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  1. NexivRed

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    Well, I for one am doing all the usual things I do when watching or listening to Partridge: ”Chriiist...” /Picard “Fuuuck meee” ”WASSEEDOIN??!” *repeat what he said extremely slowly* *snort* ”nooooooo, for fuuucks saaake” ..all in that sort of hushed, drawn out way with the look on your face you have when a member of the general public within earshot is suddenly overtly racist, crossed with the sly pleasure filled grin at finding one of the last After Eight packets left in the empty box actually contains an After Eight. Great Patridge.
  2. NexivRed

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    I was going to give you a salty tear until this. I’ll have you know it was equally enjoyable looking like shit and smelling like vinegar. Shame upon your stereotyping.
  3. Does that scene play “Light of The Seven” during it? I know the following montage does, which is one of my favourite parts. Literally my favourite bit of music. So I started a rewatch last week. On Season 5 and currently watching “The wars to come” and....what the fuck is with the size of those dragons?? Are the timelines in comparison to each other so fucked, that a couple of days passes at The Wall, but a year in Mereen? She only put them in the catacombs the episode previous!
  4. Hey there. I’m in the process of developing an adventure tabletop board game that utilises questions as one of the mechanics. What I’d like to know from anyone who might have done similar or know anything about this is, can I use questions that appear in other games? Such as Trivial Pursuit. The reason I’m asking is because I need three different stacks of questions and I’m concerned about having too much repetition. I have no problem making up questions, but I think I’m going to need loads to have a decent chance at even one replay. Can I use and questions and answers off the internet? Would it just be a problem to copy the exact phrasing from another game? Also, I’m still working on the question mechanic as I want to have different difficulty levels for the game. I’m not finalised on how that will work yet though, as I’m trying to balance everything. I don’t want to make it crazy complicated, and there will be a choice of performing a “task” i stead of answering a question, so perhaps that takes care of the sub 8 year olds? I just want there to be a streamlined way to make it age appropriate (such as just choosing from the stack of adult questions.) All suggestions are welcome on how to achieve this. Perhaps making all tasks child friendly and then having two age categories for the questions: older children and adults. The aim is to actually win an item fairly easily, and multiple failures would not be a workable scenario. This part of the game is not meant to be highly challenging, as I want choice to play more of a part than luck. I’m loathed to make it so, the harder the question/task, the more items won, as I think that skews the game in that respect. Working out all these things is tough! I know play through will help me work them out but I need a place to start. And knowing how easy it would be to have 90+ questions available to me without getting into trouble is a good starting point. Thank you.
  5. NexivRed

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Cargo. Freeman done good.
  6. NexivRed

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Holy shit. I’m watching Time: the Kalief Browder story. The shit that goes down on Rikers Island...what the fuck?? 85% of its eleven thousand strong population haven’t even been convicted of anything??
  7. NexivRed

    Find this old game for me!!

    Was definitely Windows by then. Probably Windows ‘96.
  8. NexivRed

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Just came here to recommend it. On the New York episode. Loving this. It’s so feel good and makes you just really appreciate people and love in general. I can’t wait to see if we can adopt a rescue dog in the future. I miss my girl so much.
  9. I think that’s a realistic look 18 years from now. If you think back to what Dumbledore looked like when he brought Tom to the school. And Tom is in his 5th or 6th year when the chamber is opened. He’s 46 in this latest movie. So 64 in that pic.
  10. Are you talking about spells? Spells have specific colours.
  11. NexivRed

    The Big Lebowski

    Jeff Bridges is so hot.
  12. NexivRed

    The Big Lebowski

    It’s my favourite film. And I don’t normally like odd films. It’s crazy just how essential Philip Seymour-Hoffman is in this film to knit some of the strands together with his acting. Fuck, he was so good
  13. NexivRed

    Find this old game for me!!

    No, I saw that one. This was even simpler. The game screen was just two pages of a book to read.
  14. NexivRed

    Find this old game for me!!

    I want to try and find a PC game I used to play. I say play; it was just a series of fairytales such as Cinderella and Hansel and Gretal, and you could choose a level of “twist” and words would be replaced. You couid add in your own verbs, adjectives and nouns as well, and it was hilarious. I thought it was called Twisted Tales. It’s bloody old, it doesn’t even go full screen. The loading screen has a tree and some deer and other animals, and you selected your story by clicking on one. Pleeeeease help me find it and if it’s abailanle in some sort of format. It’d work great as an app!

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