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  1. Isn't that just a skin though? I do like that flappy thing, mind.
  2. Thank you! It's really nice seeing folks enjoying something I made Reviews are coming in now and they're generally pretty positive, which is great!
  3. I come on here so infrequently, I missed this - sorry...! Right so... printing. Most printers will have a Minimum Order Quantity, and even that will be frighteningly expensive if you aim only for that MOQ. Price breaks will kick in every thousand units of so, but you don't want to be throwing all your money into this and potentially be left with loads of copies sat in your garage. Like Jonny says, this is a much better idea that most of the CAH ripoffs, but that market is incredibly saturated (and is continuing to see even more competitors added each year). Yes, yours is a family friendly take, but there are already several out there that haven't sold well - only CAH itself does numbers, and even that is starting to decline. Because of that, I don't think there's a publisher out there who'd be willing to take this on, I'm afraid. I think the best option would be just get a few decks printed up yourself - see if you've got any local companies who will do custom playing card decks first. They'll have the facilities to print them up at good quality on decent stock, so you'll at least have a good copy yourself. It won't be as expensive as running off 500+ copies with a manufacturer, but you're still going to be looking at more than you'd pay for your average game in a store. Prototyping, which this essentially is a fancy version of, is expensive
  4. You should've asked, I could've sent you one!
  5. michael

    Nintendo Switch

    Just picked up the limited edition Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu Switch from a local seller on Facebook. Barely been used, comes with the pokeball controller and a bunch of games - £200 is a pretty decent early Christmas present
  6. Pricing stuff up now, should have the post up shortly. Using the Price History on BGG as a reference, aiming around or under the most recent sales prices. Also, if you're happy to wait until UKGE, I can bring some stuff there for the first folks who ask.
  7. Went through my collection today as it's time for The Great Cull of 2019. Basically, I need to save up for a scooter/wheelchair, so hopefully getting rid of a bunch of things will get me a good start on that! I'll be checking contents and pricing them up tomorrow, then I'll put a thread in Trading, but if you want to get a heads up on the list, here it is: Kanagawa Power Grid - The Card Game Mombasa Carnival Zombie (first edition) Dark Tower (the MB Games one) Shadows: Amsterdam Cosmic Encounter (Avalon Hill 1999 version, looks like an explosion in a plastics factory) Broom Service Saint Malo Scoville (with Scoville Labs expansion) Ambush! (with several expansions) Keyper Caverna Spring Meadow Ave Caesar Woodlands Iki The Prodigals Club Urban Sprawl Mice and Mystics (with Heart of Glorm expansion) Solarius Mission Galaxy Trucker (with Missions and Latest Models expansions) Whistle Stop Fog of Love Flamme Rouge Friday Camel Up Cards Last Will (with Getting Sacked expansion) Bring Your Own Book Codenames Duet Waggle Dance Dice Forge Bora Bora Saloon Tycoon Dungeon Petz (with Dark Alleys expansion) Dream Home War Chest 8-Bit Box Raxxon Ponzi Scheme La Granja: No Siesta Clank! Big Dig Blue Moon (base game with six extra expansion decks) Century: Spice Road La Isla Istanbul: The Dice Game Kune vs Lakia Mord im Arosa Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League
  8. I'm in - I assume you'll have prototypes at UKGE to play as well?
  9. He's in there as a playable character! Now, I just need to get that Nintendo license sorted...
  10. Primed and ready for another show, and this year we're showing off my new baby, MegaCity: Oceania! Hopefully some of you folks will come and play? I'll also have a couple of secret upcoming prototypes for after hours playing... competitive Animal Crossing, anyone?
  11. 2020. We can wait. We can be patient.
  12. Agreed, the tags on the video only mention PS4. Saying that... Could P5S be Royal on Switch...? Dammit, 24 hours to wait!
  13. Persona 5: The Royal - coming out on October 31st (Japan only, I'd guess). PLUS HOLY SHIT, SO MUCH EXTRA STUFF IN THERE. No announcement on the stream yet about what formats though... edit: OH MAN. They had the new character come out to dance to the new theme for P5R, and she has a mask. Phantom Thief confirmed!
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