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  1. You’re joking? But they speak just like the old puppets; barely constructing an expression. Rigid lips. They need to have rigid lips!!!
  2. Absolutely. I thought her performance as an android in Humans was quite clever. Little did I know that’s the only way she can act and it’s fucking devoid of anything. The deviants looked like SHIT. One of those extravagant, gaudy, circle jerks of “look what we can do with CGI!” It would have worked a thousand times better if they had been plain, dark, brutal, primal looking beasts. It reminds me why I breathe a sigh of relief when there’s a giant, rubber, animatronic blob of a hut in Boba Fett. Not some streamlined CGI interpretation. It loses all soul. Bring back more stop start plasticine bad guys ffs. Nothing will be scarier than those were. No one got enough screen time. Because there were eighty thousand Eternals. Angelina Jolie got to act for about seven seconds, and the rest of her screen time was made up of the stereotypical, squirrel landing bone structure shots, designed to make us go “ooohhh, she’s so pretty/strong/brave”. Fuck off. She can act. Anyone who’s seen Changeling or Malevolent (and maybe I’m biased as a mother), knows she can bring the believable emotion. But she wasn’t allowed to. I’m annoyed they dared deliver us this cos they know we’ll watch it anyone. The trailer was the best part.
  3. Would have worked better as a series. Then we’d have had the time to care about people like Sprite. Instead of having it artificially jammed down our throats via all the fucking kid jokes. Stupid.
  4. Blood Red Sky - Netflix This was a great little thing. Really solid of the genre. Interesting. Worked well in German with subtitles. Would probably be naff in English. 4/5
  5. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings I had low expectations after seeing what some people were saying, but I was pleasantly surprised. Enjoyed it. Very happy with the inclusion of so many Asian elements. The music. The subtitled sections. Helps balance out the variety of Asian ethnicities all cast as a single race sigh. Pretty. Nice music. Decent story. Love Ben Kingsley. Definitely don’t cut it out of your Marvel timeline. It’s really not that bad. 3.5
  6. Has anyone said yet how Ramin Djawadi has completely ripped off of Klaus Badelt‘s Pirates of the Caribbean score??! I’m really annoyed and disappointed in him.
  7. Really enjoying this. Like @TehStusays, I love the lore being included/written, making you care about these “extras” from the movie. Listening to the end credit music today; I half wondered if both this and The Mandalorian were composed so they could be mixed together. Mandalorian is Wild West and Boba Fett is more piratey, but there’s something about how much more simple the Boba Fett tune is, that makes me wonder. edit: okay, tried it. Boba Fett is a waltz lol.
  8. What, by saying nuts if it’s hated? Come on.
  9. For me, as autistic, watching that kid finally feel like she fits in because she sees her Grandfather accept her weirdness cos he’s weird too; I 100% think he’d be up for anyone who got some comfort out of that like I did. I wish to hell I had someone in my family that was like me but older. To make me feel better. Because she shacks up with Moranis, not Ramis. See my comments above at being accepted for being odd. I’d give anything to have had some of that at 12 years old instead of thirty fucking five. That’s what got me. Anyone who hates it is nuts. This was perfectly enjoyable. I personally laughed at a few points. I was happy with the story and it made sense which was important.
  10. It was good, wasn’t it. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was clever. The Judge 2014 Roberts Duvall and Downey Jr. I thought it would be good cos the premise was interesting. Netflix synopsis could have gone many ways. Did not expect it to be so good. It’s intense. It’s difficult. Have something light hearted to watch/do after. But watch it. 4.5/5
  11. Watched Unforgivable afterwards. I really really like Viola David. She is so strong. And Bullock is great as usual. I love that these two strong women have this movie pivoting around them. Her husband, the lawyer, just fades right back. They are the two leads and despite the sad story, it’s really enjoyable to experience. Just realised Hans Zimmer did the soundtrack. Quite distinct from him. Similar strings to Dark Phoenix. But I love the Radiohead song coming in at the end. Love that song from Vanilla Sky.
  12. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s first movie as director, The Lost Daughter with Olivia Colman. I could talk about this movie for hours, but I won’t because it will drive everybody insane. Mostly myself. I think she did really, really, really well. And I don’t know how this could have worked with anyone but Colman. If you let yourself get sucked in then it’s really uneasy. Especially watching as a parent and being able to identify with some of the specific shit children can create for you. It’s left me with the opinion that it’s inhumane for just one or two adults to bring up a child. To be left alone to do it all. It just shouldn’t happen to our species.
  13. This is hilarious. So many movies try to pull off funny scenes like this had and just fail. Gunn’s a genius.
  14. Don’t Look Up Proud to be woke, and to feel affected by this. 4/5
  15. Came here to talk about Don’t Look Up. Funny, but fucking hell it’s depressing. Right on the money. It’s scary sometimes, how someone else is also absolutely aware of all the subtle aspects of shit like this. You either need ignorance, or a strong sense of positivity surrounding your own little world to be able to get through this.
  16. That was great. I’d watch that again over Wandavision and Loki any day. Been really happily surprised by both the Black Widow movie and this. So far from the boring plug at being cool I thought they’d try to be. They ended up being effortless enjoyment, and once again proves to me I should always be willing to give things a try.
  17. Holy shit. When he’s telling her the story of the shot he never took. Episode 4. That’s the music when she fell. I don’t think that’s the first time they’ve played that post Infinity War/End Game either. I’m sure I heard it in another show. Fucking goosebumps. Such a great piece of music how it ends on those major chords.
  18. This is brilliant. 3 episodes in and they’ve taken such a great direction with it. Two people shooting bows and arrows could have been SO bad. But staging it at Christmas, and with the many classical and Christmas music giving some light comedy; I think it’s totally elevated. And it’s funny! I’m laughing out loud. The connection with his family members (that hard of hearing phone call with his son was so moving, especially with her reactions). Plus the villain is a very interesting design. No run of the mill. Probably enjoying it more than Loki at this point.
  19. Curse Nintendo for not letting us plant trees on edges, and curse them for not allowing palm trees to be exploited to be on cliff edges.
  20. Comes in many colours as well. @StumpyJohn do you have the recipe for the vine stool? Placing one near the vine makes it look like roots are extending out.
  21. Oh, I have some trolleys thank you. My shopping district is coming along quite well
  22. @StumpyJohn I think if I quote you it won’t hide your spoiler tag, but when I left the island I was given an option and ended up with this I love finding them in the floaties. These two seem to have been adrift for a few days..
  23. That was quite a sad little trip to Youtube One of his last performances reminds me of that last video of Freddie Mercury. Maybe start with Olympico.
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