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    We don't really have wide midfielders suited to a 4-4-2, nor do we have a Flamini/Gilberto/Petit to play in central midfield.
  2. Aguero really should have been sent off for that. I wonder if he will get a retrospective punishment, as the officials could say they saw the initial coming together but not his stamp afterwards.
  3. NexivRed


    Current home shirt is 2012-2014 I believe (home shirts are meant to last two seasons except in special circumstances (redcurrant shirt; 125 years shirt etc)). No deal in place for 2014/15 yet though.
  4. Anything near you on here? http://midsomerburgers.blogspot.co.uk/
  5. Pretentious doesn't mean what you think it means. And it's only confusing if you're thick.
  6. One of the theories I subscribe too, purely because GRRM's just not so senile to get her description completely wrong. So what the frick are they gonna do with that?
  7. Fix for your save game issue: 1. Make sure Steam cloud synchronization is disabled. 2. Make a backup of your BioShock Infinite “savedata” directory. It should be located here: ..Steamuserdata[your Steam ID]8870remotesavedata 3. Create as many subfolders as you want within this directory. Assume that each of them contains a save game. 4. Simply move the contents of the “savedata” directory into the corresponding subfolder whenever you or anyone else wants to start a new game. 5. When you start a new game, a new save file for that game will be automatically created within the main “save
  8. Yeah I thought about it but a) I don't think I'd want three burgers, and b) it's very expensive indeed.
  9. Almost Famous' Nandos-themed special looks hilarious:
  10. NexivRed


    Sorry why are you here again? Can you take your particular brand of stupid back to the main football thread?
  11. The problem for the official is he saw them coming together, and that's it as far as the FA is concerned. But if he says he didn't even see them coming together at all, when he was looking right at them, he'd probably get punished for it. So he has to say he saw *something*.
  12. He doesn't take his eye off the ball though. He just jumps way too early, because Eboue.
  13. NexivRed


    High line is ok if you press though. No pressing just means people have ages to pick out passes in behind.
  14. If you want to see what's going on in dark areas, download the Wearable Lanterns mod. My ENB mod tells you to turn off any form of AA because it has its own, but I'm not sure it's working. Sure as hell looks pretty jaggy.
  15. Has it always been like that? How old is the card? I'd consider RMAing it to be honest.
  16. The only issue I have with my 7950/HDTV is no signal via HDMI until Windows has booted. What driver are you using? What CPU do you have?
  17. Yeah you're probably right on Jon. That also probably ties in better with Bran's progress, as they are in the same place when Jon escapes IIRC. Then next series will be the wildlings attack on Castle Black and Stannis to the rescue. Series 4 is gonna be mega - shame it's all downhill after that. They'll probably just make up some dramatic bits for the AFFC/ADWD lull. Replace 15 chapters of Brienne wandering about/Dany wanking over Super Daario with something more fun.
  18. Yep last episode will be the battle at Castle Black, Daenerys getting the Unsullied, and probably a reveal of zombie Catelyn (which I assume they'll foreshadow a lot with Dennis Pennis doing his thing on Beric).
  19. NexivRed


    Still at least there's Piebury Corner to make the night vaguely worthwhile.
  20. NexivRed


    That press conference is the ultimate storm in a teacup. I was expecting him to have gone fucking apeshit the way all the journalists have subsequently reported it. But it's more like "a bit tetchy".
  21. NexivRed


    Sipsmith's is nice. Has anyone tried Adnams gin?
  22. NexivRed


    Nope didn't see that banner tbh but there wasn't any bother as far as I could tell. Pretty good crowd all in all really - definitely outsung Sunderland's lot, from whom we barely heard a peep for a good 60 mins. edit: ffs,logged in as wife but you get the idea
  23. Do you have a recipe for the cheeks? Looks lovely.
  24. NexivRed


    Murray's looking pretty knackered now.
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