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  1. I look well mean, eh? I didn't camp the graveyard I'd like to point out, the team I was in did. I don't do that sort of thing, I have more honour. I had to talk Coral out of there mind, the bastard. I genuinely have no problem with Warlocks or Hunters. Or anyone, one on one. I have 6k Hp, 20% crit and 1k AP. And Mace Spec which eats up the other specs for breakfast in PvP. 11% chance to stun on every single attack. Mmm. HA HA HA HA HA. I LOVE ME!
  2. Razorgore is awesome. Presuming you kill everything.
  3. One question relating to Naxx et al that I've not seen answered - is it even possible to make a 40 man Raid group in TBC, or is it capped at 25? Or is it just the instances that are capped at 25? Hmm?
  4. I had the best game of AV ever yesterday with a total PUG and one random guy off our server who happens to be the son of a Shaman in my guild. It was proper epic and ended with all the support folks coming together amazingly with some simply unbelievable healing. I led the charge from Stonehearth Graveyard to the last Graveyard, and didn't die once. It really felt like 40 vs 1 and I was getting such amazing heals and cleansing the Alliance just couldn't stop me. Got 25 KBs in about 3 minutes, claimed the Graveyard, killed the marshalls and then for a final trick, popped Last Stand and Lifegiving Gem when I had the HP buff to hit 14k HPs while I tanked Vaandar. Then I had a wank. It was awesome and the best example of a PuG co ordinating like a set team - or even better - that I've ever experienced. It was amazing. I actually quite like Puging, almost more than set teams as you're on your own a lot more and it feels like you have less responsibility to others and more to yourself. But there again, I'm all Conqueror's and Sulfuras, not sure I'd dig it as much with rubbish gear. I can have a pretty good go at almost anyone 1 on 1. If I couldn't do that, dunno if I'd be so keen. Anyway, PuGs can be amazingly shit, but they can also be incredibly exciting and heartwarming. ENDS.
  5. I'm refering to the dude above going on about Window's Vista. You dig? Do you? Dig?
  6. Your a tuesday. Common sense is saying that 22nd onwards is the week to take off, as you get none of the queues and technical bollocks and you're still there quickly. That first day/week/weekend will be ridiculous. Like the opening of AnQiraj x 1000. That's right, AnQiraj000.
  7. We can fight about Mortal Strike being great now if you like.
  8. Already been done really. All the answers are already here. DW is the best for PvE dps, 2H MS builds are bestest for Hybrid PvE and PvP. The main reason for DW winning is rage gen, especially during execute. Ideally you want to be able to execute every Global Cooldown - with a 3.6 speed 2Her that's obviously impossible. The off hand rage gen also allows you to light up more HS swings, so a greater percentage of MH attacks can be HS, so you're getting better rage to DPS conversion. Obviously with only one weapon you have to earn your rage somewhere, and unless you were getting enough rage to burn all your cooldowns AND HS every swing from just HoJ and Windfury procs then you couldn't do that. And that's completely impossible. For Hybrids, 2H MS builds are better because you 1) get 5/5 Tac Mastery and 2) need less from your equipment to do damage. Umm, yeah. Sup?
  9. breaksmith

    Patch 2.0

    I'll be spending weeks Mortal Striking for A MILLION and not being disarmed like, ever. It shall be most excellent.
  10. No Ashkandi's yet. Short of AQ40 lewtz, it's pretty much the only thing I need. Having said that, my Wish list contains nothing I currently have. DW works well if you are totally covered in Epics and have a shitheap of AP and crit. Don't get lulled into the +hit trap, just take 6% then what you get for free on stuff you'd have otherwise. And look! Down there! My CTProfile!! All answers available therein!
  11. I got a crown of destruction and now my head is like totally on fire lol. I get a surprising amount of hunter aggro in Org. Considering we've killed Rag about two billion times, it was basically my head or a shard. But like my head, it's like, on fire. lol
  12. He's all about the execution. And a little luck.
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