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  1. When has anything about Marvel ever been incidental though. It’s always been “oh yeah, that’s why!” The movie is full of gaping plot holes left open to interpretation, like the Capt America stuff. I’ve no idea how the lift scene works now compared to the past one; hydra think he’s on their side? And is that timeline branch the same as the one where he knows Bucky is alive? Or are there multiple Cap realities now? How do they even get the stones out of the sceptre and the tesseract when the respective movies focused so much on it. And how does one man put them all back again, including the fact he’s not a pilot but somehow gets two into outer space and one to Asgard? I don't think its a crime to ask questions like this if a previously tight as fuck series, and not accept “just because” as an answer.
  2. So fixated? I asked a question and it’s not been answered in a way that makes sense yet. I’ve only asked it twice. It was a poignant screenshot and I’d like to understand it. I’ll just shut up then.
  3. For what. The whole point is to bring back people, including someone who can make more. Why not take either what’s needed, or all of them then. What’s two extra gonna do?
  4. The Captain America stuff. Knowing about Bucky..Peggy.. If Cap puts the stones back using new particles made by now not dead Pym, then why take four? Why make a point of showing us he takes four? Why not just the two he needs. Or all of them?
  5. @Steely yes, there are split timelines for various characters it seems. Messy af. None of their past actions when time travelling apparently affect where they ended up. The how is answered by the GPS device. TBH I’m so disappointed with such a cop out when it didn’t need to happen that way, that I don’t think I care about it any more.
  6. Because it seems in Marvel world changing the past doesn’t change the future, and changing the present doesn’t change the past. Except it does, because it creates alternate realities when it suits the storyline. So now there are pasts that some of the main characters have lived that we never saw, but they don’t affect the characters we see because they’ve lived that point a certain way and it can never be changed.
  7. Cap took four time travel vials. One for him and one for Tony to get back. That leaves two to take the stones back, but they belonged in three different years.
  8. Disappointing to end with multiple timelines and realities floating around then. Especially as it was pointed out that it’d open the Sanctum up to threats they couldn’t manage. I don’t like an unknitted ending.
  9. What did Dr Strange’s gesture to Tony at the end mean then.
  10. Does he know he doesn’t succeed though. Banner clicks the vanished back before Thanos arrives, and he doesn’t know who’s gone and who’s not. If 2014 Thanos dies when he’s dust, as does Gamora etc, then that’s an enormous Paradox. Huge plot hole. He is completely different in IW. Philosophical. And some of his lines make more sense. He would continue his search for the stones regardless, as it’s his destiny. That’s why he gives his speech about it.
  11. 6 months in the show....? It takes weeks and months to travel anywhere, and a load of dragons and wolves have grown to near adult size. Try around 5 years at least.
  12. What I want to know is, not where did Loki go, but why did he come back? Only to then be carted off to Asgard in the final scenes of Avengers 1. Wonder what he got up to.
  13. Tony had to have snapped them all back rather than killed them, otherwise Thanos would have ceased to exist in 2014. As for Nebula, I assume she’s snapped back and repaired with no memory of what happened. In fact, this explains why Gamora is trying to steal the orb to double cross Thanos at the start of Guardians 1. In End Game she’s all for his plan, but meeting her future sister changes her mind. She’s not privy to the closed loop and Thanos needing to find all the stones and snap though, unlike every other Avenger. So she just sets out to try and prevent it the only way she knows how. Shit. That’s pretty clever writing. Edit: Ah shit. And I just realised what gesture Dr Strange was giving Tony at the end. I was wondering what it meant. He was holding up one finger reminding him there’s just one way it will work so they’ll win. My take on it any way.
  14. Kill them at which point? In IW? He doesn’t need to. He knows whatever happens he succeeds. He just doesn’t realise in 2014 that they undo it all. He only realised that in the End Game battle. That’s why he sits down so defeated. He realises the loop is closed. After IW, Thanos was my favourite character. I loved his attitude to things. In this movie he was a dick. I hated him. Now I realise why; Brolin played him completely differently. He had none of the calm, contemplation he had in IW. He was just outright ruthless.
  15. So 5 years ended up having not happened, and the battle we just saw was Thanos’s only chance to change things, hence his expression right at the end? Edit: Oh, duh. Just the bad guys you meant.
  16. Hands down, best part of that movie was when I said “He looks like the fuckin’ Dude” just before Tony walks past and gives his line. Me an’ Marvel writers be
  17. NexivRed

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    That blew me away, sucked me back in, tied me in knots, then blew me again. Jesus.
  18. NexivRed

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    My god this cinema is like a sauna. Been packed with bodies all day I reckon. Smells of fucking feet. Seven minutes to go!!!
  19. NexivRed

    Avengers: Endgame (April 2019) - no spoilers please

    Just sitting down to Infinity War (at home). Our End Game tickets are for 9 tonight. God I hope our audience aren’t a bunch of clappers..
  20. Watching for the second time, and I noticed Winterfell is now surrounded by wooden stakes all on fire. Cool.
  21. He’s literally the best thing ever. I don’t know how he manages to tread the line of excellence so well without plummeting into contrived, but he pulls it off.
  22. Well....all of this needs to happen now, and I’ll be really really cross if it doesn’t. The dragon should be Drogon. Raegal will snuff it at WF but be paramount to ensuring some of them live. Except Jaime needs to be more important.
  23. Hmm. The NK was created using dragon glass to defend the Children of the Forest from the First Men. I wonder if that will be significant at all. Weaterosi from north of the Neck and the wildlings are all descended from the First Men, but people like Cersei are mostly descended from the Andals. Maybe old Valyria (Dany and also Jon now). Be funny if he literally just runs like a program, and if/when he comes up against the Golden Company and twats at King’s Landing he’s like, “eerrr ERROR!” He might also be looking for the Three Eyed Raven so he can go back to the point against the tree where he was created to see how he can undo it. I also think the only way you can destroy him is to remove the dragon glass FROM him. Not attack him with it.
  24. I’ll eat my hat if Davos isn’t attacked by that little girl with the scarred face. She’ll come at him as a wight, but all he’ll see is Shireen...

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