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  1. One of the best episodes yet. This Season has been quality throughout, Season 2 (at least the "tail-enders" stuff) was definitely a mis-step. Out of interest, did JJ Abrams stop running the show after the first or second seasons?
  2. From xbox.com:- Beginning the week of May 7, 2007, the Xbox 360 Spring Update will provide Xbox 360 owners worldwide with access to Windows Live Messenger features, broadening the communication options on the Xbox LIVE social network. Users of Windows Live Messenger on Xbox 360 can text chat using the virtual keyboard accessible on Xbox 360, or by connecting a USB keyboard to the console. This summer Microsoft will launch a QWERTY text-input device, a new accessory that will connect directly into the Xbox 360 controller to support text and instant messaging. Other New Features Beyond Windows L
  3. This definitely. As much as it pains me to say it they have been the best team this season, them in the final would be fantastic.
  4. Tonight I thought we were the better team, and we had the best tactics overall, so I think it was a just result. Over the course of the season, I believe we are better than Chelsea, if it wasn't for our poor away form at the start of the season we'd be second, easily. However if we were firing on all guns form last August I believe we'd be finishing second to United, I really really hope that we get to play them in the final. In losing to them there is some honour, unlike losing to Chelsea. But we won't lose.
  5. Never played Catan, sounds interesting.
  6. Looks like its moving to ITV/ITV2 next year From The Guardian, registration required so here it is in full Funny episode today, the race track scenes were hilarious.
  7. Hopefully they'll be too busy with that to fuck about with the next Splinter Cell.
  8. Most disappointed? Deus Ex 2. Never clicked with me at all, the prospect of it was one of the reasons I bought an xbox. Can't believe they got so wrong? Shadowrun on 360, and it's not even out yet.
  9. Lets not forget that the average of the Milan team is 53. The old codgers completely ran out of steam in the last 20 minutes. United will beat them in the return leg too.
  10. I was looking around some of the game shops in town today ans I'll tell you one thing, €110 for GH2 on 360 is an absolute joke. How can they be selling any at that price? If it was priced as a regular game I would have taken the gamble. Its only 10 Euro cheaper online , which will probably be wiped out by postage.
  11. I thought this weeks was average. Of course an average Sopranos episode is still better than almost everything else on tv. Some funny moments, a good "Melfi scene", and some good "set up" in the last 10 minutes. The next 7 weeks are going to be very interesting.
  12. Just to go back to Gridlock for a moment, I thought it was great, one of the best Who episodes. I'm looking forward to seeing it again. It was good sci-fi, well thought out, well written and acted, it really was a bit magnificent.
  13. You're crazy, she's great. That would be a result.
  14. People have been saying that since the first episode, it's never going to happen.
  15. Although last time it took them an extra 24 hours or so to get it back up and running, hopefully they've learnt from that.
  16. Thus proving my point, Alias is crap.
  17. I liked the demo, but I don't follow the sport and the last basketball game I played was NBA Jam, I don't know if I'd shell out full price for it.
  18. Good question, I was going to post something similar myself. It seems whilst Microsoft and Sony are ready for the next gen to start the customer isn't. I'd expect that these consoles will have to last a little longer than 5 years, which will be the first difference. The PS4 will be 7 years away. These machines are more expensive and will sell less, they'll need to be around for longer to make their money. I also think that we've seen the last of the 100m+ seller, the PS2/two will be the worlds biggest selling console. Take up of the PS3 isn't as strong as Sony thought it would be, and 360 de
  19. Great news, the PS3 will be the first PS I won't be buying. Also Eurogamer are reporting rumours that a 360 Katamari game is likely by the end of the year.
  20. Welcome to four years ago. I'm looking forward to Stranglehold, the Hard Boiled sequel.
  21. Fixed. She's become more of a Large then a Medium. Quite a good show though, far better than the Jennifer Love-Hewitt one, now she is hot.
  22. The rumour mill says that DMC4 will also be on 360, and haven't the last few Metal Gear games also come out on Xbox?
  23. Sideshow

    Edge 174

    If you actually read the thread you would have seen that I'm no fanboy, and I have no intention of buying a PS3. Your telling I'm wrong for believing that it will be the the biggest console launch so far in Europe, and that a few days after launch they'll announce that they've sold more than the 360 and wii put together. Time will tell.
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