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  1. And I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that will definitely catch on. :thumbsup:
  2. Of course, the underwear thing is merely a synonym for most of what my daughter will find herself fighting against. She is working in a pub part time while studying her A levels. Everyday sexism.
  3. I disagree. It's the usual story of the extreme actions of a tiny minority eclipsing everything else simply because those actions are so extreme and unusual. While the real issue at the heart of the debate 'females fighting in their underwear' affects everybody. We know calling in death threats, SWAT teams and hounding people from their jobs is wrong. We've always known it, but society is only just realising that images of 'women fighting in their underwear' might just be harmful.
  4. Of course they're vitally important to the people it's happening to, but it is happening to an infinitesimally small subsection of the world Sarkessian's observations have enveloped. I wouldn't wish that on anybody and it goes without saying that those behind such attacks need to be dealt with in accordance with the law. But I suppose I'm just baying at the moon in impotence here, really. Pictures of females fighting in their underwear - while being the main issue - can't compete with the bombast of someone being raided by a SWAT team. I'm definitely not the Canute who's going to stand up and turn the tide of human nature.
  5. I have followed this thread for a while and don't worry, I'm of average intelligence and can understand most of it.. Sarkeesian essentially pointed out some things that to a degree had been concerning me too, but the GG/SJW circus has pulled the focus away from those valid concerns which may be why games like Nier are still featuring female characters fighting in their pants. This distraction needs to be reduced. It has become the main show while the issues that sparked it off have become sidelined because they're not the spectacle that threats, SWAT raids and job losses are.
  6. Please, enough of the drama. Your words show you are truly invested in the 'entertainment' afforded by the lunatic fringes. It should go without saying that nobody who could be called moderately sane advocates the extreme nature of the actions you listed above to make your 'point' in the juvenile manner you chose, but it's been so long since I've been in an internet argument I forgot to pepper my post with caveats and disclaimers. All I really wanted to say was the ongoing soap opera provided by the lunatic fringes of the GG/SJW debate has become more important than the fact that forthcoming games such as Nier Automata even now feature female characters clad in the manner shown in the image I linked. That reasonable people, such as the person you probably are with Rllmuk drama removed, are becoming more invested in the fallout of Anita Sarkeesian's observations than the observations themselves. Maybe I should have just said that instead?
  7. I've tried to, but I can't get exercised about this GG/SJW nonsense. Isn't it all just lunatic fringes at the extreme ends of an argument providing car crash 'entertainment' for the vast majority of the more-or-less balanced middle ground who are legitimately wondering why on earth some of the people depicted below have chosen to fight death-dealing robots in their underwear?
  8. Looking at some reviews of Forza 6 extolling the rain and physical affect of puddles on vehicles, all I could think of was PGR4 did that nearly a decade ago. With standing water, varying wet surfaces, ice, snow and night racing along with fully modeled vehicle interiors, open wheel cars and bikes, it was a game way ahead of its time. Even now there are games only just achieving what this title did way back in 2007. It still looks good too. It's piqued my interest about features in games that were ahead of their time and that modern games are either still lacking or just catching up with, and I'd be interested to read of any other examples people can think of.
  9. Codemasters have done an amazing job with the beauty and detail in this game. Wales looks fantastic in the long shots as your car powers through the desolate countryside in the pouring rain, and in Sweden and Monte Carlo I can almost feel the bite of the freezing air in my lungs. I also love the way dust, gravel, leaves and twigs are kicked up and follow in your wake. The cars and handling and driving and all that other stuff is pretty fantastic too.
  10. Amazing. I would love to see the TV cam replay of that.
  11. Dynasty Warriors does look like garbage, doesn't it? I remember very reluctantly playing a Dynasty Warriors demo on a PS2 (I think), and being reeled in by the hypnotic gameplay. I never bought a full copy of the game though. That strange, satisfyingly hypnotic gameplay came back to me when I played the Hyrule Warriors demo on my 3DS, but this time I've ordered a copy. It does still look like garbage though.
  12. Which is understandable (not the being negged part), because we've all tried virtual buttons on our phones and tablets and they're pretty much useless for anything intricate. Unless haptic feedback is a possibility on the NX and can actually provide an experience similar to physical buttons, I don't think it's unreasonable to be sceptical. If the NX is as the leaked picture suggests and virtual buttons do work well, the worst our misplaced scepticism can do is leave us pleasantly surprised.
  13. I'd be happy with something along the lines of a redesigned and incredibly powerful 3DS with a HDMI wireless connection. The dual screens are great and I love the 3D effect. It's the best console I've ever owned and I can see a 360 and a PS4 under the television as I'm typing this. I do realise I'm probably in the minority though, by a long way. Whatever the NX turns out to be, it really does need buttons. Lots of buttons.
  14. I feel your pain. It must be awful being the only one who's having to wipe down their laptop screen and keyboard after the reveal while everyone is just going on about how disappointed they are.
  15. Wondering if anyone has the same issue: Sega Classics (Outrun, Hang On, and Shinobi) are no longer working. Haven't used them for a few months, but tried today and they're either causing the N3DS to lock up or to just sit with a black screen. I've had a quick look on google, but couldn't see anything. It was a very quick look as I have to go out now, so I'll leave this just sitting here until I can check in tomorrow. Maybe something to do with today's system update, perhaps?
  16. 2011: 00:00 2012: 00:00 2013: 00:00 2014: 00:00 2015: 142:23 Give me my life back Monster Hunter, dammit! No, on second thoughts, you keep it Monster Hunter, you've earned it.
  17. Monster Hunter ghosts quite badly on my New 3DS so I have the slider set to just under half way. Mario Kart, however, looks glorious with the slider all the way on.
  18. For charge blade users: you probably know this already, but I stumbled across it by accident and it's made me more mobile and efficient. With your weapon sheathed, run up to the monster and while holding R as you approach, hit X+A and you'll come out swinging with the axe. It's brilliant for quick hit and run attacks as you can either pound away with further A attacks or hit R for the blade and get away quickly. It's changed how I approach the game.
  19. Loved it on the PSP and read that the 3DS is fairly similar (?), so really looking forward to playing it.
  20. 2011: 00:00 2012: 00:00 2013: 00:00 2014: 00:00 2015: ??:?? Waiting for my New 3DS on Feb 13th and have: Ocarina of Time Mario Kart 7 Link Between Worlds Phantom Hourglass Ridge Racer Street Fighter 4 Super Mario 3D Land Super Mario 64 DS Waiting here ready to be played, so hopefully that 2015 number is going to be huge. Also considering Monster Hunter 4 and Majora's Mask too, but there probably aren't that many hours in the year.
  21. But will be back in stock by the 13th, won't they? Won't they!
  22. It was a surprise to me too. Once you've kitted out your bundle and hit the pay button, it automatically adds a free charger.
  23. I know someone who'll buy from me for £10.00 (£15.00 if I'm lucky). but It was the addition of a charger I'm more happy about.
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