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  1. Boozy the clown. Still causing Havoc on the forums dude. How are you? 

  2. 30K

    The Spurs Thread

    Big well done to our boy Dele on snapping up Young Player of the year. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/dele-alli-pfa-young-player-10281542
  3. You guys still playing? Stormblood coming in June, looks promising, interesting to see what the new content will be like, along with the new jobs and gear!
  4. Rumours Rumours, can only hope! http://www.cinelinx.com/game-rumors/item/8086-knights-of-the-old-republic-hd-remake-coming-in-2016-exclusive.html http://www.outerplaces.com/science-fiction/item/9530-rumor-suggests-star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-is-being-remade-for-xbox-one-and-ps4
  5. I immediatley thought this thread would be about a sperm donation clinic, in which the sperm donator would get fined before he came. I do apologise.
  6. 30K

    Mafia III

    Great news, loved the Mafia series!!
  7. To be fair, I think a poll should of been placed in the Racing folder to see if the guys wanted to keep it who use it or not. It does seem like the committee, who no offence probably don't use the racing folder have just gone remove it, because quite frankly they dont care about it. Furthermore I was apart of the F1 when it was about, joined pCars for a while and things but then stopped. Like Six im not apart of any racing league at the moment, but personally I think it should of stayed. Close knit bunch of guys used that folder.
  8. Que times will always be a burden! Thats why its best to join a FC if you're not already in one then you can party up
  9. Yeah you have to buy the trade info and then system view that will tell you what is there and what they export/import. Also traders amongst you, may have been mentioned earlier but this is a very helpfull tool to find the best profits in your vicinity - http://www.elitetradingtool.co.uk/ For example:
  10. Quicker way I think its binded to 'x' is to turn flight assist off. Do that when your making a U turn to get back onto the enemy and it is alot faster then holding the stick down and not using it. Aim for their power generators and mess them up. Remember to turn flight assist back on however, or it will be like trying to control a car when you have had about 37 budweisers.
  11. 30K

    F1 2015

    I've been watching some videos, reading some reviews and I am not to sure what to make of it. Seems there is a lot of bugs and glitches from a video I watched. Where has the career mode gone? That was like one of the best features imo, picking a team working your way up, chopping and changing teams if you want too. Dissapointed this has gone The match making online also, I am not to sure how this works. Can we create custom lobbies still to play with friends?
  12. 30K

    F1 2015

    I am buying this on release! I know we have remapped or some have to pCars (I did, but sold it in the end, I don't like it), but I'd be up for the F1 league again if others were.
  13. Sorry dont know how he slipped through. Cohen get out.
  14. 30K

    Anno 2205

    I have not seen anywhere of it coming to consoles, but just checked amazon and its listed there as console editions.. So who knows! Edit: No longer seen the console versions on Amazon..
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