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  1. After spending two days on ranked, random thoughts:

    - I love Elena. She is my new character. Her high-low shenanigans and meaty pokes fit my style of play perfectly, and Healing from the other side of the screen will never, ever get old. In one match, I managed to get the opponent's Decapre to whiff her Ultra not once but twice as he desperately tried to catch me mid-regen. Not today, Scammy.

    - I don't know how to play against Hugo with Elena. Or probably with anyone. My footsies don't work because after the first one he smashes me around, jumping at and/or away from him doesn't work because he catches me and then smooshes me around, and he's just a grotesque freak whom I despise the very sight of. Clap clap.

    - I have yet to play a Rolento. Why is this? I don't know.

    - My Rose game has definitely been bolstered - the extra damage on c.mp and the reduced recovery on Soul Sparks both help, but for the most part it's business as usual. The business of me losing more than I would like to.

    Beats in mah head.

    Been playing a few of them. I've been using him and really like him.

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