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  1. So, I finally got sound via the amp my Japanese GameCube using a modded saurian scart lead. Weirdly, my modded pal cube using Swiss still doesn’t get sound using the same link up. I still can’t get sound directly from the tv which is irritating but maybe the tv just doesn’t support it. The audio directly to tv from the OSSC didn’t work so I reckon that it’s a no go. I’ve looked and looked at the OSSC and nothing looking like a switch to enable audio seems present.
  2. It does have the audio board and I tentatively ordered that cable on the off chance it might be the solution.
  3. I’m wondering if I need to find a way to run the two stereo leads into the OSSC as that would surely make the most sense?
  4. My description is poor. I drew a picture to hopefully illustrate my issue better (although it’ll probably just add to the confusion)
  5. I read about that but I think mine is an older version and I can’t see anything like that. Also, no HDMI
  6. So, I bought a new tv and this new tv doesn’t recognise my GameCube when running it through an HDMI converter. Annoying. So proactively, I purchased a composite cable (RGB) and ran that through the composites on the tv which gave me a black and white image split across 2 condensed screens (why?) so that was no use either. I decided to try running the RGB through an OSSC I have. It’s an older one so no HDMI in but finally I have a colour image! However… no sound. The composite has stereo red and white cables but too short to run to tv so tried getting sound via cable from OSSC to TV but no joy. do I have to find a way of connecting the red and white cables of the composite to the tv? I’m getting a bit lost and any help would be very appreciated!
  7. Guys… help… I bought a new tv and for some reason, it won’t recognise the GameCube via my Kaico hdmi adaptor. I’m utterly gutted. has anyone else had a similar issue and have you managed to resolve it?
  8. Ask yourself the following: is the Wii U a cube and does it have a handle? Your answer should definitely help you decide
  9. I bought the Kaico hdmi adaptor from their website for about £50 and it’s amazing. Really happy with the image quality and the aluminium case is a nice premium touch. I’ve had a real GameCube renaissance. Currently playing through windwaker with my 3 year old boy who is besotted with it (he loves pirates). For some reason, he had decided that link is named Barry. the game has really held up in my opinion and the graphics are wonderful. This version of Barry/link is so expressive and the ambient way in which you sometimes spin the camera and see him pulling a face is such a brilliantly conceived aspect of the game. No other Zelda comes close to having the personality of windwaker.
  10. @Stopharage I’ll get into the studio at the weekend and take some pics of those one for you. The studio lighting is a bit nasty so they always look nicer outside. I’ll try and get pics where you can see the pigmentation better
  11. I absolutely love seeing my things being used! It makes me incredibly happy. Thanks for posting that Chris. @Stopharage I glazed some mugs last night. A few tall spherical shaped ones in translucent turquoise and Matt white and some entirely turquoise ones with straight sides. I’ll post pics when they’ve been fired (hopefully next week)
  12. I’ve just turned these today. Reclaimed clay. Hopefully they’ll look good when fired
  13. Sure is! I haven’t added anything new in absolutely ages though so I have some work to do
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