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    Edge 174

    Of course they are hyping it, but where is your evidence that its "nowhere near" selling out, and the number of machines available at launch are on a par with the Wii or 360 launches? Let me add that I've no intention of buying one now or possibly ever. The only thing that could persuade me would be DMC4 being an exclusive, and a £200 price drop.
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    Edge 174

    Please stop being an asshole. Play Woolworths
  3. Sideshow

    Edge 174

    That's not a fact at all, Sony say it's the most preordered console ever, online shops are reporting they've taken and will fill 10 times the amount of preorders they took for the Wii/360.
  4. I was going to post about how Gaming Diaries are teh GAY, but then I realised that I have one over at 360voice.com which is the lazy persons way of doing it. Occassionally I add a comment to mine when I've done something worth commenting on.
  5. Cheers, I won't be on at any reasonable hour until the weekend. I can't be on tonight, but I'll certainly be playing for a couple of hours each night for the rest of the week sometime after midnight GMT.
  6. The maps are a little pricey, there's 6 more on the way too, hopefully they'll be priced better. The take up on the new maps doesn't seem to be that big, but they are good maps. Radar Field is a small map, great for Rocket Launchers, and Island is huge, partly underwater and great with rifles. The Update fixed some connection issues, put the country flag beside the host in the lobby, and put indicators in the lobby and game so you can tell who's speaking.
  7. Any evidence to back that up? It was always planned to be a five year show, which is why the original actors are locked into contracts of that length. Back on topic, if you need to watch five episodes of a show before you "get it" then the show is a badly written piece of crap. If you aren't into it after an episode or two then its time to move on and find something else.
  8. I've been getting into the multiplayer on this recently, so if anyone from here is still playing add me/post here and lets see if we can get something going. The new maps are excellent, if priced pretty highly, but we don't have to play those.
  9. I also believe that the type of person who downloads everything, and has 60 odd gig of music on his hard drive is not the type of person who would have ever spent any money on CD's. Also regarding the original post, how many people would have heard of him or his music if was making music 15 years ago?
  10. Far more often than not, if I've downloaded a leaked album I buy it when it's released. Whilst I don't download music all that often, when I do it usually leads to buying more albums from that artist. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for downloading I would have bought less music.
  11. I didn't watch after that season, which is unusual for me, if I've loved a show as much I loved The West Wing when it began I always stick with it to the end no matter how bitter. Hell, I stayed with the XFiles until the end. But this really hurt, it was like a betrayal or a bitter break up, I just couldn't watch any more.
  12. Looking at his filmograpghy, I have to admit that Jaws edges it, making AI the second best Spielberg film, Close Encounters third, Empire Of The Sun next, then maybe Raiders or Schindlers List. The problem I had with Schindlers List is that the book really affected me, the film didn't (or couldn't) recreate those feelings.
  13. You people who've never seen Taxi Driver really need to sort yourselves out. Shawshank Redemption, The Deer Hunter and the second two Indiana Jones films are all shit. The best Spielberg film is AI. I love the films of Adam Sandler, before he sold out and went all rom-com.
  14. I've never played Worms before, I'm quite looking forward to it.
  15. Sideshow


    Hopefully with the size limit on Arcade games being increased we'll see a few more suprises like this one over the next few weeks.
  16. Sideshow


    I liked this on psp, I take this will be an XBLA game rather than a full price release?
  17. Jesus, that steep. And it's only The Police! Its not as if Sting hasn't been singing these songs at every show he's done since they split up. Does it really make that much of a difference which session musicians are backing him?
  18. Only just caught up on the last two episodes, I have to say that they were only bloody brilliant. If the season finale manages to top the last episode, I'll be very impressed.
  19. Sky offered Virgin their HD channels as part of the most recent deal. Virgin said no.
  20. You've broken your NDA, they've invalidated your code. First rule of Shadowrun is you do not talk about Shadowrun.
  21. It was a only trivial amount of money they were argueing about, 30pence per subscription per month. Virgin could have very easily passed it onto the customer and blamed sky, or rounded it up to 50p blamed no-one and pocketed the extra themselves.
  22. I don't have Virgin, but News 24 has reported the Sky channels have disappeared from midnight.
  23. No, two more 16 episode series have been ordered already.
  24. I really wish the swearing wasn't bleeped. I realise it's part of the gag, but its really annoying. He knows what he's saying, we know what he's saying, swearing is funny enough on its own without the need for comedic bleeping.
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