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  1. Jesus...it is fortunately nothing like Rob Liefeld on a bad day...I couldn't handle that either.
  2. well, the characters do what you would expect their comic/movie counterparts to do, it isn't getting repurposed into a different game with different skins, so, its Avengers, just stuck between comics and the movies then. I suppose I should be raging that the early Spiderman games didn't have Nicholas Hammond in them.
  3. I suppose you would need to try it to find out, watching videos is never going to nail the experience, there arent very many non generic looking games out there now surely, everything nicks a bit from everything else. The bridge gives you a quick feel for everybodys moveset, to see it all moving on your TV is probably miles better than a youtube video. I liked it and I suppose thats good enough for me, a lot of comments seem to be coming from people who only watched some videos, moaning they dont look like they do in the movies , the movies also dont look exactly like the comics (thank god, looking at you americas ass, that did not work on film) and, spidey being on PlayStation only. Ms Marvel does not feel like hulk, thor, iron man, her moves appear to be a cross between Spiderman, Reed Richards and Antman. If you can play the beta, its free (at some point over the next couple of weeks) then have a moan about it, yer weans/kids will love it if nothing else.
  4. I dont know what everyone has been smoking, but, its quite the looker, are you basing it on the fact Spiderman is a Sony exclusive? Had been on it for the last 90 minutes or so, finished the intro and the first story mission. I had been put off by some of the preview chat, but, na, I have been enjoying it. The different characters feel great, even Hulk (who has had a particular heavy slating) works when you get used to him. No doubt people will pile in and say I am wrong, will I care, nope, not a jot, had me some fun. Liked Ms Marvel and her moves, I hope Antman will be in there at some point too.
  5. Got myself a new laptop last week...already bought 3 Splinter Cell games. After some windows 10 issues with conviction, loving it again when I found a solution, be onto Black List after that, thankfully that worked right away with no issues, don't think I ever finished it on the 360. Was surprised to see recent posts on here for these games...always loved them, bought the first one at launch on the old xbox.
  6. Is matchmaking painfully slow for people on PS4 or is it just me? Edit : I should have went back a page.
  7. The thing I always forget is triangle (PS4) to get bloody armour drops. The lack of shotgun ammo capacity is still the only thing that annoys me, overall though, it has been pretty great up to where I am now.
  8. Dirk from Hollyoaks, RIP.
  9. So, because I didn't get my 10 tier skip (didnt need it, I was 100 weeks ago) got a thing today telling me to claim my missing 10 tier skip. Went from 28 to 43, pretty sure that isn't 10, but i will take it, cheers, a wee baw hair off 45 now.
  10. So glad multiplayer is not part of this...after the movement in MW 2019, it is as clunky as hell in campaign. Get the maps in 2019 with the new movement (still loving the campaign though) . I tried to play COD 4 remaster multiplayer after playing MW2019, couldn't do it, it just does not work for me anymore.
  11. I don't remember Village at all, backlot, aye, but can't picture village, am a googling! Edit, MW3 map, that explains it...only played that multiplayer for about 5 hours.
  12. Oh, there you are, just realised I am posting in Warzone thread....all very confusing...onyhoo,
  13. I heard. I am hoping it is a segway into proper spe ops somewhere down the line.
  14. So....it looks like Modern Warfare 2 Campain Remaster is out tomorrow. Haven't seen anything that says you need to pay for it.
  15. Anyone been on the new map and seen what looks like an open door leading into a corridor...except, you can't go through the door...it looks like it should be open judging by the mini map but blocked off with an invisible wall.
  16. I just died about a dozen times there before coming off there, bounce pad and cacodemon....i then realised there was a bloody wall for me to climb up...doh!
  17. So....have they switched a texture pack or something on PS4....looking miles better on normal multiplayer tonight.
  18. Oh, I am rank 1, not 55...arseholes.
  19. Star Wars Fallen Order (did not feel like star wars to me, just did not grab me at all). Destingy 2 (Sucks the life out you, not in a good way). The second Tomb Raider (loved the reboot, was gutted when it finished, probably the increased RPG stuff). Zelda Breath of the wild (I bloody hate the RPG bits with breakable weapons...HATE IT!!!).
  20. This isn't official though, is it? Is it not just some fellas guesswork over some gameplay footage (I scanned through it yesterday).
  21. So, spec ops works now, I had to go to store and download the first pack again.
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