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  1. Is matchmaking painfully slow for people on PS4 or is it just me? Edit : I should have went back a page.
  2. The thing I always forget is triangle (PS4) to get bloody armour drops. The lack of shotgun ammo capacity is still the only thing that annoys me, overall though, it has been pretty great up to where I am now.
  3. Dirk from Hollyoaks, RIP.
  4. So, because I didn't get my 10 tier skip (didnt need it, I was 100 weeks ago) got a thing today telling me to claim my missing 10 tier skip. Went from 28 to 43, pretty sure that isn't 10, but i will take it, cheers, a wee baw hair off 45 now.
  5. So glad multiplayer is not part of this...after the movement in MW 2019, it is as clunky as hell in campaign. Get the maps in 2019 with the new movement (still loving the campaign though) . I tried to play COD 4 remaster multiplayer after playing MW2019, couldn't do it, it just does not work for me anymore.
  6. I don't remember Village at all, backlot, aye, but can't picture village, am a googling! Edit, MW3 map, that explains it...only played that multiplayer for about 5 hours.
  7. Oh, there you are, just realised I am posting in Warzone thread....all very confusing...onyhoo,
  8. I heard. I am hoping it is a segway into proper spe ops somewhere down the line.
  9. So....it looks like Modern Warfare 2 Campain Remaster is out tomorrow. Haven't seen anything that says you need to pay for it.
  10. Anyone been on the new map and seen what looks like an open door leading into a corridor...except, you can't go through the door...it looks like it should be open judging by the mini map but blocked off with an invisible wall.
  11. I just died about a dozen times there before coming off there, bounce pad and cacodemon....i then realised there was a bloody wall for me to climb up...doh!
  12. So....have they switched a texture pack or something on PS4....looking miles better on normal multiplayer tonight.
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