won't always pop out properly (try pulling the cable out of the PS2 at any angle other than straight out), but with the inline release the connector will always be at the correct angle to pop out when pressure is applied to it. If the inline release was near the controller then the cable would still be hanging from the console and someone could still trip over it and yank the console of its perch. It's a pretty clever bit of design really.
  10. Actually, the bridge was the easiest fight for me After restarting the fight about a 100 times I just got fed up and simply ran away from them and through the door in the opposite tower. Farah came running right after and the monsters stayed behind.
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