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  1. Oh fuck that Dudley stick is such a high level of class
  2. I have seen this and was left with... What the fuck happened? Oh yeah nothing did!!!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ6U5dIR8eo
  4. I still refuse to even believe that one is part of it.
  5. No he doesn't I am on right now. Invite please
  6. Picked up to much stuff by any chance?
  7. GG Ig. Sorry connection went, trying to get it back.
  8. GentlemanBoxer I don't know what's up with XBL tonight. Shit is just not working, I can't send a friends request.
  9. I will be on later. Well I would if they game would get past the checking downloadable content bit. Fuck sake!
  10. Really? It was a straight path to them.
  11. Just had my first go online for awhile. Not to bad had just one match against Sith which he won, sorry had to go straight away had a call.
  12. Been slowly getting back into this. So after hearing the news of Ultra is kick started the fire. So I will be back online soon, just getting back into using Dudley again.
  13. I wish I could do a second playthrough of this. But my ps3 has decided it's time is up and just won't come on
  14. I found the door, then the key card by chance. Did the generator then legged it to the door. Didn't have to fight anyone expect the stalkers that attacked me when I was starting the generator
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgpfzkQwUIA Darren Porter with an epic rework of a blinding classic.
  16. OMG! The hypest shit!
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