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  1. Allowing Hamilton to take the position and then both continue the race would be a much more realistic penalty. 5 seconds is a long time in racing. In my opinion this didn’t fall under the “entered the track in an unsafe way”. Hamilton could see him and there was the space and time to avoid him. The only issue is, doing so relied on Hamilton braking and losing the position. It should have been treated as gaining an advantage.
  2. Tbf, it was the smallest penalty they could have awarded, wasn’t it? There’s something to be said for Vettel’s psyche though, isn’t there? Seems susceptible to going downhill after negative episodes.
  3. The thing for me is, Lewis was on his line around the whole corner. If he’d come off the racing line to purposefully squeeze Seb as he came back on, then it’s more of a case of, should you penalise a driving mistake that ends you up in a position you can’t control the car? Most likely still yes if you’re affecting another driver; you can get away with it if you’re on an area of the track alone. However, Vettel didn’t seem to have enough control of the car when back on the tarmac, and did career in front of Lewis. If he’d been able to stay on the inside, then I think calling it an unsafe entry would have been way too unfair. You can’t cry “what am I meant to do” when the answer is “don’t make the mistake”. But should the penalty be 5 seconds in that instance? Depends whether you count F1 as a contact sport I guess. Everything I’ve seen since I’ve started watching suggests that’s not the case at all. Therefore, any type of driving that threatens a vehicle inherits the penalty regardless of driver etc. If it ticks the boxes, it has to stand. It sucked from a race point of view compared to it happening bottom of the grid, but *shrug* Gutted for him though. And fucks sake Norris. Gutted for him too.
  4. Episode 5 was fascinating. I’m so glad they made this. Fuck the Soviets, seriously.
  5. The trailer interested me. Just started. David Tennant channeling Bill Nighy. Love it.
  6. Well, somebody was a very good boy at his acting skills in that episode.
  7. That was brilliant. Clearly stuck him on mediums for larks and to see what they could do.
  8. She was moved to Paris in the 90s.
  9. All this is very interesting, but what about this??!
  10. Was that the grave of Marie Curie they allowed focus of at the burial? What a woman. And family in general.
  11. I don’t think the way to open the lines of conversation is via a dramatised TV show.
  12. I didn’t say anything about lying to children.
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