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  1. I worked there for about a year. It was fucking weird.
  2. Actually, scrap that. It’s pretty cool so I’ll share with the group!
  3. Ah, that’s a massive shame. I’ll pm you some pics of the mug with the seaweed-like drips inside. I need to pop into the shop and pick some white clay up next week.
  4. Oh no! Where did it break? Hopefully it was an accident and not a malicious act! I’ll put some pics up now
  5. Very kind words! Thanks dude. I’m made up that you like them. I’ll get some white clay as it’s the only way of getting pink to look good on stoneware.
  6. Glad they arrived ok. I forgot to send you your tracking number. can certainly make you some pasta bowls if you decide you’re in the market for some. You’ll have to send me a pic of the bowls I sent you so I know which glazes you like and what size/shape you’re after.
  7. Absolutely! I’ll message you
  8. Ok! So, I have two pairs that fit that bill. The darker ones are mad of reclaimed clay (mixed clays of white, buffs and black) that give it a sort of brown bread look and also the standard stoneware ones that have quite a golden look to the raw clay. All of them are a good size.
  9. Glad they got there ok and good to see it being used!
  10. no probs! Let me have a look tomorrow. Do you like the more bulbous ones or the straight tall ones? They both hold the same amount (the bulbous ones tend to hold a little more actually) if that’s a factor for you.
  11. @Stopharage @skondo if there’s anything you guys want first dibs on before I put them on my store, let me know!
  12. Exactly this. this guy wasn’t translating the game for money or fame. It was a fan translation and he was just accurately translating the source material. the fact that people went after him like that was pretty scummy in my opinion.
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