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  1. I bought it on PC hoping it would run on steamdeck....had to get a refund, it doesn't...or at least doesnt on mine.
  2. Got it going with no real bother, runs better through selecting gog installer on steam once installed, had to switch a lot of stuff off to get it running reasonably well....it was horrendous at first...framerate atrocious, seems to run between 35-45 fps on the settings I selected. Not bad for 12 quid at cdkeys. N64 emulator is as sweet as...but just about to give up on xemu....put everything in data folder (at least what i think phawx is saying, his youtube vid wasnt big on details) but won't fire up now at all.
  3. Does anybody know if the Cyberpunk key you buy on CDKeys will allow you to play the game on steamdeck? Its not a steam key and you need to use gog.com to redeem the key.
  4. Thought this was going to work after using the beta software, farcry 3 started working....Splinter Cell conviction was still a bust...DAMN IT!
  5. I am all new to this linux stuff, see this flathub, flatpack stuff, is it likely at some point this aill all come out prepackaged instead of grabbing x, y and z to put it all together? (Or am I misunderstanding things). It has all been vewwy, vewwy confusing to a newbie like me. I managed to get driver san franciso running, even Goldeneyed 64...but the whole lutris thing is a bit overwhelming.
  6. Well, the new patch is out and it probably makes the game the best it has been...now, make some bloody maps or at least put the BF3 and BFBC2 maps into general rotation. Oh....HDR seems to be switched off on PS5 for some reason and I can't put it back on.
  7. Thats my Steamdeck entered into GLS IT system apparantly in the Netherlands....I wonder how long it is going to be stuck at Dover when it ships...
  8. So...another email sayimg I have played this for 3 hours...I have still never played it at all.
  9. Yeah, I haven't played it either....just got an email congratulating me on platinuming it.
  10. I bought it as it now seems a bargain at 20 quid. Looks great on PS5. Man,how I laughed when i switched ray tracing on...what bloody framerate is that! Performance mode was looking great though.
  11. I still use the second LMG (PKP i think) or the PP29, I have done s lot of tinkering on the gun handling in the options too after checking some youtube vids (I am on PS5 but still seemed to work). Went on Series x yesterday as it was free for the weekend, using default everything, could not play it, would need to go through all the settings again. If you are still playing on default settings, fair play to you folks, I can not use them. I also changed a few buttons around, touch pad melee, gadget - grapple for example, on right shoulder button, clicking right stick does nuttin noo....no more phantom melee. Had to double up on a couple of buttons, grenade and spot on dpad up, big map and something else on dpad left....never touch that one. To get vehicle call un menu, hold dpad up and left shoulder. May sound weird and unworkable, but....second nature now and grappling with the shoulder button just feels right. Would be great if there was an option to disable buttons instead of having to double up....who ever uses that big map anyway.
  12. Yeah, still can't use the wingsuit like some of the vids out there...but I do love this game at the moment.
  13. Has anybody ever been able to pop a wingsuit like this guy on consoles, he is doing from electric boxes, snowmounds, fecking pebbles... I can only get it to open if jumping from about 10-15ft obstacles.
  14. Bizarre man. Tempted to uninstall then download it all again.
  15. Is the menu on xbox, a bit, fucked? It just seems to be unusable for me, i cant adjust settings at all on anything, took me ages to realise you use left and right to go up and down on there, but when I finally get to the option I want...dont seem to be able to change it. I am playing on the default skill setting because it wouldn't change.
  16. I had no issue with it before (second one) but, yip, feels a bit too good now...a week mibee then they will turn it back to dog plops.
  17. Thats a bug....i had that yesterday. Didn't last though for me.
  18. I do love the grapple gun, especially now its on R1. Found a rush server that had increased tickets and BF2042 game mechanics....was fantastic.
  19. Instead of nerfing the PP-29.. can you not just use it seeing as it can be added anywhere? I gave up on assault rifles, struggled to hit anything at launch so gave up...for someone who prefers running around on foot in amongst it... smgs were the best option from the start. If you are a sniper (not calling you a sniper...scenario here)... why would you be worried about the PP-29, you shouldn't be going toe to toe. Haven't tried a shotgun, never liked them in battlefield but they seem to do the business, LMGs I try to avoid them as they slow you down but have been destroyed by them. So, yeah, if you aren't a sniper,just put the PP-29 on until assault rifles are any good...dont make the PP-29 as bad as the other guns...then what are people going to use...3 clips to get 3 kills with an assault rifle...exciting
  20. Wasn't in Modern Warfare, unless patched in now, Cold War was the first one to have it.
  21. Well.....it seems to have improved quite a bit today for me. Even better when I realised after you change the button mapping....you need to select custom as your control scheme...a week....wasted....grapple hook now on R1, game changer. And flight controls, found a setting that makes it almost like BF4...alternate on buttons. Also realised how bloody good proximity sensors are, wee vid I quickly made to show my wee bro. Anyway, I am loving it.
  22. Last night I dialled the FOV down to 85 and found myself winning one on ones frequently, best round was 29 kills and assists (hopefully not 1 kill, 28 assists). My brother did the same (well, 75 fov) and his kill count duly increased as well, he really not enjoying it until last night (well, not on the 3rd match, ended up with 1 kill and 9 assists, that was him back on "thank god for Vanguard" mode again, where he can rack up some kills). Hoping Fridays full release brings some changes for the good, button mapping working would be great... heli flight controls are atrocious (for me), want back to BF4 controls if possible.
  23. My brother decided to try the ps4 version after some truly bad matches on PS5...he prefers it now, double figure kills and all sorts for him now.
  24. Caspian border on the PS5, its the only map that has that problem, as long as the fight in not happening in front of the sun its fine, if it is, that big 50p is in the way.
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