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  1. Just finished it. Cost me a lot to play it, as I bought a PS3 to do so. But it was worth every penny.


    I genuinely thought it was going to be one of those games where one of the protagonists would die. I guess because I was lining myself up for that, the ending itself was not hugely emotional (the biggest emotional moment is at the end of the restaurant scene after Ellie has slashed that cannibal guy up with the machete, and Joel arrives to try and calm her down, hugging her).

    But I still liked the ending. It felt quite tragic: Joel lying to Ellie about the Fireflies, just so he can use Ellie as a replacement for his dead daughter, and at the expense of the survival of the human race! As the credits rolled, I pictured them maybe 5 or 10 years down the line, with the secret coming to light, and the huge fallout that would create between the two of them.

    From the look on her face, she kinda knows he lied.

  2. I found the keycard and the card-reader before I found the generator, so I'd picked off the runners before the bloater appeared. I was sneaking my way back to the door when I heard the bloater, so I just ran the rest of the way. If ever a context-sensitive "hurriedly swiping a keycard" animation was needed, it was then. Unfortunately Joel went from running full pelt into nonchalantly opening the door as the beast lumbered towards me and virus-filled pus grenades exploded all around.

    I found the door, then the key card by chance. Did the generator then legged it to the door. Didn't have to fight anyone expect the stalkers that attacked me when I was starting the generator

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