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  1. Despite starting it 5 times (including the 3ds version a few weeks ago) I have never enjoyed ocarina of time. I’ve gotten to the water temple so I reckon I’ve given it a good shot. I cant work out why I don’t like it because I’ve completed and thoroughly enjoyed all the 2D zeldas numerous times and I loved wind waker and breath of the wild and even enjoyed Majora’s mask.
  2. They were all incredibly innovative at the time and practically all games in those genres, 23 years on, owe everytning to those games. Also, don’t get me started on final fantasy tactics, parappa, einhander, vagrant story, metal gear and wipeout
  3. Not at all! if you want tell everyone how much you adored bubsy 2 or how you thought the gameboy port of killer instinct is the best version then go for it!
  4. While those games are indeed amazing, I don’t know if you can say they are the most influential games on any system. I mean PlayStation has final fantasy VII, gran turismo and tekken to name just 3 games that defined those genres.
  5. Fuck that. King K.rool looks like some kind of shitty pontins kids club mascot from 1985.
  6. The character designs in Rare games is absolutely wank
  7. The N64 was an underwhelming console and the graphics were blurry and rubbish.
  8. Totally agree! Get annoyed and confused. Walk away and do something else whilst thinking about the game and enjoy that ‘eureka!’ moment when it hits. Playing this game with a FAQ is the worst idea ever. What makes these games so special are those walls that you encounter and finally breaking through them.
  9. I reckon I’ve completed this about 20 times. Whenever I have a ‘quick go’ of it, I invariably end up completing it. Again. Same with links awakening on the gameboy. I should play other games but they are so fucking addictive!
  10. I really like it but I’m a snes obsessive and the history that surrounds it combined with the nostalgia of the original means my opinion is highly biased! i remember reading in superplay (I think) s rumour of a 32mb warrior game that was in production for the SNES. Imagine if that ever resurfaced. I wonder how many almost complete amazing projects lie dormant at Nintendo... boggles the mind.
  11. I throw pottery. I really should start selling it. Here’s an Instagram of stuff I make. It’s all thrown and dishwasher safe and generally (in my opinion) very functional. The cups are something I’ve been working on for ages trying to get them ergonomic to hold with a good tea holding capacity! https://www.picoshots.com/lukemcgillenceramics/
  12. There is, but it doesn’t change the dialogue. Just cleans up some spelling errors, balancing and bug fixes
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