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  1. Lack of direction at times is an issue. It really annoys me I can’t easily tell which systems have my quest objective no matter where I’m standing (currently you just get the notification that it’s in another system but doesn’t say which), or which ones I have used a map in from some navigational data. Cos it uses one up to go “Nothing Found”. I’m getting lost easily, which isn’t helped by the fact sone of the systems and planets I renamed reverted back to their originals. Or the fact there’s zero key for the icons you see on the galaxy map.
  2. Are they accessed via the base computer? Cos I’d love to access the latest archives that have been restored, but all that happens when I select the base computer is I get a flash of a screen, but then it goes straight to the “take a screenshot of your base” page. Can’t do anything else except that and rename or delete it. With any of them. 7th crash so I’ve given up.
  3. Good. Fourth crash today. Edit: 18 hours in and I finally got my free freighter.
  4. Seeing as you can’t sell ships, I’m using my initial one as a storage pack horse seeing as you can summon them anywhere.
  5. Hang on. One 5 slot storage container per base?
  6. I have a new ship in my collection to add to my “Exotic Class” ship, (anyone know anything about them? I’ve only seen one.) I only change one word in the randomly generated ship names, and it was basically the same word. It makes me so happy.
  7. @Darwock shoot those biting plants. Any hazardous plant. I find them the easiest source of oxygen. Regarding those eggs, did the creatures look like they came straight outta Pitch Black?
  8. Quest fucked up for me and I’ve not had another chance at it yet. Annoying. Tip 1: feather your mining as close to 100% as you can. You do more damage and yield more from mining. Tip 2: the game lacks music. May I recommend some good albums to listen to whilst playing. - Zack Hemsey, especially the instrumental albums. - Xperiments by Hans Zimmer. - the new Slipknot album.
  9. Have you tried summoning it? I’ve renamed systems and stuff, and then the name has just reverted back to the old one. And I can’t do it again. Annoying, cos I was renaming them in a way that let me remember what the fuck they were and why I’d want to go there. Yeah, I uninstalled mine. Doesn’t seem to work.
  10. I’m really far into the main quests: contacted Artemis, triangulated position and made the translator. I’ve visited the anomoly a number of times in different systems. But on this new play through Polo has not given me the blueprint for the first Atlas Pass. He gives me coordinates to a black hole or an atlas thingy, but no shitty quest this time with the atlas pass reward. No idea how to get it.
  11. Power on bases - fine, whatever. But storage containers needing power is bullshit. 5 slots is also bullshit. No ability to mass exchange navigational data with a Korvax who talks too much is also bullshit.
  12. Tip 1: dog fight in third person and use the brake to turn, then come straight off it to aim. I’ve killed 10 ships now, (except I accidentally hit the fucking freighter you get to defend then given for free, so sentinels popped up, and it fucked up the quest. No free freighter for me this time. Annoyed.) Tip 2: because you can now move technologies around in your exosuit/ship, move your basic shit over to the actual technologies tab giving you more inventory space. Tip 3: find ancient bones. Mmmmmmm.
  13. The first dog fight I was in, I polished off the bad guys in the starter ship. Since the update I suck so fucking hard. Is there no target lock help at all?
  14. Does anyone else find the game overwhelming? Like, how do you keep your focus? I find myself sidetracked so often, and yeah, I get that that’s part of it; you can do a little here and a little there. But I’m finding myself frustratingly getting sidetracked to the point where I lose desire to go back to what I was initially doing.
  15. The first crashed ship at the beacon on this play through ended up being a 5.9M hauler so I traded it in for a killer ship. The cockpit design of it is the first time I’ve been interested in trying it in VR, so I might give it a whirl later.
  16. I started a new game and ended up with angry sentinels on the first monolith planet. The whole area was covered in gravity balls, and they were firing at me during the fucking quest chat scene lol. I thought fuck it and just grabbed three balls and legged it lol.
  17. Anyone got any insight as to why the scanner doesn’t work? I’m on PS4 so it was left trigger. Just makes a weird rubber balloon noise though.
  18. Fucks sake. I’ve been tinkering around on this for the last few days; really enjoying it. Got as far as owning a freighter and an Atlas pass. Now I can’t scan a damn thing, can’t talk to anyone on The Anomoly, and worst of all, when I tried and crash my ship into the ground out of pure rage, it wouldn’t let me.
  19. Just watched the whole race sans any commentary. Just team radios and then the post race interviews and podiums. Literally some of the best fucking telly I’ve seen all year I now can’t wait to watch it with the Sky commentators cos I can’t wait to hear them squawk 30 times or more. I laughed so hard when Bottas spun off, sorry despite being the third fucking penalty in my fantasy team. Same corner as Lewis wasn’t it?
  20. Allowing Hamilton to take the position and then both continue the race would be a much more realistic penalty. 5 seconds is a long time in racing. In my opinion this didn’t fall under the “entered the track in an unsafe way”. Hamilton could see him and there was the space and time to avoid him. The only issue is, doing so relied on Hamilton braking and losing the position. It should have been treated as gaining an advantage.
  21. Tbf, it was the smallest penalty they could have awarded, wasn’t it? There’s something to be said for Vettel’s psyche though, isn’t there? Seems susceptible to going downhill after negative episodes.
  22. The thing for me is, Lewis was on his line around the whole corner. If he’d come off the racing line to purposefully squeeze Seb as he came back on, then it’s more of a case of, should you penalise a driving mistake that ends you up in a position you can’t control the car? Most likely still yes if you’re affecting another driver; you can get away with it if you’re on an area of the track alone. However, Vettel didn’t seem to have enough control of the car when back on the tarmac, and did career in front of Lewis. If he’d been able to stay on the inside, then I think calling it an unsafe entry would have been way too unfair. You can’t cry “what am I meant to do” when the answer is “don’t make the mistake”. But should the penalty be 5 seconds in that instance? Depends whether you count F1 as a contact sport I guess. Everything I’ve seen since I’ve started watching suggests that’s not the case at all. Therefore, any type of driving that threatens a vehicle inherits the penalty regardless of driver etc. If it ticks the boxes, it has to stand. It sucked from a race point of view compared to it happening bottom of the grid, but *shrug* Gutted for him though. And fucks sake Norris. Gutted for him too.
  23. Episode 5 was fascinating. I’m so glad they made this. Fuck the Soviets, seriously.
  24. The trailer interested me. Just started. David Tennant channeling Bill Nighy. Love it.
  25. Well, somebody was a very good boy at his acting skills in that episode.
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