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  1. It’s becoming impossible to find streams. Gonna have to make some decisions.
  2. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It -1/5 Fucking awful. Don’t bother. Not only is this an atrocious movie, but the subject matter now makes me thoroughly sick. It’s another venture into the world of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Noted frauds and liars...sorry....paranormal investigators. Whereas the first movie that involved the portrayal of this real life couple was kind of cool, it’s now beyond a joke and beyond the pale. Because the storyline of this particular movie involves the murder trial of Arne Johnson, a guy who stabbed his landlord to d
  3. Is everyone who’s watching the full race watching it on Sky Sports? Is that the only way to view it?
  4. Refreshing to hear a new national anthem. Mega chuffed P1 for Tom Cruise. How embarrassing for Pirelli. Wtf. I really feel for Max. The Merc magic button is bizarre. Proper adrenaline rush for those final two laps. No DRS and no Mercedes. So exciting. I’m gonna watch it again. I think my entire fantasy team got into the points that race! Oh, except Max
  5. How much money goes under the table to keep this track on the timetable? The blindness of that castle turret chicane if anyone were to stop just after it. Whole track feels iffy. Left feeling an itch after that many crashes in qualifying. Whole thing feels off.
  6. Really enjoyed this. Maybe because I’m not a strict fan of any other zombie movie. I find a lot of them pretty samey and it’s not a genre I go looking for deeper meaning in, nor necessarily appreciate the production and direction of. They’re not my type of horror film. It has plot holes and people do stupid stuff for stupid reasons, (like the whole plan). But I thought it was knitted together well with decent pacing. And that makes it enjoyable for me. I liked the characters. It can be hard to warm to cliches and stereotypes being so obviously forced upon you. But I actuall
  7. I love Contact. It’s got one of the best “sciencey bits” of any movie. I always enjoy the science stuff before the action. Volcano, The Core; stuff like that. It’s a great movie.
  8. Army of the Dead - on Netflix now Scoring stuff out of 5 is really hard. My gut says 4/5 because it’s really pretty good and I enjoyed it a lot. But then it’s obviously nowhere near hundreds of other actually proper 4/5 movies, like nearly every Scorsese film and Avatar (joke). It’s a 7.75/10. So someone else can do the maths. It’s a different zombie movie. The music is great. Bautista is himself. There are some good lines. There’s a really well crafted fight scene between a woman and the undead, that is probably one of the best human vs zombie fights I’ve ever seen. I’m
  9. I’m no longer last on the fantasy scoreboard despite missing the first race!
  10. Does anyone have a good outlet for
  11. No one guessed mine you miserable cunts
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