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  1. Sent a request. Looks like @StumpyJohnbhas you covered. Just visited you, John. Island is looking outstanding.
  2. Think I have red for sale in my shop today. I can open with a code in a bit. Or I know I can order one.
  3. Open for friends at mine but afk painting.
  4. Ooooohh.... the water flooring you can make with those blue shells is lovely.
  5. Green bin would be lovely, thank you!
  6. Aww thank you. How many in the bell department?
  7. Like the thing the tool box is sitting on? Yes please
  8. Does anyone have the tool chest (not box) in a colour other than red or orange? And the wheelie bin in green maybe? Pretty please?
  9. I have not logged in for AGES. Because I’m not happy unless I’m building, designing or creating something and my island is full. My house is full. My custom designs are full. But I really miss it, so I’m thinking of deleting large areas of my island. Part of me is really cross at being forced to do this. I’d kill for more custom design slots.
  10. If you have rocks spawning regularly in certain spots because everywhere else is fucking full, (I have them spawning in predictable places nearly all the time, and it’s flower beds), can I set up a rock garden easily without mannequins?
  11. No joy after trying this apparently thank you for the suggestion.
  12. Did that though. Over a week ago. I want one cos they were my grandads favourite flower and they’re so cute. Thank you @Broker. You can plant stuff at people’s islands.
  13. My island is 4 stars, and will stay that way, because I use weeds decoratively and have free stuff for people to take. I’ll never get a lily of the valley
  14. Dictated by my partner... Borderlands GOTY enhanced for PS4. Last general Knoxx missing is broken in the armoury, the door is locked but it says ‘hand in’. Can’t get in the armoury to hand it in. Not edited the save or any such mistake, it’s just glitched and it’s annoying as hell. He can’t find anything on the net to help. Anyone here got any info?
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