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  1. It's a very long time since I've played it, but didn't Uncharted 1 nosedive a bit in the last quarter of it's runtime? I seem to remember it was rushed out to still be within the PS3's launch window, and the end section (when the enemy types... change) came across as a bit unfinished in comparison to the rest of the game. Was that fixed, or did tightening the controls up make that section seem better (or shorter)?
  2. Doesn't it? I bought the original (disc version) on release, then bought the DLC (all on PS4). Then downloaded the Complete Edition on the PS5 when they gave it away free and my original save works fine on it.
  3. I found the Hollowseeker to be the best weapon for B3 and made short work of the Tie Fighters. Phasing Rounds help as you can shoot through walls/doors, Serrated projectiles will keep damaging enemies over time. And shoot every 'friendly' drone you see and every destructable bit of scenery. You need every last obolite you can find to pay for health and upgrades. And use parasites wisely. Something that you'd never want while going through the level (e.g. something that halves melee damage for example) might be perfect when you're about to get to the boss door, or when climbing the tower.
  4. Finished Biome 6 with 17 deaths and 3 days play time. Was feeling pretty good about myself at that point, so went for what I thought would be a nice relaxing stroll through Biome 1 again. Oh look! A downed Scout! Let's avenge him, as I'm fairly confident I can take out the tentacled thing that usually spawns as a result. Nope. Queue the most insanely aggressive Severed I've seen in the game, that fired laser-death everywhere and took me out in a matter of milliseconds...
  5. Yep, that’s the end of Biome 5
  6. Just to check, when everyone says 'Act 1, Act 2, Act 3', is everyone referring to Act 3 as being....
  7. Also, iirc the ice spells are a pain as they trigger at the point the enemy was when you cast the spell. As in, if the enemy is moving about a lot then it may have moved out of the AOE of the attack when it explodes. But I'm not sure what this 'wrath dog' enemy you're talking about is... For most of the dog type enemies that do physical attacks, just put Cloud in punisher mode and block. When he gets hit he'll auto-counterattack, for massive damage(TM)
  8. That's fine. I've had a nightmare week at work, so could with some.... not thinking time.
  9. @Doctor SharkYou don't happen to know where that map image above is from do you? My players are just on the verge of heading to that Tower and the official map is a little underwhelming, so I've been looking for a replacement without much luck...
  10. That’s either some fast photo-shopping or expert googling.
  11. Only if we can put 'transformative' on there as well.
  12. That’s Biome 4 done. It was like a lovely stroll in Epping Forest compared to Biome 3...
  13. It’s funny you should mention that, as it was only the other night when I was zipping between floating platforms in an endless void, dodging neon beams of annihilation whilst firing ludicrous amounts of ordnance at an impossibly vast enemy, that I thought to myself “this is a successful new IP”.
  14. You can pinpoint things above and below you as well. There’s a part in Returnal where someone runs up a flight of stairs to your right. You can hear it from the right hand headphone (obviously) but can also hear the elevation increase as they run upstairs. When you’re just traversing a level there’s stuff going on all over the shop.
  15. Beat the biome 3 boss last night. That was quite the post boss cut scene...
  16. Returnal with XM3 headphones plugged into the controller (and powered on - it makes a big difference to sound quality) and 3D audio set up correctly is quite the experience. Particularly with the haptics as well.
  17. With the scout corpses, did I see mention of having the option to avenge or scavenge them? I haven't seen that. I just get the option to scan them, and if I do it all kicks off with them turning into some tentacled monstrosity. Am I missing something?
  18. I had a pretty amazing run last weekend. Beat the biome 2 boss on second attempt, and thought I’d investigate what biome 3 was like, fully expecting to get annihilated fairly rapidly. I ended up getting through the entire level and up to the boss (but used an astronaut in the process). However at that point I was on 60% health and had completely scoured the entire level and bought every available item/upgrade. I lasted until mid-way through the second phase, but I’d powered up the Reconstructor, so after dying I respawned with full health and gave it another go. The third phase seems.... challenging? I think I got killed from a wave of green bullets that came from behind me while I was facing the boss. No idea how anyone could get through that first time. I’m now back outside the boss door and wondering how well it’s likely to go...
  19. Godammit you’re good. Yes both correct. I felt a bit bad putting something as obscure as 3D Starstrike...
  20. let’s go a bit more old school ️ 🎞️
  21. They're worth it if you're already on low health and have auto-heal on low integrity
  22. I’m currently limping my way up the tower to boss 3 on 25% health. Something tells me this may not go too well...
  23. I've very much come to the conclusion that trying to increase your stats by clearing the earlier biomes before re-attempting the biome you're actually stuck on will drive you mad. Biome 1 gets significantly harder once the boss is down and if you stray too far from 'the path' to the next biome. In general it seems best just to find the route to the next level, and maybe go a bit further to find a fabricator to spend any obolites you've picked up. Then move on. You're guaranteed to get your weapon proficiency up to the level needed for whatever area you're on, and biome 3 hands out health at the same frequency it takes it away anyway.
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