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  1. Is it difficult to make games using it? I teach a games art and design course at college and wondered if it might be worth trying out...
  2. Wow!! That is astonishing. I didn’t expect it to work in the browser of my phone.
  3. Got to be 1997 for me. That year was berserk for games. It’s a total anomaly of a year because it had some really epic very late snes titles but also, some peak PS1 games like final fantasy 7, gram turismo and tekken 3. But also Mario Kart 64, grim fandango, Diablo... it was an endless stream of classics from start to finish
  4. I’m exactly the same. I’ve played a good 20 hours of P3 and P4 and I just can’t seem to get into it. The characters just don’t do it for me... I love a good RPG but I think maybe I’m not geared towards liking this kind of material. I don’t like the show: stranger things and I think it might be for similar reasons.
  5. It’s not the best but still better than the DC pad in my opinion. Although the arcade stick for DC is good... I don’t know. Pros and cons for both I suppose
  6. I prefer soul calibur 1 in my mind but going back to them both in the cold light of day, soul calibur 2 is leagues ahead. It’s a little less floaty, graphics are better, more content and you don’t have to use the Dreamcast pad!
  7. I suppose I’m ok with difficult games. I’ve completed dark souls and some other notoriously tough games. What’s the best mega man to complete? Like, the most fun/best music/most rewarding??
  8. Completing a mega man game is something I feel I have to do as a gamer. What’s my best bet? Tried X but it’s so infuriatingly difficult. i have all of them on switch and also mega man powered up and the x remake on psp
  9. I know there are certain franchises that everything points towards the fact that I should love them but for some reason, they just don’t gel with me. mega man games: I’ve tried to play them so many times and I adore the graphical style of the 8 and 16 bit titles but they have never clicked for me. virtua fighter: I love fighting games and I love sega and I’ve sat down with guides to try and figure out these games but they never seem to have that X factor. I’m not sure if it’s the characters or gameplay. dragon quest: i remember obsessing over these games as a kid when I saw shots of them in super play. The reality of them for me is that they seem really generic. I’ve read articles about why I should like the series but I just find myself really bored by them. I’ve nearly completed 5 and 7 but just didn’t have the inclination to bother.
  10. Astrobot all the way. The part where you’re inside a whale and the water rises up so your eyes can see the surface of the water and you feel like you shouldn’t be able to breathe. so many parts of astrobot blew me away though. I felt the same wonder that I did when I first saw mario 64 playing in a dark and dingy import shop back in the mid 90’s. its on a Sony console but that game is pure nintendo.
  11. What a game. I feel inspired too. Just dug this out from the archives. If you’re going to play it, you have to plump for the best version!
  12. It does have a timer but it’s not dictated to you by the amount of days but rather how much fruit juice you can process to stay alive. And there’s always loads so it’s sort of a pointless mechanic. It falls in line with both
  13. You should get it! I played it with the wiimote and nunchuck. I became totally addicted to the time trial challenges. It got marked down in reviews for not being substantial enough content-wise but it’s one of those infinitely replayable games. I reckon I’ve played that first trial level a hundred times alone!
  14. I think I have around 40 games that basically represent the best the console had to offer. Anything else would just be buying games for the sake of it. i loved the wii u. It justified its existence with pikmin 3 alone.
  15. The only point that I got excited was when I saw astrobot but then realised it wasn’t VR and so that made it completely pointless to me. astrobot and wipeout in VR on PS4 were the most thrilling and fun gaming experiences I’ve had since playing Mario 64 and ridge racer for the first time
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