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    I feel my resolve not to buy has ebbed away. Some positive forum comments here and elsewhere, a half day today, off on Monday, poor weather, my missus working evenings all weekend, it's like the planets have alligned! Ah well, if I don't get on with it I can always trade it for Forza next week. Is there any kind of forum clan on this? Add me if you want some embarressingly inept noob to shoot.
  2. According to videogamesplus it's not region free.
  3. I'm shit at episode names so, The Movie, Trapped in the Closet, Good Times with Weapons, the one where Cartman thought he was dead, the Nambla one, the one where Butters thought he was watching Lord of the Rings, the one where Santa and Jesus invade Iraq, and the one where they cursed a lot.
  4. Well, I liked it. End fight could have been better, but can't have everything. I liked that there was a conclusion and that the Petralli story was wrapped up satisfactorily.
  5. I missed the first few minutes, so was there any reason the doctor didn't get them all on the Tardis and warp them off the ship? That aside, the weakest for me so far this season, and it was still bloody good!
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    Running over gang members builds it up very quickly.
  7. Now that the football has run late, I wonder what time Who will be on tonight?
  8. First few goes around a track I've everthing off apart from the braking line. Once I've gotten a feel for it I turn that off too as it becomes useless/too distracting. Although I have managed some odd starts with some of the cars in the demo.
  9. I'm rarely negative about stuff in Discussion because unlike many people on here I like games. Four matches before going to work barely qualifies as a playtest, but based on that I don't see the huge leap forward that I was expecting. It's still enjoyable, it's still Halo, it's just I was underwhelmed.
  10. Admittedly I enjoyed it, and I will be playing it more and that new shield thing looks nice. But look at the difference between GTA2 and GTA3, and what we've been promised for GTA4. Look at the difference between Resi 4 and 3. If you are a game developer and have any kind of integrity (ie not Ubisoft) when you put a number beside your Franchise, and move to a new generation of machines you should be delivering. Halo 3 doesn't do that. Halo 2 brought many new changes and ideas when compared to Halo, 3 so far looks like their milking the cash cow. The shoddiness of the demo release looks indicit
  11. Only had a few games before work this morning, but I think calling it Halo 2.5 is exagerating, "Halo 2 but shinier" is closer to the truth, it's an expansion pack. Not one original idea in the beta. I'm really hoping they are holding back the good stuff, they cannot be trying to justify this being the full sequel.
  12. Sideshow


    That does not fill me with confidence, plus its multiplayer only, and it's out just after Forza and during the Halo 3 playtest which means no-one will be playing it. Pre-order canceled, as they occasionally say around here.
  13. Major Nelson's site seems to be back, the 11pst thing is bullshit.
  14. 1. Neil Young - After The Goldrush 2. Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run 3. Prince - Purple Rain 4. Nirvana - Nevermind 5. DJ Shadow - Endtroducing 6. Pixies - Doolittle 7. Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue 8. Air - Moon Safari 9. The Clash - London Calling 10. Brian Eno - Another Green World
  15. 1pm according to every body that's not Major Nelson.
  16. No it wasn't. It was mentioned in a seperate thread altogether. It relates to Heroes, so it's relevent to talk about it here too.
  17. A spin-off already? Please NBC for the love god don't kill this show through over-exposure! From Digital Spy:-
  18. It's crazy the amount of big films coming out right now, every trailer they showed before Spiderman 3 was a must see film. I can't remember that happening ever. They even managed to make Fantastic Four 2 look good. Most of these movies are family orientated, unfortunately what the studios haven't considered is that the cost of taking a family to a movie is prohibitive for the average family to go every week, even every other week. A couple of these big movies are going to fall far short of their expected takings. My money is on The Simpsons and Surfs Up (how many penguin films can we take?)
  19. I'm glad there is an ending in sight. I really hope the audience sticks with it, I'd hate them to have to end it earlier than they are planning.
  20. Shrek the Third will beat them both.
  21. Film 1 Jackie Brown Film 2 True Romance Film 3 Reservoir Dogs Film 4 Mullholland Drive Film 5 Wild At Heart Film 6 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Film 7 Hable con ella (Talk To Her) Film 8 Amores perros (Love's a Bitch) Film 9 The Godfather Film 10 Goodfellas Film 11 Alien Film 12 The Exorcist Film 13 Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb Film 14 South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut Film 15 Napoleon Dynamite An extra five if the rules change again, Godfather Part 2, Withnail & I, Cidade de Deus/City of God, The Searchers & This Is Spinal Tap.
  22. Sopranos, Six Feet Under & Band Of Brothers v Coronation Street, Emmerdale & Last of The Summer Wine
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