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  1. I was warned to "stick with it" through season 1. It was good, but not a patch on later seasons.
  2. Flams

    Pokemon Go

    @Tetmon and @outspaced I'd like to say thanks for your gifts. I'm getting close to the gold distance trading badge. Keep them coming!
  3. Flams

    Pokemon Go

    @The Grand Pursuivant are you around for a lucky egg best friending today?
  4. They've done the impossible and made me dislike the show I love the most. Parts are funny, but for the most part it is hard to watch. It was kind of like that in the first netflix season (4?) when they had the actors acting opposite doubles, but it seems like this time round thats not the case. Its painful at times to see the sound so out of sync with their lips.
  5. I've not played this in ages but my daughter is keen to try, is it possible to play without monsters etc? She's good at relaxed stuff, but not so great at action and excitement.
  6. Flams

    Pokemon Go

    @Freeman we are two days off of best buds, was hoping we could do eggs in Saturday at 10am? Could you open your gift from me.or send me one over?
  7. Flams

    Pokemon Go

    Actually going to do it this afternoon if that's ok? Say 2pm?
  8. Flams

    Pokemon Go

    @graf we're one day off best buds, I'm trying to organise eggs for Monday evening if that works for you?
  9. Thanks for the info!
  10. Can you explain how the battle took a week? Do people play the entire time or are there shifts or...? I had heard that time slows down in the game when big stuff happens so I'm guessing its more likely this?
  11. Lost many hours to the THQ wrestling games. My brother used to love Smackdown but ended up having to play that on his own as my mates and I would all be playing these. Used to love making our own wrestlers and performing ridiculous top rope tricks, smashing the commentary table and generally trying to replicate what we saw on TV. I remember managing to do a 3D and thinking that was the best thing ever.
  12. I read that the other day and was astonished at the effort of sneaking all those ships in. The mind boggles at how this was managed.
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