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  1. Just started this today ahead of its return to Netflix on Wednesday. Bloody hell the Vikings are just so nice. I Iove how the violence is punctuated by all the apologies or silly comments.
  2. 331 bpt this avo. Open now https://turnip.exchange/island/384a9a62 Will leave it up for a couple of hours and then can do again this evening if there is any interest. Chuck me a PM if you're interested
  3. How true. I've had a great idea about a Jedi with no hair that keeps looking out of the window into his garden.
  4. Thanks much! That's my diner completed, can't thank you enough
  5. Looking for a couple of things: a fake David statue, fake terracotta warriors and a pink diner table. Rllmuk, talk to me.
  6. I love it, I hate it, I couldn't stop watching it.
  7. Does the gold watering can cover more flowers than a standard one? Struggling to work this out and can't find any info through Google.
  8. Servers undergoing critical maintenance. Probably something to do with me getting so many kills. Games good. Anyone around tonight?
  9. Two games in and did much better, achieving 3rd place but pretty level on kills. Enjoying it but I feel the guns are a bit wishy washy, the sound affects don't grab me the way the sound fo the AK does.
  10. Awesome! Can't remember who it was but I'll do it next time.
  11. Rush B go fast. First game and I was told to fuck off. I'm bad so far, but by the end of the game I was getting into it slowly. It's so much faster paced than CS, you come in to contact with people so quickly and the rounds are blink and you miss them.
  12. Oh 6am is good. Will pop on around then and see what needs downloading.
  13. Do we know the release time tomorrow?
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