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  1. The question I’m asking myself now is... will I be able to copy PT over to the PS5... and will it be backwards compatible.
  2. Is it though? It’s got 16Gb of RAM and a drive that can load 9GB per second on average. Loading times are going to be minuscule this gen.
  3. A mellifluous protocol droid, designed to provide soothing tech talks in the pleasure halls on planet Fabulon 5? No? Just me then.
  4. Haven’t they already said Miles Morales loads from scratch in under 2 seconds? With the speed of that SSD then any kind of loading is going to be quick.
  5. If you're both using a controller then probably not. If the other player is using keyboard and mouse (which a quick google suggests Gears5 supports) then the other player will be at a slight advantage. But the mouse probably makes more of a difference there than the frame rate does.
  6. I'm slightly mystified as to why dev teams seem to think 120fps is worth making a song and dance about on a games console. The percentage of people that would be able to use it / notice it / care would be a tiny fraction of 1% of the user base. Is it just that it's an easy feature to implement on a cross-get title running on a next-gen console, as opposed to spending time on ramping up the shinies?
  7. Seems like COD multiplayer will run at 120fps: https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/10/120fps-ray-tracing-call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war-ps5-and-xbox-series-x-s-13251406/ Although I'm not entirely sure why they bothered...
  8. I've got a suspicion that people would enjoy this more on their first play through if they knew what the reason for the differences (not saying anything specific here for fear of spoilers...) was in advance. But then you'd miss out on one of the main reasons for a second play through, and disappearing down the rabbit hole of watching some of Maximilian Dood's YouTube videos after finishing it.
  9. Is this maybe starting to point towards the XSX being the 'most powerful console' on paper, but perhaps not the easiest to utilise that power? Maybe the dev tools aren't as optimised as they would have liked at this stage? Otherwise it's utterly baffling how little they've shown actually running on the machine. So far there's been Minecraft and Haven and... that's it. Surely it should be easy at this point to get something from Flight Simulator up and running as an example of what it can do? it doesn't even need to be gameplay. Just a sizzle reel of clips from games currently in dev would do, or even a tech demo of some sort. There must be something that can shown at this stage.
  10. I happened to watch a brief bit of the Gamescom stream the other day, and there was a game that came up with a note saying 'Captured on Xbox SeriesX'. That's the first one I've seen since the Minecraft Raytracing demo. Here it is. It's a cel-shaded indie title though, so don't expect technical fireworks:
  11. I could write a long list of things wrong with this game, but it would be pointless as I utterly loved it, and I was never a huge fan of the original. Game of the year for me. But I can completely understand why some people bounce off it.
  12. Has anyone mentioned The Hidden? “An alien parasite with the ability to possess human bodies goes on a violent crime spree in LA, committing dozens of murders and robberies. In pursuit of the extraterrestrial criminal is an FBI agent, and the local officer investigating the rash of violence. As they close in on the vicious intruder, the city faces a brutal threat like no other it has ever encountered.” Once described as the most 80’s film ever made.
  13. This was ‘OK-ish’ to begin with, with a bit too much of people running around and shouting insults at each other. But I’ve really enjoyed the last two eps. It’s settled down a bit and become more ridiculous.
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