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  1. Apparently the kids version was accidentally transmitted. Sweary version will be available on all4 soon.
  2. I didn't enjoy the intense POV fucking part way through that video
  3. Battlefield 1 is free on Prime Gaming until the 4th of August. Battlefield V will be free from the 2nd of August. https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/battlefield1
  4. My stomach is all wibbly wobbly
  5. BBC News - Harrison Ford injures shoulder on Indiana Jones 5 film set https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-57586672
  6. Oh fair play. I thought the multiverse and the timeline were separate things.
  7. I may have missed the point (I think my wife was talking over that particular bit), but
  8. Flams

    Portal 2

    Will get on it!
  9. Flams

    Portal 2

    Same here. We did it over a few nights and it was just so enjoyable. I loved that if I couldn't figure it out my mate invariably would, and vice versa. The explaining of what we needed to do led to so much satisfaction.
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