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  1. Honestly every moment of Batman made this film. It was the kind I wanted since Micheal Keaton x1000
  2. I agree. I like the character. But holy hell on 9/11 of all days
  3. The full track it's self is just amazing stuff.
  4. Now I know where that voice is from!
  5. My favorite moment out of all of Resident Evil. Then Paul fucking Anderson went and shat on it. The Code Veronica intro I mean.
  6. I was on Hitman when it went down. I panic a little, because the last time this happened, some fucker hack my account and spent 50 quid on cards on FIFA for some bollocks achievement. Luckly the guy on the help line sorted it out. Money back and everything. I hate this shit. That was about 2 years ago I think. Connected fine yesterday, going fine and they bang it's off, can't connect. Luckly this is reported widespread online.
  7. Well fuck!!!! I just reached levels if excitement, I've not reached for a game in a long time.
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