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  1. Dabbling in Procreate now as well. Got a commission to do a gecko with a galaxy as its body. 

    Procreate literally has a “nebula” brush. It’s just pure cheating. I played with some brushes and knocked this out in 20 minutes without bothering much. But it accidentally turned out probably good enough to use to some extent. Ridiculous short cuts. 





    Where I’m up to experimenting with it  not sure how much of the body I will replace with galaxy. Got a version where part of the arm is faded into it. I’ll draw a new one for the eye that’s to scale.

    Ignore the colours. It was a red gecko originally, but I’m going to play with the hue and saturation to see where I need to be for a gecko to have a galaxy colour not look too daft. I turned it greyish pink to work on.


    I’ve had a fair bit of work now. Definitely getting more confident with different briefs. 

    I’ve created some guy his business cards. Accidentally stumbled on the fact I’d need to print them out CMKY and not RGB. And he gave me truly awful reference pics. But I think it came out okay. 


    What I’m really obsessed with doing though, are these:







    I’m going to get the last one printed on a roll of stickers. To put on the tubs couriers deliver geckos I’ve sold in. Be a bit more professional than just a post it note. 

    People collect them though. Stickers seem to be big news in gecko land. It’s like a cross between my Premiere table ‘96 football sticker album (no, I never got the Man U shiny), and Pokémon. So tempted to try some vinyl ones too. 



  2. 3 hours ago, ZOK said:

    The best Nicholas Cage flick is Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, and I won’t hear different.

    It’s literally Face Off. But you only get to know that when you realise you don’t think “oh, it’s so clever how an actor can pretend to be two different people”. The film is able to force you to think that Travolta’s character’s past and pain and personality are coming out of Cage’s mouth. It’s nuts. 

  3. Seriously, I am going through a phase of Nicholas Cage movies I’ve never seen bursting out of the woodwork. Which has coincided with needing to watch Nicolas Cage movies.

    And I’d never heard of this one before and when I saw John Goodman was in it and it had the word dead in it, just wacked it on, thinking it was going to be a pretty limp scripted typical Nicholas Cage movie. But it’s so not! 

    He’s playing that part where you are pretty sure you’re seeing the actor just be a believable version of themselves. And I’m getting big Lebowski vibes off of it. Some great “dream sequences” or whatever they are. To good music.
    And I just love how fractured it is, but still held together by this unpredictable but simple story of waiting to hear on a relative in hospital. 

    Has anyone else seen it? I don’t even know what year it is. Can’t tell, cos Cage has been perpetually 46 for about 25 years.

    Recommend it. It’s on Star on Disney+. 

  4. Okay. Maybe i’ll give commissions a go. Seems stupid not to make money from something I’m doing of it will also help my “brand”.

    I’m not just a gecko breeder. I’m also making products and building a website that can be used by the community. And right now there’s a crested gecko morph selling for more than $21,000 per animal. So it’s a community that has money, and being “someone” in it would be really something. It’d mean a lot to me.


    I’ve had someone ask me to do a logo for their business. If I can get attention by taking on work like that then it’s more people who might use the website and buy the products. 

  5. 6 hours ago, JoeK said:

    I think you underestimate what people will pay for stuff they really like!

    Just wanted to say that this is really where I struggle. Because I would never pay for anything remotely creative, as I’d always be like “I can make something like that”. 
    Even stuff like furniture; I’ve upcycled loads of stuff. Made the plainest of things unique. And I create “household mess solutions” out of broken bits or second hand things and hate paying for something from a shop. Even a few quid. I nearly always buy second hand cos I hate the value lost when you buy new. 

    Whenever I look at anything I like, my first thought is “how can I do that cheaper?” So paying top dollar for a painting is such a foreign idea. Wish I could get into the head of someone who can’t do it. 

  6. Thanks all. Some really good advice. 

    @JoeKyes, I am finding I’m getting better at this particular style and bashing certain parts of it out much easier. Some, I just haven’t conjured up the method to get it down yet. I need to look at some work by other people as see how they tackle my problem areas I think. Maybe even approach them and ask them. A lot of other gecko breeders do art. There’s a crossover. 

    My worry is I’ll give the price based on hours, and people will be like, “I’d rather you spend about 5 hours on it and it wasn’t as perfect”. Which will be impossible for me to create and be happy with. 
    So I am trying to maybe find a few styles to fit certain price brackets.

    My line arts in bright colours are fun and fairly simple. Plus, they look awesome when put through an AI editing program. 


    Quick and cheerful. The gecko’s position for interesting composition is everything for these. And dalmations come out great.
    I’d probably be happy with fifteen quid a gecko for these. I’ll have to time myself doing one. 
    They look nice in quartets. They’d be great as stickers or posters rather than online logos. 




    I fucking love this website lol  




  7. I’ve got many people asking me now. It seems stupid to not take them. But I have no idea how to price, because I’m drawing in an autistic hyper focused state for myself; sometimes through the night (14 hours straight last night). Which is fine when it’s up to me, but obviously not ideal when I’m feeling under pressure. 

    Do you just charge for the time spent? Because I made loads of mistakes on my last one that I had to go back and redo, and am still trying to formulate a foolproof style I can bash out. 


    I’ve heard to charge £10 per hour. But this was 17 hours of work. No one is gonna pay that, are they. Do I estimate how many hours I spent fucking up and deduct it? It was still over 10 hours.

    This piece is now in the public domain though. So why would people pay when I’m doing pictures anyway, and they can just right click and save the image?



    I think I’m having issues because I don’t feel I’m worth anything, and feel like my art is a fluke every time. It’s relief it comes out good. I never know that it will. And how could you ever charge someone money for a happy accident you had no idea if you’d accomplish?


  8. 4 hours ago, petrolgirls said:


    I'm no fan of Photoshop, I find it an archaic shambles and I reckon there are better apps out there for paint but it's worth pointing out that it does have both of those features. 

    The iPad version doesn’t. I used to use it on P.C. That’s why I switched to Fresco. Still no magic wand tool though sadly. 

  9. I need a bit of help from digital artists. 

    My partner has an Adobe account, and I’ve been trying out a couple of the programs on the iPad. 
    I ditched Photoshop because it didn’t have the ability to lock transparent pixels and/or a magic wand tool. Really fucking annoying. 

    So I’ve been using Fresco, as that at least has the former. And I also enjoyed the live brushes for a while, although I’m not too sure I fully understand how the watercolour one works. It’s very, very wet. 

    Anyway, I was hoping to use just the basic paint brush to colour this next project, and then blend the colours together. As the oil live brush (which I’ve been using up till now), has a horrible tendency to create bright edges when you erase or blend. It was doing my head in. 

    However, the smudge tool is doing what the smudge tool always does, and is creating over exposed looking extra colours when trying to blend. 

    Is there a photoshop program for the iPad where I could take this image and blend the colours into one another nicely?



  10. Really solid. Wholesome and moving. You can easily connect with the grandparents. 


    Also tense as fuck. Scary. Because “the bad guys” are a very real sort of people; the kind that live happily in their shitty world because they don’t technically break any rules. They’re just fucking horrid people. 

    I can imagine those sorts of scenarios so easily. Perhaps because they remind me of times I needed to fit in with people who didn’t share my morals or values.
    Thick tension in the air. Trying to blend in cheerfully whilst trembling inside with negative emotions. Scared for the moment it would all fall apart and you’d get the comeuppance. 

    Of course, for a teenager trying to fit in with  the local morons, the comeuppance was only social suicide. 


    A good one. 

  11. Also, having to literally delete things you’ve designed and built so you can get access to one of the major new pieces of content (snowballs), is shit. Why not release an extra plot of land so you at least have the space to be able to do it. 

  12. Anyone know when we’re going to get more space?


    The gameplay of having to arrange and coordinate swapping of items in all colours is extremely difficult and tedious for me. I don’t want to delete anything on my island just to build something else though. 

    I keep coming back for the new seasonal content and getting immediately bored.
    I set myself the goal of three themed buildings on my island, but the sheer amount of coordination and luck needed to get the items to fill them out is insurmountable. 


    I’m gutted. I miss this game. It’s killing creativity. Still no new design slots either. 

  13. 3 hours ago, ryodi said:

    I'm sure Lewis doesn't care about how boring the races are and he'd be crazy to walk away from the best car when he's nailed on to win the title next season. It's ridiculous to say he needs to prove it in another car, he paid his dues at McLaren and has earned the best car on the grid. Going back to a shitbox made Alonso more likeable and that's about it. 

    I don’t know. When you’re part of such a thrilling sport, there must be many facets why you compete. I’d hope part of it was that he enjoyed what he brought to the table. 

    I didn’t say he needed to prove it in another car. I said he could. When you’ve accomplished basically everything, you might as well have some bloody fun. It’s not like he has much to go home to :( 

  14. 3 hours ago, ryodi said:

    Awesome. I know there's going to be a lot of disappointing Russell fans who were hoping to see him try to make up for Sakhir but I'm very happy to see the champion back in the fastest F1 car ever for the last race. Yas Marina is terrible anyway but at least we should see Hamilton doing donuts on the pit straight at the end of the race. 

    I don’t think it’s disappointment cos they’re fans. It’ll be disappointment because it means the race will be boring unless there’s an incident. 

    If I were Lewis, I’d take notice of how boring I made races for some people, and vow to not end my career on any such thing. 
    I would love it if he secured his final record, and then went to a different car and smashed the hell out of it. Proved it wasn’t just the car. It would be so much more exciting and I’d personally want to bring that. 

    I know it won’t happen because I have idealistic hopes for the sport. But he can technically do what he likes. I want him to do something cool. 

  15. Their websites both give their teams, and Toto said Bottas had a contract yesterday. 

    I think it would be extremely bad form an unprofessional to publicly drop him like that just because of the drive George did. There’s no need to rush it.

    It will be far more enjoyable stretched out anyway. Russell is no age. We’ll have years to enjoy him. As soon as he gets in that car there’s no turning back. No excuse to be anything but brilliant. I don’t want that for him. 10-15 years of the ultimate expectation   Bleh. 

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