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  1. NexivRed

    Find this old game for me!!

    No, I saw that one. This was even simpler. The game screen was just two pages of a book to read.
  2. NexivRed

    Find this old game for me!!

    I want to try and find a PC game I used to play. I say play; it was just a series of fairytales such as Cinderella and Hansel and Gretal, and you could choose a level of “twist” and words would be replaced. You couid add in your own verbs, adjectives and nouns as well, and it was hilarious. I thought it was called Twisted Tales. It’s bloody old, it doesn’t even go full screen. The loading screen has a tree and some deer and other animals, and you selected your story by clicking on one. Pleeeeease help me find it and if it’s abailanle in some sort of format. It’d work great as an app!
  3. NexivRed

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    The start of the Mexico though; you cannot argue that Lewis can’t get the best out of a car and isn’t exceptionally talented. He pulled in right between one and two immediately, so seeing as they’re all manual drive and I don’t think Mercedes have the quickest acceleration(?), that’s just amazing and purely down to his ability to weild the car. As I don’t think it was even down to anticipating the green light, was it? Not like that crazy start by....Bottas? My absolutely awful memory does not serve me well when it comes to discussing my interests I’m really interested to watch Hamilton’s game plan for the next two races. I hope he doesn’t pull back in the slightest, because I think his skill is part of what is pushing Verstappen to be the driver he is. Just hope he doesn’t take it too far and have a bad crash.
  4. NexivRed

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Sorry, that’s so lame isn’t it. But jewellery/watches are the first thing I clock on most people.
  5. NexivRed

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Juste un Clou. Looked like a double one. It’s a bracelet by Cartier.
  6. NexivRed

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    What a race, that was great to watch. Although F1 was always on when I was growing up; during the years of Berger, Schumacher and Häkkinen etc, and it was the sound of my Sundays, I never really continued to follow it. All I knew was that I hated Lewis Hamilton’s piercings and I’m jealous of his JUC. But it’s the favourite sport of my boyfriend, so I’ve been watching all qualifiers and races for the last couple of months, and I’ve found it so interesting. The tyre choices, the stop strategies, the engines, the fact you can commit fouls. I love it all. The races are over far too quickly! I could watch all day. Verstappen is a quiet favourite because of the size of his balls, but I always want Kimi to win lol. Ridiculous seeing as he’ll nearly always be used to ensure Vettel’s position. But who cares; I like him.
  7. His fucking face as he walks into the press conference after Brendan’s confession. Rank.
  8. @Capwn she’s absolutely nailed it in my opinion. I’ll eat my hat if she’s wrong. Every single box is ticked, and the scenario makes WAY more fucking sense. I had a funny feeling about the named in the first series. Fuckin’ dodgy.
  9. NexivRed

    The Haunting of Hill House

    I’m highly susceptible to jump scares, but they tend to plateau at just jumping. That, however, made me jump a mile and my hand flew over my eyes.
  10. Yeah, we did 7 on Saturday and 3 tonight. Couldn’t put it down.
  11. Finished it. Astounded. Oh. My. Fucking. God about the coroner.
  12. Binged 7 hours in one go; just couldn’t put it down. So many holes filled. Actual means for the murder given. Still not finished, but I can’t believd what she’s uncovered and how the dots are all connected regarding evidence planting. I’d have put money on that neber habing happened, but so much makes sense regarding how it could have happened. That fucking Colburn, man... Jesus. Can’t wait to see if the substance on the bullet is confirmed before the end of this.
  13. NexivRed

    The Devil Wears Prada

    “One stomach flu away from my goal weight” became my mantra.
  14. NexivRed

    Is there a sushi thread?

    Would there be any good restaurants to try Norfolk/Suffolk/Cambridgeshire/Essex way? I bought some starter stuff this weekend! That brand of rice, the “seasoning” stuff to cook it in? and some wasabi all found in the Asian food area of Tesco. Also grabbed nori, crunchy onions, cucumber, avocado and imitation sticks. So I assume I’m gonna be trying to make two types of (crappy) California roll, is that right? Gotta start somewhere. Grabbed some tubs from the sushi bar in Sainsbury’s in the week. They had a few other things too, including this spicy squid salad thing which was lush. I’m a sucker for those crispy onions though. And anything with black rice. I’d really like to try some more authentic dishes though. I’m quickly looking past the basic “bit of fish/veg in rice swirl” when out buying it, and searching for more interesting things. Yo Sushi is very expensive to try all the things you like. How anyone spends less than sixty quid there on two people is beyond me if you want some fun variety.
  15. NexivRed

    Is there a sushi thread?

    Thank you! Yeah, I figured the crab sticks would be a start lol, but I’m fine with veggie stuff. Cooked or raw tuna is fine too, as is raw salmon. I’m not about to head out and buy some roe straight away, but it depends on the cost for buying in bulk etc. So it needs to be Japanese sushi rice then, not just regular sticky rice? I’d heard Lidl do a world foods section with the sushi stuff. Have you tried that? Do you have specific websites you order from, or can you get the stuff from certain supermarkets?

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