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  1. Really solid. Wholesome and moving. You can easily connect with the grandparents. Also tense as fuck. Scary. Because “the bad guys” are a very real sort of people; the kind that live happily in their shitty world because they don’t technically break any rules. They’re just fucking horrid people. I can imagine those sorts of scenarios so easily. Perhaps because they remind me of times I needed to fit in with people who didn’t share my morals or values. Thick tension in the air. Trying to blend in cheerfully whilst trembling inside with negative emotions. Scared for the mo
  2. You have no idea how hard my brain has strained for 15 years trying to picture the fucking things. I cannot bloody wait.
  3. Crazy talk. It’s missing like, half a bar.
  4. Also, having to literally delete things you’ve designed and built so you can get access to one of the major new pieces of content (snowballs), is shit. Why not release an extra plot of land so you at least have the space to be able to do it.
  5. Anyone know when we’re going to get more space? The gameplay of having to arrange and coordinate swapping of items in all colours is extremely difficult and tedious for me. I don’t want to delete anything on my island just to build something else though. I keep coming back for the new seasonal content and getting immediately bored. I set myself the goal of three themed buildings on my island, but the sheer amount of coordination and luck needed to get the items to fill them out is insurmountable. I’m gutted. I miss this game. It’s killing creativity. Still no
  6. I don’t know. When you’re part of such a thrilling sport, there must be many facets why you compete. I’d hope part of it was that he enjoyed what he brought to the table. I didn’t say he needed to prove it in another car. I said he could. When you’ve accomplished basically everything, you might as well have some bloody fun. It’s not like he has much to go home to
  7. I don’t think it’s disappointment cos they’re fans. It’ll be disappointment because it means the race will be boring unless there’s an incident. If I were Lewis, I’d take notice of how boring I made races for some people, and vow to not end my career on any such thing. I would love it if he secured his final record, and then went to a different car and smashed the hell out of it. Proved it wasn’t just the car. It would be so much more exciting and I’d personally want to bring that. I know it won’t happen because I have idealistic hopes for the sport. But he can technical
  8. Their websites both give their teams, and Toto said Bottas had a contract yesterday. I think it would be extremely bad form an unprofessional to publicly drop him like that just because of the drive George did. There’s no need to rush it. It will be far more enjoyable stretched out anyway. Russell is no age. We’ll have years to enjoy him. As soon as he gets in that car there’s no turning back. No excuse to be anything but brilliant. I don’t want that for him. 10-15 years of the ultimate expectation Bleh.
  9. Russell’s overtake (you know the one I mean) was absolutely excellent. Late on the brakes, perfect line, the balls to follow it through. I can’t wait to watch his future.
  10. Yeah, it was really hard to choose. I think I went with the access to sports for disabled children. I liked the sound of it and could relate to it, and it was still a fair way off its target.
  11. Forget the win; this guy has all the chance to end up on the podium. That in itself is huge. Being up there. Getting a trophy. It’s big stuff. Wtf happened with McLaren?
  12. Just been watching the guys do their bit. Seems like a good deal. Decent causes. Could even be a Christmas gift. https://jinglejam.tiltify.com/
  13. It’s going to be Russell, surely. Bottas’ days will be numbered.
  14. Just finished the race. The crash was sickening. Perez at the end is an “ahh shit”, even Stroll upside down is just a “whoops, oh dear”. Because they don’t trigger something inside you. You kind of accept those incidents as safely mitigated. But Grosjean was a big reaction. The though of getting trapped in the fire is terrifying, but like any of these crashes, it’s the deceleration that scares me. You can give them all the seatbelts and neck braces in the world, but you can’t stop soft tissue, such the aorta, being ripped due to the force. And that means death. I have no idea how
  15. Trial 4. Totally gripping. Binged it in one night. Really interesting, really relevant. Nicely put together. Doesn’t try to be over dramatic. Definitely recommend.
  16. God, they’re utterly brazen about the affair, aren’t they. I can’t imagine what it must be like for William and Harry knowing this series has been made. I don’t know what’s worse: portraying the truth of things that were said and done, or any creative licence being taken to dramatise their mother’s mental health, unhappiness and slow demise.
  17. I’d almost forgotten one of my favourite things about The Crown. Hans Zimmer. I like the other composers as well. Those two notes of dread in a lot of the scenes with Diana give me chllls.
  18. Just started season 4. I saw the synopsis for episode 1 and I Waiting for it to happen was awful. I’m interested in how much of the Troubles is involved in this series. I wonder how it will show it and what people will take from it. Gillian Anderson makes me wish I could like Thatcher. I have such a crush on her. Anderson, not Thatcher. She was a cunt.
  19. Today I found out that, despite living in Monaco (presumably for convenience), Lewis Hamilton is registered for me and pays tax in the U.K. What a lad. Now I can properly like him.
  20. Whaaaaaaaat a race. Jesus Christ. How did that man win that race. How did he gain over 20 seconds in 10 laps. Insane talent ffs lol. Amazing driving from Seb and Leclerc. Proper chuffed for Seb doing well in the rain like he should, but gutted Leclerc got greedy. But fucking Lando. How many fastest laps was he smashing out there?? It was lap after lap.
  21. This is where I have the problem. All it means is someone gets to decide what they think is likely. One man. One person. And largely based on witness testimony; much of it from Heard herself. Fucking woolly. And regardless if it’s likely he might have shoved her, slapped her, or pushed her over, the terminology it then allows is totally unfair in my opinion. Especially when it’s legal to hit your fucking kids as a form of discipline. “Wife beater” carries an awful stigma. And seeing as he was never found guilty of hitting or harming his wife, it’s ridiculous it’s allowed
  22. You’d like to think so, but the defence lawyers are apparently bemused at the outcome due to the actual evidence available.
  23. He’s never been convicted. She withdrew her allegations and they settled out of court. This is not some blind defence of Depp because I think he’s hot by the way. It’s the fact that he was never convicted of abuse, but a shit rag of a newspaper have won a case based on the opinion of one man, and seemingly ignoring much evidence. It’s a ridiculous way to do things.
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