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  1. Thanks dude! I did see this. I’m going to have a read if it later!
  2. Heya everyone! I am thinking of hacking my ps3 mainly to emulate arcade stuff. I really loved the interface of coinops on the original xbox and wondered if there was something similar for ps3. also, is hacking a ps3 relitively simple?? thanks!!
  3. I’m thinking of selling my neo geo pocket collection. I’ve got some good stuff too. evo and cotton (sadly, loose carts but 100% original) most of the classics like Capcom vs snk, gals fighters, last blade, samurai showdown, sonic and both metal slug games
  4. same! I have never stopped playing the snes. I can’t say that about any other console!
  5. It didn’t even really enter a coma in the late 90s. 1997 onwards is when it got its second lease of life with the rise of the internet and the release of final fantasy v and 4 retranslation, then secret of mana 2 in 98? Or was it 99?
  6. They are all different but Goemon 2 might be the best. It’s like a turbo charged version of the first one with more levels, more polish, better graphics and cool mode 7 bosses. 3 is way more like Zelda with hearts to collect and more of a focus on exploring. It’s cool and the game that benefitted most from a translation. 4 is a late era snes game so had the best graphics, biggest cart size, but is also the most difficult game in the series and also doesn’t have as many levels as 2 but the levels are longer. hope that helps!
  7. Fair. i just assumed because it was Japanese and of that era, it was probably going to be due to the original script. I think it became a witch hunt though and the bloke who did it had some seriously nasty threats etc. He was going to stop translating games in light of the aggression he received. I’m really glad he didn’t though because I’ve been playing part 4 and it’s amazing! It also has some seriously sketch dialogue in the opening section too
  8. The SNES was my video game video game first love, and totally still is. i counted three games on my snes mini that were never translated at the time and there are 70 games that I never got to play back then and may as well be brand new games! recently I loaded the entire translated Goemon series onto the console. It’s pretty amazing that I’m still getting new games on a long dead console!
  9. from what I read, it was just a direct translation from a 27 year old game that wasn’t as politically correct as modern conventions. The translator certainly didn’t seem like he was right wing or hateful in any way so the amount of aggression he received seemed incredibly unfair in my opinion (considering he fixed it anyway). I don’t know. I suppose my views are definitely skewed in his favour considering I’ve always hoped for a translation of these games and he’s done an exceptional job on them. Not to mention he’s done it all for free.
  10. Yeah, I saw these! They’re really great translations too but it seems sited like romhacking.net aren’t giving these games any coverage after all that bullshit around Goemon 3 last year...
  11. Not sure if anyone is interested in these but all the SNES Goemon (aka legend of the mystical ninja) games are finally translated. they are really amazing classic Konami super famicom games with really weird Japanese humour.
  12. Is it difficult to make games using it? I teach a games art and design course at college and wondered if it might be worth trying out...
  13. Wow!! That is astonishing. I didn’t expect it to work in the browser of my phone.
  14. Got to be 1997 for me. That year was berserk for games. It’s a total anomaly of a year because it had some really epic very late snes titles but also, some peak PS1 games like final fantasy 7, gram turismo and tekken 3. But also Mario Kart 64, grim fandango, Diablo... it was an endless stream of classics from start to finish
  15. I’m exactly the same. I’ve played a good 20 hours of P3 and P4 and I just can’t seem to get into it. The characters just don’t do it for me... I love a good RPG but I think maybe I’m not geared towards liking this kind of material. I don’t like the show: stranger things and I think it might be for similar reasons.
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