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  1. beakbeak

    Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    There were quite a few though. disgaea was a surprisingly decent port, both advance wars ff tactics R2 ff revanant wings fire emblem (first was shit but fan translated second one was really good)
  2. I have a gba sp that could benefit from a screen that you could actually see. How much would you charge for such a service?
  3. beakbeak

    Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    Get warioware DIY. It's an amazing game and costs nothing.
  4. beakbeak

    My first SNES

    Like so many other people have said, the NTSC 60hz option is by far the superior choice. When i was a kid, I had a PAL snes for about a month and then played an NTSC console in an import shop and immediately sold my console and games and upgraded. It sounds like more work but it's so, so, so worth it. Not to mention, the library of available titles to choose from is bigger and you can pick up some super famicom bargains for cheap on ebay and also, the boxes are a billion times cooler.
  5. beakbeak

    My first SNES

    I agree. it looks ace. the only thing that sucks is the terrible frame rate. I saw a youtube vid a while back of an overclocked starfox cart running at 60hz that made the game really shine
  6. beakbeak

    My first SNES

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/complete-5Games-Nintendo-Super-Famicom-Console-System-Boxed-Ship-Free-/263052993082?hash=item3d3f2e223a:g:05IAAOSwiDFYQTE3 check that beauty out.
  7. beakbeak

    My first SNES

    I'm genuinely not trying to put a dampener on things at all, but the HZ on the snes was actually crippling. to have to play games like street fighter or anything involving any kind of action at 15% reduced speed was a travesty and the fact that it squashed the image was just insult to injury. Power leads are pretty cheap and you can get what you need from here: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/ the bloke who runs the site is lovely and if you email him your set up he will tell you exactly what you need. I've bought scart leads for all my retro consoles and they have always been a huge upgrade from what you get in the box
  8. beakbeak

    My first SNES

    Are you getting a pal snes or ntsc version? I absolutely wouldn't go near a pal version unless it was 60hz modded. I got got a super fami on eBay for about £30 with no yellowing at all which was pretty cool. Also, I'd totally recommend getting an SD2SNES even if you're going for a physical collection just for all the epic fan translated titles: fire emblem 4 & thracia bagamut lagoon final fantasy v mana 2 treasure of rudras treasure hunter g and hundreds more.
  9. beakbeak

    Illustration Club

    Maybe not the right place to post this but i wondered if there were any graphic designers in the Manchester area who might be looking for a full time job? I work for an online casino and I'm the lead designer. I'm currently looking to fill 2 positions (one is more of a design roll and I'm especially interested in genuine creatives with the ability to actually draw and the other is a design roll but with a leaning toward coding emails) The job itself is pretty relaxed with some decent perks and you get to be pretty creative with your work. PM me if you are interested
  10. beakbeak

    Burning PS1 games

    I think it could be the CDs. I used verbatim on my PS2 and it made a loud noise when loading and didn't sound at all healthy. I picked up some DVDs from pound land and they were brilliant (and a lot cheaper). loaded quickly and no weird sound from the laser. I'd definitely reccomend experimenting with different CDs and see what works best.
  11. beakbeak

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    Jesus fucking Christ. I just read that digitiser review. That guy is an absolute twat and he clearly doesn't like games. He should probably get a job reviewing something he does like instead. I can't work out why he keeps slagging off the character models and shitty voice acting too. This game rates as some of the best examples of both currently available. What a sad mockery of a man.
  12. beakbeak

    The Great British Bird Hunt

    This is a mint idea. I might do my own version where I document all of britains native amphibians. There are only about 7 so it's a more realistic proposition
  13. beakbeak

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    What do you all think of cornettos? I'm really into them but my evil bitch of a girlfriend says they are rubbish. Who am I to side with? Me (I've known myself for 36 years) or her (she's completely insane) Help!
  14. beakbeak

    What Are You Playing?

    I'm playing street fighter 4 AE. All the evo stuff last week really made me want to play it again. Looking forward to getting the retail version of ultra next week even though I hear that Hugo is a mammoth pile of balls. This deeply saddens me as Hugo was one of my favourites in SF3
  15. beakbeak

    Destiny: FIN

    its a bit annoying that you have to reorder this to try the demo... so, just to be an annoying turd: does anyone have a spare ps3 code?

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