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  1. Ugh. Not worth it. There are promises made in the first couple of episodes that just aren’t kept. Let down.
  2. Hey, I’m sorry. Wasn’t able to get on last night and probably won’t be able to tonight either. So if you’re around tomorrow?
  3. Let me know when you’re around tomorrow and I will happily house whatever you need to shift! They will be most appreciated Is there such a thing as a plain, smart bench? Like for a large table? And are there any brown 2x1 tables?
  4. Oh man. If anyone wants to get rid of some orange and purple flowers I’ll happily take them! Changing my custom tiles to autumn colours, and closing all the beach stuff for the cold weather has been very satisfying. I wish there were some gusts or blowing leaves around though. For the weather. Why haven’t the trees changed colour yet? The grass looks a little more yellow...
  5. Why the fuck have they made the pike so bloody small??! I’ve been looking forward to it since the game came out, after never being able to get the one from The Sword in the Stone out of my head since I was a kid. “It can grow up to four feet long, and maybe more!” ...so we’ve made it 10 inches. Fuck you.
  6. My heir ended up with a claim on the entirety of France I started the war and he finished it! A bloody dwarven duke is now attacking the kingdom of Ireland on behalf of my half sister though. And I’ve no idea how to call allies to war for defending. It hasn’t given me the option. Hopefully now the war in (ex) France is over, I can call them though. As Scotland has just declared war. Thank you for that advice, @Danster I was able to raise hundreds of gold over time to help me press claims and recruit knights and build all over. Fing
  7. I’ve been offered it in a last game but don’t know how to ask for it. Okay, so it’s because I’m in debt. That makes sense and is simple to understand. I’ve had an issue with my council members repeatedly getting killed in every war. Because they’ve always had the most prowess, so I’ve allowed them to be knights. But I’ll forbid my next steward. Other than waiting to be prompted I can adjust the contract via a hook, how can I raise taxes? I did just not turn up to the last one, but my gold still turned into minus per day(?). Even without raisin
  8. @Danster Something I don’t understand, that has been fucking me in the arse for years on this, is my army (when raised) is always fucking tiny. Why is this image showing that none of my actual army are raised? My levies have turned up, and my pitiful 4 knights. But no footmen or pikemen. Nothing. I’m in a loop of having war declared on me, losing, being in debt, not regaining enough coin to either build or recruit soldiers, let alone declare war. Then I either get summoned to a war (I’m declining most of them) or war is declared on me again. I just can’t move forward b
  9. this tool did not last long. He had fuck all skills, terrible rep with his vassels, and was a fucking pain in the arse after some truly solid ruling. I’m glad he got fat and died. His son has a name I did not choose though, and tbh, I have no idea how this dude came to the throne. He was a direct descendent, but I didn’t name him. Gone over 100 years now. I play at 4 speed and it’s pretty fun. My cat Fleas was a nice little time. She found me gold coins and two of my stupid wives were allergic to her, but I refused to give her up! She passed away in my arms
  10. I died and my son was doing pretty good. Maintained lots of alliances and his vassels were very happy with him. Then he fucking died at 50 or something, and I’m playing my grandson now, and everyone hates him. The king of England, who looks disgusting by the way, keeps summoning me to war, but I can’t easily tell where he wants me to go! And the game keeps telling me to go to war with Scotland, even though our armies are evenly matched. Fuck that.
  11. Ah, must have been the shot of Bottas I saw then. I’m not good at remembering numbers.
  12. I thought all four tyres had to be over the line and into the green to be considered out of track limits.
  13. It’s going better. I’m now king of Ireland at 66. I have a pretty big army. My wives have given me five additional children, and my second son, Spam 1 is my Spymaster with an intrigue of 21 (thanks to sending him to be guarded by my third wife). I’ve squashed a peasant revolt, I tried to seduce a knight I couldn’t afford to invite to court and failed because I fell off his trellis, I was wooed by an old bat called Brunissenda and she ended up my soulmate, and I’m waiting for my useless fucking Archbishop to snuff it (he’s eighty fucking two ffs). I’ve got a couple of u
  14. Funnily enough my 6 year old decided today was the day to start asking questions. Hearing him have a go at pronouncing the drivers’ names was nice. Is no one going to talk about the fact Hamilton still had a tyre over the white line on the final corner of the lap he had deleted in qualifying? How do mistakes like that slip through?
  15. @DansterI need to create the Duchy of Ulster (I started Ireland again as I’m most familiar with it), and the screen describing the Earldoms etc is just a bit confusing. It wants me to hold two more counties before I can make the Duchy. This stuff; Can’t go to the only war I have available for that middle Earldom as I’m on minus prestige at the moment (don’t know why, as I’ve gone to wars and won them), so I’m just ticking over the other stuff. Council places, Knights, married off my family (although neither of my brothers could create children with any wife I ma
  16. I’ve started this, and it’s reminded me of how long it takes me to learn anything new these days. My biggest hurdle is understanding the window describing the various titles and who holds what and what does that mean. An example; in the tutorial, to become king of Ireland you need to hold certain areas. The window explaining what and why is like reading Japanese to me at the moment, so I feel rather handicapped. I’m just enjoying some of the simpler areas of gameplay, but more often than not come undone eventually due to not correctly understanding who controls what. I think I bas
  17. The formula 1 thread feels safe. Not many people here.
  18. I’m going to ask some very simple, possibly stupid questions then. Why is racism political?
  19. First time they mentioned the corner, during the qualifying I think it was, and I just went, “YOU’LL NEED A TRAY”. Was Lewis’s t-shirt really that “political” in nature? I know everything surrounding the prevalence of police officers shooting people of colour, and the political ties so to some people it’ll be “OF COURSE”. But I just mean the words. Asking for the arrest of the police officers who shot her. With everything that subsequently happened with the case (officers being fired and suspended.) I don’t think it even had the #BLM on it. It was just asking for due proce
  20. If it had been Verstappen then I’d have been my same, boring, look at the facts self. Actually, the fact it was one of the Mercedes cars he took up the pack is surely more impressive than any of the other cars, due to their issues with overheating in dirty air? And Bottas did fuck all with exactly the same car. Sometimes I think he’s great; when he’s almost matching qualifying times. Other times I realise he’s no Lewis, as he is totally limited despite having the same machine.
  21. By the way, I don’t just think he’s a once in a lifetime driver, I also think he’s a very good person. If there has to be someone who constantly wins, I’m glad it’s him. So you’re way off.
  22. Except I literally did. So why are there such strong Hamilton fanboys that you can completely ignore part of what I said? All I said was he didn’t technically go from last. If he had come from 20th and ended up 11th, it still would have been incredible driving. I just prefer things to be accurate, and to note that four drivers were missing from the back is important to state.
  23. From 16th to 7th. No shade on the drive he did, but four DNFs put him in the points, surely. And Bottas did shit.
  24. Perhaps the difference between me and someone else then, is my opinion of the driver doesn’t cloud my personal analysis of the facts. I don’t disagree with that description of him. But I wouldn’t “back” a driver regardless. That just leaves your future analyses open to easy dismissal. Or is this a Hamilton echo chamber, where any criticism of him is expected to release an allowance of passive aggressive mockery. (I’m over it btw. I’m simply using those words in an accurate, descriptive sense. Not in a poor fucking me; I’m so hurt by it all sense.)
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