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  1. Exactly! I feel the need to read the dialogue ‘just in case’ but fucking hell! It’s just waffle 98% of the time. “Blah blag blah, this town is famous for horses blah blah blah blah horses blah blah” then the next person says some equally mundane crap also about horses. I FUCKING GET IT!!!! Imagine if you went to a pub and spoke to every person in there individually and they all went into a similar 5 minute long story about how this pub sold various kinds of beer.
  2. I have realised that I prefer older RPGs a lot more than new ones for loads of reasons but there’s one reason that I believe kills these modern games more than Any other. I’ve recently been playing dragon quest XI on the switch and I just can’t get into that game and I think I know why. It’s the text. It’s way too small and because modern developers have more space to write things, they give every single character a load of boring dialogue that just never ends! In older games, they’d edit the dialogue down to something short, punchy and relevant but these days it’s just mind numbing waffle. I think there’s a genuine art to making a random NPC interesting and rememberable but people seem to have lost this skill. Thoughts?
  3. Aw man! Thats soul destroying! Thanks for the heads up. I never even thought of looking at CEX
  4. I’m thinking of getting rid of some of the rarer things I’ve accumulated over the years and eBay doesn’t have and completed listings so I’m trying to work out prices. both neo geo games sadly don’t have boxes but are 100% original because I’ve owned them from when they were released and the IQue is boxed and has never been used any ideas???
  5. Well done on your review in retrogamer! The game looks really lovely
  6. Oh right, maybe it’s just easier to get the pad separately then. Alien soldier would be a nice addition but phantasy star 4 would be a big trade off. Im hoping it’s hackable
  7. I’m going to buy a mega drive mini but I’ve noticed the Japanese one comes with 6 button pads so I need that one! So wheres the cheapest place to buy?
  8. I found this site: https://snesrpggaming.weebly.com/reviews--recommended5.html I think it’s really good. The guy is clearly very passionate about his fan translated RPGs and it’s a pretty definitive list with nice concise reviews
  9. Has anyone got the translated version of tengai makyou zero running? If so, any tips on what I need to do (cores etc)
  10. What an absolute legend! I’ll give this a shit! Thanks buddy
  11. Haha, fair enough. I’m reserving judgement for now
  12. What are people thoughts on this? https://www.marseilleinc.com/mclassic/ it looks really interesting to me. Some of the hands on impressions seem really positive especially on GameCube, N64, Wii etc
  13. I’ve somehow sorted it but not really too sure how and even less sure why it broke initially. Its like it just decided to randomly not read anything formatted at Exfat. It was fine with fat32.
  14. So it’s not the usb stick because it runs on another console so it has to be the console I suppose. Whats the the best way of reinstalling bleemsync?
  15. So I seemed to have screwed up my machine. I was messing about and from the main game select screen in Bleemsync it started installing Bleemsync and now it no longer loads bleemsync or recognised the usb! Anyone able to help??
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