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  1. Almost interesting to note that little known and little seen Irish musical Once has racked up over $2.5mil at the US box office. It came in 13th this weekend. It cost just $150,000 to make and absolutely no-one saw it on its Irish release a few months ago, which in itself is unusual as films set in Ireland tend to very well in Ireland. I put it down to the male lead being played by musician Glen Hansard of The Frames, (who would be Irelands biggest band that no one outside of Ireland has ever heard of) who by all accounts in real life is not a very likeable person.
  2. And Season 2 was far better than Season 1. More intense, more drama, and far funnier.
  3. Anyone know why there's not even one channel showing classic Who episodes? Given its current popularity and the lack of anything worth watching surely between the BBC channels, Uktv and Scifi one of them should be showing it. Is the Beeb trying to maximise Dvd revenue?
  4. I've only ever been a casual viewer of Who and even I got that much. I'll never understand the negativity of some people on here. Exactly.
  5. Sideshow


    One of the best albums of last year.
  6. Haven't tried it but I believe it can be completed in about an hour on the first run through. Then the main attraction of the game is trying to beat your best time.
  7. Any review of the Britpop explosion of the mid 1990's should not be in a programme called The Seven Ages Of ROCK.
  8. Pulp were pop. More worrying is the lack of a mention of Sonic Youth in the official websites summary of the American Alternative Rock episode. Motorhead should have got some screen time in the metal episode.
  9. If any show is crying out for an extended DVD release its this one. Even if they only added the complete tracks rather than the shorter excerpts it would be a must have.
  10. I really hope this is just an isolated case, two big Live games released in two weeks both with problems? Wtf?
  11. I'll be having my first play on this late tonight ('round midnight). Sober, but driving so badly you would think I was drunk. Nothing unlocked or tuned so if you want to get that lapping a back marker achievement feel free to add or invite me.
  12. Sideshow


    Fewer people seem to be playing as elves, and more players are understanding that resurrection or tree of life should be bought by the majority of the team in the first round. Which is all good.
  13. Feel free to add me. I played with a couple of you last night, had some good games.
  14. I know nothing about the ep's, I'm halfway through my first listen to the album. So far it sounds like a Talking Heads record being played at the wrong speeds, deeply irritating. Maybe I'm getting too old for this shit.
  15. I can't remember! One of my main memories of ugvm was spending a Sunday afternoon reading peoples impressions and stories from GTA3 then buying a PS2 on Monday. That and Play, Want, Bin.
  16. Did anyone else notice David Chase as the customer with the two children in the toy shop?
  17. Before rllmuk, before I found Edge, I used to post there. I'm old! Is there anyone that still posts messages to newsgroups?
  18. An 8 for Dirt? Must have improved considerably since the demo.
  19. Best overall writing = Lost Best overall acting = Lost Best overall plot = Lost Best overall music score = Lost Best overall tension = Lost Best overall twists = Lost Most emotional = Lost Most anticipated followup season = Lost Most disappointing = 24 Most predictable = 24 Best overall season = Lost Worst overall season = 24 Without the Lost/Heroes/24 rule... Best overall writing = The Sopranos Best overall acting = The Sopranos Best overall plot = The Sopranos Best overall music score = Doctor Who Best overall tension = Lost Best overall twists = The Sopranos Most emotional = The Sopranos Mo
  20. Too much Sex Pistols. The Clash - London Calling.
  21. So did I, except it was my girlfriend not yours. She understood though, she knows stories about old war vets affect me, she was there for the last episode of Band of Brothers.
  22. One of the best episodes of any television show this year, up there with the final episodes of The Sopranos.
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