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  1. Wow, I expected Ironman to do Fantastic 4 money. Speed Racer is going to struggle.
  2. Only played a few missions, so far Niko reminds me a lot of Tony Soprano.
  3. Lols. I spent about 30 minutes running around jacking cabs, wondering why I wasn't getting in as a passenger! Good fun though. I punched that window too, I tried picking up a bin, figuring thats the closest large thing to feck through a window and it wouldn't let me. I found a brick that disappeared out of my hand by the time I'd got back to window, then I punched it to see what would happen.
  4. 1. Indiana Jones ($360m) 2. The Dark Knight ($320m) 3. Prince Caspian ($315m) 4. Hancock ($290m) 5. Wall-E ($280m) 6. The Mummy 3 ($230m) 7. Kung Fu Panda ($200m) 8. The Hulk ($160m) 9. Sex and The City ($150m) 10. Get Smart ($130m) Iron man will tank, its target audience will be too busy playing Gta4. Speed Racer I just don't get, I don't think it has any kind of appeal to anyone bar 6 year olds based on the trailer. I think Mamma Mia could be this years big sleeper hit.
  5. At least enchanted didn't win
  6. Great couple of episodes! How unlucky is Tosh?
  7. Major Nelson says that something called Commanders: Attack of the Genos (800 points) and Disc of Tron (400 points) are this weeks games. Never heard of the first one, and the last Tron Arcade game has put me off even trying the demo of this new one.
  8. Sideshow


    The film was a flop when it came out here in Ireland last Summer.
  9. I don't know much about this movie, but am I wrong in thinking that it sounds very like The Lady In The Water? A lot of Internet hype about monsters and creatures that won't translate into Box Office. It seems that Studios use the Internet to hype a film when they know they have a turkey on their hands.
  10. Its on More4, not E4.
  11. The Actors Union (Screen Actors Guild) advised their members not to to cross the picket lines for this event. The writers said they will be picketing. Given this the organisers said its not going to be much of a show, so they cancelled it. It's an interesting show of support because SAG will be starting renegotiations with the studios in the next few months about their standard contracts. They face the same issues to the Writers regarding "New Media". If that goes tits up, then an actors strike this summer is very possible.
  12. Sideshow

    Bob Dylan -

    He's written some of the greatest music ever, but I can't stand his voice on most of his records. Give me Jimi's All Along The Watchtower or The Byrds covers over the originals any day of the week. His autobiography is fantastic.
  13. Classic, so glad I stuck with this!
  14. Bloody idiots, I'm off to watch the movie.
  15. At last, Spinal Tap, now we're gonna RAWK!
  16. I spoke too soon, anything is better than Metallica but that fuckin Katie million bicycle shite woman.
  17. Anything is better than Metallica. I fucking hate them.
  18. CYE is not mainstream, are you sure you were watching the right show? Perhaps TV is just not for you. However, if you want to give it one more go, try Shameless, Rescue Me, The Shield, or Six Feet Under. If none of those float your boat stick to reading.
  19. Show some respect, Clarence Clemons is in The E Street Band, Little Steven is The E Street Band.
  20. There are reasons that the first part of Hostel was a comedy/buddy movie, if the whole movie was set in the torture rooms it would have been banned too. As the BBFC ruling shows the makers of Manhunt 2 missed this point completely.
  21. Episode two was no improvement. HBO/Cable has ruined regular tv hasn't it? Unless there's nudity, violence and swearing these dramas seem very dull.
  22. The last preview in Edge said it. They deliberately tried to push the envelope, which I admire but they knew the consequences of going too far. In all likelihood they knew the controversy would go a long way to mask a poor game. Their bluff was called. Games Tm, by the way, wow, what a shower of muppets, taking back the first review of theirs I agreed with.
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