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  1. Oh, I am rank 1, not 55...arseholes.
  2. Star Wars Fallen Order (did not feel like star wars to me, just did not grab me at all). Destingy 2 (Sucks the life out you, not in a good way). The second Tomb Raider (loved the reboot, was gutted when it finished, probably the increased RPG stuff). Zelda Breath of the wild (I bloody hate the RPG bits with breakable weapons...HATE IT!!!).
  3. This isn't official though, is it? Is it not just some fellas guesswork over some gameplay footage (I scanned through it yesterday).
  4. So, spec ops works now, I had to go to store and download the first pack again.
  5. Reinstalled.. went to spec ops.....dlc missing, downloading. My t'internet is pretty fast, and been at work all day, obvs made no difference.
  6. I have just deleted the whole game....was going for a 4th download.
  7. So, I am still missing spec ops content and I am now downloading it for the 3rd time, is this the same for everyone else?
  8. So hadn't downloaded spec ops pack yet...I hope this was caused by that....
  9. Just go into a container, throw the flare at your feet, watch the entrance, listen for the clunk, look up, take package.
  10. It's very apt that 2 of the 4 maps I don't like I can easily add the word shit at the beginning and it still fits perfectly.
  11. Copying file, reliving my PSN nightmare every day.
  12. I did have that at first, but I think I would lose my scavenger.
  13. So, did anybody find the always sprint option on any platform? I don't think my controller can take much more.
  14. So, classic spec ops, in what way is the 1 level classic?
  15. Played 2 hours, 1 playlist, 20 player TDM...came up 4 times, well, 5, I shut it down on the last one. 4 maps the whole night, bridge x 3, windmill x 3 and grazia (like the lady mag) once, and of course the shitty palace map that never comes up on groundwar.
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