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  1. I would have been really interested in joining in with this, but I’d actually started DM-ing LMoP with a group of friends earlier in the year. Unfortunately, two of the group up and moved to Edinburgh, which kind of brought that to an end. I was massively enjoying it though. So this might be a crap suggestion, but I’d be interested just to listen in. It was the first game I’d DM-ed and I wasn’t entirely sure I was doing it right....
  2. Well if we’re on the topic of Star Wars... I bought Imperial Assault a couple of months ago and decided to paint the minis. The models aren’t good enough to spend ages on so I thought I’d just follow Sorastro’s guides in an attempt to speed paint them. Except I couldn’t just do what he recommended and had to tweak them here and there... and those tweaks mean it’s much slower, and for no discernible benefit!
  3. Ghost Stories and it's expansion White Moon are fantastic for solo play.
  4. Is it possible to hate a fluid? I think it must be, as I despise Vallejo’s Matt varnish.
  5. I’d love to do this but I’ve just started DM-ing Lost Mine myself with a group of friends. It’s the first time I’ve played or DM-ed a game of D&D since AD&D in the 80s... I’m worried that I’m a bit rusty and/or shit as a DM (There should be a name for this affliction. MMIIS? Matt Mercer Induced Inadequacy Syndrome?). Therefore, would it be Ok to just listen in from time to time? I could potentially help out with DMing in the future if I ever felt comfortable enough with it.
  6. This 'clicked' for me last weekend and I've been hopelessly addicted to it since then. It's a fantastic videogame.
  7. Completely missed last week's one due to travelling with work, but will be back on this week.
  8. I am very much ‘up’ for ‘this’. PSN: Seemonster
  9. Can someone get a Kickstarter going for an airbrush with built in laser targeting reticule please?
  10. It was airbrushed. I think the last highlight was a very thin layer of pure white, but the iPhone camera seems to blow out the highlights a bit on a black background.
  11. My ongoing quest to paint things blue, slowly, continues.
  12. Currently chipping away at this. Another blue Infinity model. Boring I know, but I just want to get this lot done before moving onto anything else otherwise I’ll never actually play it...
  13. I haven't got a huge amount to compare it to but I've got both Rosemary and Co, and W&N miniature brushes. I use the W&N probably 70% of the time as I much prefer the shorter bristles. The longer haired R&Co brushes certainly have their uses but if I had to pick one then I'd definitely stick with W&N.
  14. Not me guv'nor. OK, this the last pictures I'll post of these models, I promise. Cocky could knock these out in a weekend. It's taken me a year and half... The first one I finished. I was happy with it at the time but think it looks pretty rough now: Then these were done all with a brush (roughly in clockwise order starting from the top left): These were mostly done with an airbrush with varying results: It's been a massive learning experience, and I've really really enjoyed it. The info in this thread has really helped.
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