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  1. The lack of atmosphere is killing it. It also seems that Amanda Bryam (sp?) was so bad they brought Hammond in long after the fact.
  2. And The Doctor has never been smug... He has an odd looking face, and I like the odd looking Doctors. Almost everyone on here has criticized every decision made in "New Who", apart from Moffat taking over so I suppose the Moffat backlash starts here...
  3. Been catching up on a few albums I'd missed during the year; Hercules & Love Affair is great, but I'm a but dissappointed to discover that Cut Copy are just a New Order tribute band.
  4. 1 - Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago 2 - The Hold Steady - Stay Positive 3 - Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid 4 - Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend 5 - TV On The Radio - Dear Science 6 - M83 - Saturdays = Youth 7 - The Killers - Day & Night 8 - Kings Of Leon - Only By The Night 9 - Duffy - Rockferry 10 - Hot Chip - Made In The Dark
  5. Eggnog won 6 phone votes!! That's just crazy.
  6. Keane has been left on the bench, Kuyt up front in his own, 25 minutes in and its not working. I'm predicing another 0-0
  7. Played a few games today, the dogs ruin multiplayer.
  8. Based on that Rachaels gone, no point singing a track noone knows, badly. The boy did quite well
  9. That wouldnt work as there is no suitable timeslot available on a Saturday night as Come Dancing and X Factor aren't going to end anytime soon.
  10. A little, the targeting system can only be used a certain number of times before it needs to be recharged. So far I'm liking it, finding it preferable to Oblivion. The death animations might start getting monotonous. I'm only a few hours in, is everyone as annoying as the population of Megaton seems to be? I usually play as a good character but I'm finding it hard to resist the temptation to nuke them out of existence.
  11. I feel sick after that result. Whats up with Keane? Why can't he play a full game, he can't score from the bench!
  12. Well done Redsquirrel. So Oscar comp next then? Predict Nominations and winners in the 4 acting categories, best pic and pest director? Do we really need prizes? And before you ask, I'm not on here half enough to organise it!
  13. It was alright, certainly not as bad as Season 2.
  14. What were you expecting? Burnout Paradise? Those are expensive machines there is no way they were ever going to risk them in anything approaching darkness.
  15. Is the live race on Sunday lunchtime as usual, or do I need to set an alarm for stupid o'clock Sunday morning?
  16. It's a great premise for a movie, but its just not as funny as it ought to be. I think they all got carried away by their big budget and special effects.
  17. It's a visual device so the viewers can see that it is Future Peter. Well, you did ask...
  18. Was going to give up after the first 30 minutes, glad I didn't. Still don't know if there is enough going on for me to stick with it for a full season.
  19. If it was any good they would be releasing it in December to get some Oscar buzz.
  20. I didn't watch it again after S5, this post summed it up for me from 4 years ago... The Wire held its quality across its entire run therefore The Wire wins. And no-one in The West Wing was ever as cool as McNulty.
  21. How old is your 360? On the older models it's the first symptom of the dreaded RROD
  22. That link/site isn't working.
  23. Yes, yes and yes according to Fridays estimates. SATC more than doubled Indys $12m takings with a huge $26m for the day, no doubt Indy will catch up on Saturday...
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