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  1. Are you talking about the new one? I like where they went with it.
  2. I want a night out with this guy so bad. I’ve never thought Max would end up retiring. Hope it doesn’t come true, but
  3. I was genuinely gutted for Massa. He really deserved a championship at some point. But I guess surviving that injury he has coming was enough.
  4. Holy shit the last few laps of Brazil 2008!!! I love that I spent the entire season thinking Massa had won because his face was on the icon. Lol. I LOVE THIS SPORT.
  5. Well, it looks like Russell and Williams really enjoyed that at least. Clever tweaking of the car by them. When’s the last time there were two brits on the podium? I’m off to watch some actual racing now. Up to China 2008. AND NO, I DON’T KNOW ANY OF THE RESULTS.
  6. My mum shared a couple of pics with me today. Name that corner, 1978.
  7. I thought it was going to be utter shite, but it was somewhat bearable. I did actually quite like the rooms at the end, especially Lawrence’s. But I saw him recently in an Australian design show, and he was really good there.
  8. Good one. Suddenly after all that explanation, I’m no longer upset. Like magic. Maybe I’m just a freak, but I’d have just said sorry and moved on. But thanks for clarifying that being right is more important to you than how a person might feel Edit: I’d like to clarify that it wasn’t the talking and spoiling that I meant was not kind. It the was the not caring it happened afterwards.
  9. And describing me as “dead wrong” means you’re saying it’s my own fault it was spoilt for me, because I shouldn’t have mentioned it due to the fact anyone can then say what they like regardless if it does spoil it? Nice. Thanks.
  10. But no one was talking about that season? The only reason it even came up was because I said that’s when I started watching them from. No one is obliged to then start talking about it under the assumption I know exactly what happens. Even if it is apparently “very difficult not to talk about it”. Really disappointed that’s specifically your stance, @Dudley. Makes me sad. I thought you were kinder than that.
  11. I didn’t know the results of the championship. I don’t have it to memory which ones he won and which he didn’t. At Germany he’s currently leading the championship. I didn’t say you couldn’t talk about F1. But when I specifically say I’ve downloaded an app that’s allowing me to watch whole seasons (because I’ve only been watching for a few years) and I’m really enjoying it, I don’t understand why you’d then double down on your right to announce the result and talk about specific races when I literally say what race I’m on. Especially when I make it clear it upset me. Whatever. Don’t tell me what I do and don’t know.
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