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  1. Totally agree! Get annoyed and confused. Walk away and do something else whilst thinking about the game and enjoy that ‘eureka!’ moment when it hits. Playing this game with a FAQ is the worst idea ever. What makes these games so special are those walls that you encounter and finally breaking through them.
  2. I reckon I’ve completed this about 20 times. Whenever I have a ‘quick go’ of it, I invariably end up completing it. Again. Same with links awakening on the gameboy. I should play other games but they are so fucking addictive!
  3. I really like it but I’m a snes obsessive and the history that surrounds it combined with the nostalgia of the original means my opinion is highly biased! i remember reading in superplay (I think) s rumour of a 32mb warrior game that was in production for the SNES. Imagine if that ever resurfaced. I wonder how many almost complete amazing projects lie dormant at Nintendo... boggles the mind.
  4. I throw pottery. I really should start selling it. Here’s an Instagram of stuff I make. It’s all thrown and dishwasher safe and generally (in my opinion) very functional. The cups are something I’ve been working on for ages trying to get them ergonomic to hold with a good tea holding capacity! https://www.picoshots.com/lukemcgillenceramics/
  5. There is, but it doesn’t change the dialogue. Just cleans up some spelling errors, balancing and bug fixes
  6. I’m playing Lufia 2. The dungeons are amazing and genuinely rival Zelda. The story is total dog shit but I think that’s because it’s s really basic crappy translation. I hope someone retranslates this game at some point. It’s such a masterpiece that it needs doing. another negative is the really shitty monster designs. Still, none of this really detracts from the utterly excellent dungeons. Makes me wish that clever, puzzle-based dungeon design was a staple of all RPGs
  7. Total troll. so check this fucker out: http://www.retrocollect.com/News/play-game-boy-advance-games-on-your-super-nintendo.html I just changed the motherfucking game, y’all! We can now, by this same logic, declare that any gameboy advance game can be entered as the best looking game on the SNES!
  8. I hear that Noycey! Although I did quite like the gba gunstar heroes for what it’s worth.
  9. What the hell is that?! update: i just read up on it. That game looks insane. I can’t believe that’s a spectrum ZX game!
  10. I started playing this and honestly, it hasn’t aged well. The music is obviously epic but the graphics are fucked! The colour pallet looks like it was designed by a severely colour blind person and most of the tile sets are so insane they look like graphical glitching! Still, in its defence, it is still pretty fun. I played up to the gem beast, stoved his head in and called it a day.
  11. So, if you could have a sequel to any retro title made by the same team who made the original game and on the same system, what would you choose? I think id probably go for a pretty obvious choice in chrono trigger. The first game nailed it so hard that I can only imagine how great a snes sequel would have been.
  12. I’m going to start another thread snappily titled: ‘which games without enhancement chips with the lowest possible memory size represent each system most accurately’
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