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  1. No you fucking didn’t and you know it. Fuck off with that shit.
  2. I remember looking at the time gaps a number of times and seeing him gain time on Max that Lewis didn’t maintain. Probably not the most accurate way of assessing it, but it didn’t seem like Bottas was struggling with pace.
  3. Oh, I’m sorry. Did my hot take singe your ego? I think you’re confusing defensive with “writing a response”.
  4. Responds with passive aggressive tear. Nice.
  5. Doesn’t help a male dominated sports thread feel very inclusive to women. Is it appreciated how much guts it takes to try and join in with a discussion like this when you have little experience of a sport you enjoy compared to others? I’m allowed a fucking opinion. And if you think it’s fucking stupid, then think it’s fucking stupid. Making sure I’m aware you think it’s fucking stupid in a fucking passive aggressive way is fucking unkind.
  6. What the fuck is this tone? Why are you mocking me with your replies? You can disagree with me thinking Hamilton got P2 through tyre strategy rather than driving yesterday, but why do you have to do it like this? I don’t like it.
  7. “Forcing it”? Why is trying to win the race forcing it? Unless, like I said, you’re expecting to be put in the position to easily overtake later in the race. Such as being given fresh tyres to literally do that. It’s like you’re saying they weren’t free to face from the start. And again, if there’s a huge chance of a safety car, why didn’t they give Bottas that strategy, instead of leaving him to be the one to risk wasting a pit stop? Edited typo: were to weren’t.
  8. There were numerous times Bottas extended his lead over Hamilton. Or are you saying Hamilton would be in dirty air 3 seconds behind?
  9. So what you’re saying is, that from lights out, Hamilton decided to stay in second place? Didn’t want to lead the race at any point? Ever? Once DRS opened, chose not to overtake Bottas at any point? Choosing to extend his tyres didn’t give him the advantage. Being told to box 10 laps after Bottas gave him the advantage, and his eventual second place. What you seem to be suggesting, is that he knew he was on a strategy that would eventually give him the ability to pass Bottas at the end of the race. Which would be a fucking shitty thing for Mercedes to do, and shittier for H
  10. Ugh. That post race talk with Hamilton. Uncomfortable. Talk about how your tyres lost you the race with your team, mate. Oh, wait, you couldn’t get past a guy in the same car, on the same tyres, until his strategy was fucked.
  11. Has anyone got the recipe for a wooden table that seats 4? Same style as the upright mirror and wardrobe you’re asked to customise in the class.
  12. Ooh, tempted to do the rest of mine...
  13. Thank you for all the recipes and the cataloguing
  14. I’ll be home in 20-30 and around for a while.
  15. Oh, fab. Will you be on a bit later? I’m out currently
  16. Hmm. I have 700K worth to shift and not done anything about it yet. Anyone with a price over 200?
  17. He gave himself that nickname, right?
  18. Oh, sweet! I’ve just logged on but I warn you, I don’t have a keyboard attached. So cannot motor mouth as I normally do.
  19. Thank you! @Broker let me see where I am with these. Trying to build something with no idea what I’m doing...
  20. I can make all but the lion dog. I’d love some of those! Two please.
  21. Has anybody got/can anybody make statues of any kind? Or perhaps a spare pipe organ? (Really annoyed I didn’t do it long enough for one of those). And if anyone gets any statues in Redd’s they don’t want, gimme a head’s up!
  22. Thank you so much to everyone who gifted me items and bells you’re so kind. Matt agreed to return everything as well. Fucking state of my Nook’s Cranny today though Sod’s fucking law, innit
  23. /catmeme What’s all this then?
  24. Landooo! What a fucking lad!!! Incredible finish. He’s really fun to watch race. I’m gutted for Russel. Loving all these young lads in midfield. Perez and Stroll drove fun. Race leaders are so fucking boring.
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