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  1. Nightmare on Elm Street 7, anyone?
  2. Not being one to stand up for UGC, but at least one showing of every movie each week does have subtitles.
  3. Its the Dublin one actually. The only thing that appeals to me is that they start showing movies ay 10:30am, tomorrow is my day off so I think I may escape the hoi-polloi and try to catch a movie in the monring. Bet you a tenner I'll still have to wait 15 minutes to get a coffee at the bar...
  4. Mrs. Sideshow talked me into getting one last month, shes used hers a few times but I havent yet. Unfortuntaly my local UGC ( a 17 screen bohemeth) is a soulless hole of a place, with horrible customers and worse service. There is no ambience at all, it is enough to ruin any movie.
  5. Aside from the occasional burst of FFTA whilst the girlfriend is watching yet another repeat of Friends or something equally vapid, the GBA rarely gets a look in. This I think is for a couple of reasons; games are too expensive, especially as most of them are ports or rehashes. I'm also still smarting from buying a GBA only to have the GBA SP released a few months later, a nice way to treat loyalty Nintendo. Also I cant buy the games I want, I wanted a couple of the Castlevania games and a couple of the older Mario games, and they were nowhere to be found. What happens to old GBA games? The
  6. Sideshow

    POP and BG&E

    Yes, but both were heavily discounted. And as I recall PoP didnt make any impact on the charts until it was further discounted by Game, despite TV advertising and very good mag reviews. Remember that at Christmas most people that purchase games dont play them, so a sequel to a wrestling game or a sports game is always goign to outsell the unknown. It would be interesting to compare sales of the Ubi games in the weeks comming up to Christmas, to sales of the top 5 games in the middle two weeks of February. Maybe being No. 1 in February can be achieved by selling less than POP sold in Christmas
  7. I like 'em. But for Xbox 2 I want to be able to rip music from games, both licensed tracks and in-game soundtracks, to my hard drive.
  8. Sideshow


    Yeah, but shame you can't play your own soundtracks innit?
  9. Sideshow

    Xbox Gamer

    Does this mean there will be no more keyrings? I love my keyring I do
  10. Yes, but I had never played any crappy PC RPG therefore its a new experience to me. I've never played GTA in 3d so thats new too.. ...but I have palyed Mario and Zelda in 3D, so thats not new. Unfortunatly for Nintendo adding a water feature or cell shading doesn't make them new enough for me to invest time, emotion, or money in.
  11. Yes I see what you did there, very clever
  12. As I have said, I haven't. But I've spent hours collecting "stars" on Mario 64, and I've played most of the previous mario games, so I dont feel the need of using my limited playing time collection "shines" in a retread of M64. I've fought through many dungeons as Link, I dont feel the urge to repeat the process especially as I can be enjoying some brand new gaming experiences such as KOTOR, BG&E and GTA3
  13. I dont care about them at all. I've had Nintendo consoles in the past and I've played many games featuring those characters. For the GC Nintendo seem content to release the same games with improved graphics and little else. Buying a console, however cheap, to play Mario 8, Zelda 12 or Metroid 5 holds no interest at all. Nintendo need some new IPs and stop pinning their hopes on these dead horses.
  14. May I draw your attention to the Rllmuk 5 step program where fellow forumites, who have the same problem, are taking each day one game at a time.
  15. Polished off Max Payne last night and what a disappointing game that was, no sequel for me on that one. So lets replace it with SSX3 on Xbox. Dude!
  16. Sideshow


    One of the few games I've bought that I've had to return because I didnt like it. I found it dull and repetitive. I didnt "get on" with the control system, aiming weapons was difficult, a la GTAIII, and the camera doesnt help. The execution scenes could have been more varied as well. And I'm a fan of survival horror, and of those type of exploitation movies it apes. I found the stealth aspect deeply unrewarding, Splinter Cell and even Beyond Good and Evil do the smae thing more succesfully IMHO. 3 out of 10 is about right. Doesnt appear to have sold many copies either so I'd expect it to be
  17. I need help people, its been 3 months since I last completed a game, I've only completed 2 games this year (Halo and KOTOR) and for the last few months I've been buyong on average 1 game a week. 1) Beyond Good and Evil (around 20% complete) 2) Fatal Frame (25%?) 3) XIII (50%?) 4) Max Payne (40%) 5) FFTA (40%?) I thank you
  18. Well worth getting, very funny, good contriol system and not too frustrating (yet) I'm a few hours into it and its comming along nicely. Its not half as difficult as XIII for example. Also I'm playing the XBox version and the framerate/fps issues I'd read about are barely noticible.
  19. Sideshow


    Whilst you can't fault the story or graphics, and you must applaud Ubisoft for trying something so different, I'm finding it incredibly frustrating and ultimatly disappointing. There is to be no real flow to the game. Sections need to be restarted again and again, making the game a memory test relying on luck and perservence rather than skilll and guille. A frustrating experience all round, this could have been great. So aside from all of that, any tips on getting past the soldiers with the RPGS after the ski lift?
  20. Sideshow

    And relax

    Still to be completed... SSX 3 Tiger Woods 2004 Shenmue 2 (like everyone else on the forum it seems ) Panser Dragoon Orta's last 2 levels Armoured Core 3 VF4: Evo Project Gotham Racing Timesplitters 2 JSRF FFTA Golden Sun Then in a moment of weakness on Saturday afternoon I bought... Metal Arms: Glitch in the System Gregory Horror Show XIII On the positive note I recently completed Halo and KOTOR, and my girlfriend is away for a week so I should be able to get to grips with a few of the above.
  21. Anything to do with the new movie of the same name? I'd quite fancy ordering Sammuel Jackson around B)
  22. If we are talking lists, EA this year has published the following (according to mobygames.com) 007: Nightfire 1503 A.D.: The New World Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome Battlefield: 1942 Black & White Command & Conquer Collection, The Command & Conquer: Generals Command & Conquer: Generals Deluxe Edition Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour Command & Conquer: Renegade Dead To Rights Def Jam: Vendetta Disney's Party Drome Racers FIFA Soccer 200
  23. PS2: 1. Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution 2. Armoured Core 3 3. Gregorys Horror Show XBox: 1. KOTOR 2. Panser Dragoon Orta 3. SSX 3 GBA 1. WarioWare 2. Final Fantasy Tactics 3. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Technical Achievement Software KOTOR Tiger Woods 2004 Face design concept. Tecnical Achevement Hardware GBA SP Best Developer 1. Bioware 2. AM2 3. From Software Best Publisher 1. EA 2. Sega Most Wanted 1. Ninja Gaiden 2. Deus Ex 2 3. HL 2 Game Of The Year 1. KOTOR 2. WarioWare 3. VF4:E
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