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  1. So the new car that can currently be viewed has no DRS. The rear looks pretty aerodynamic and I can’t see how they’re going to pop a flap in unless they totally change it. Think this will stick?
  2. Damn. I’ve forgotten the one I’m always trying to work out. I’ve asked about it on here before. Even joined some bizarre forum to try and find out. Now can’t even remember anything lol. That’s a new low.
  3. My youngest was obsessed with the shitty cartoons of kids songs, but my ex and I used to enjoy them because of the fucking absurdity of them lol. Some of them were so fucking freaky. Chu Chu TV was a good one. He just LOVED Johnny Johnny Yes Papa Papa and wanted to watch every version on YouTube. I mean…..what the fuck
  4. I genuinely always watched an enjoyed the title music to In The Night Gundah, as my eldest used to call it. And especially because he would come to me crying whenever it played because the music was so moving. (Not that I enjoy my kids crying. I just know he was getting to experience a strong emotion).
  5. I really enjoy Keith “doin’ it for twenny year” Fit lol. There are just a few gems dotted about. I think Rapids Johnson has made me laugh and I want an adult version of Dina Lady, because she’s a premium candidate for dropping in a “stupid cunt”.
  6. You’re not supposed to Google it! You’re supposed to guess!
  7. I was just wondering about this, because I have a contender after seeing him voice a baby bird that was on screen for about four seconds. So I’m gonna go with Frank Walker. Who else could be in the running?
  8. I was always a bit secretly fond of parts of Gigglebiz. There were some true quality bits of slapstick and delivery. Maybe I should check out some of his standup.
  9. I’d recommend that anyone who wants to enjoy the Marvel stuff more, to just go and google it. Check out the Marvel wiki. Watch some YouTubes of trailer Easter eggs or “what to expect” etc. Look at origin stories and how other characters factor in to different narratives. You’re unlikely to ruin a movie for yourself, because they’re only used as inspiration and we’ve no idea how strong they’ll keep to the character’s comic arcs. I knew basically fuck all, but now I know enough to enjoy speculation and realisation. It just makes everything more wholesome when you get a better idea of what the fuck is going on and who’s who. I’ll be doing some background research for the 5 rings movie characters for sure.
  11. Keto dinner. Layer of cream cheese. Then eggs, extra thick double cream and Greek yoghurt. Full of roasted tomatoes and peppers. Sliced baby bel on top because that’s all we had Outrageously good.
  12. What a fucking shit race. Gutted. Fucking Bottas.
  13. Someone please tell me that they’re going to make Tom Cruise go stand next to Perez after the race. I need to see it.
  14. I think the penalty and “causing a collision” is bullshit.
  15. Think it’s worth pointing out that the complete mix of opinions on whose fault it was in here, surely suggests it was a racing incident.
  16. “I’ve emailed you a drawing” Please someone knock up what drawing you think has materialised.
  17. Lol, I’ve not been listening properly. Who’s suggesting it was on purpose lol.
  18. “Do you go and have a word with Toto?” what the fuck for? A fist fight??
  19. Who do we look to for the race today now? What sort of restart do we think? I thought Max was becoming cool as a cucumber. Turns out he can still lose his head.
  20. The view from Leclerc is quite intense.
  21. Two more camera angles and it does look like Max’s fault. I’ve changed my mind. Fucks sake.
  22. If his nose caught the rear tire then how?
  23. How is driving your nose into someone a racing incident.
  24. We’re watching outside but with ear pods, and I did the biggest fucking gasp and “OOOHHHH” in front of the neighbours and I’m so embarrassed. Fucking Hamilton binned him. The cunt.
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