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  1. Halo,Forza 5 and Forza Horizon were pretty much why I bought one,but this is my luck.Having one delivered from about two hundred miles away,replacing it from a store three miles away and having the same problem.
  2. I took delivery of one from Asda Direct yesterday that had the 'crackling' as soon as it was powered up,before installing the update.Returned it today in store and this one is the same,though not as loud. I didn't note the date of manufacture of the first one,but the second was made in June.
  3. 10. Dredd 9. Punisher:Warzone 8. Superman (1978) 7. Story of Ricky 6. Bullet in the Head 5. Terminator 4. Aliens 3. Robocop 2. Predator 1. Hard Boiled
  4. Far Cry 3 and Dead Space were my favourite games of last gen,so yes,great news!
  5. Things I've found: The controller charges from the laptop,but won't work with PS4 until disconnected. You can copy and paste text by clicking the three dots icon under space,selecting select all then pressing x on the pad.Handy if you keep trying to log in and sick of typing your email address. Not much more to add that hasn't been said,the machine is absolutely fantastic and the positivity in this thread and in general has been great. Now I need a 1080p TV
  6. I ordered on the 21st and yeah it's day one delivery.Good luck!
  7. I received the swap offer on Saturday and ordered mine at the end of May,if this helps.
  8. I think they missed a trick in not altering Knacks voice to suit his size,for example large Knack=James Earl Jones,small Knack=Bobcat Goldthwait.
  9. I always find it tough to rate horror films,as I've seen many I've enjoyed,but not many that have scared me. I also change my favourite films as often as I shower (that's daily) So for now it's: 10 - Ju-On 9 - The Haunting (1963) 8 - The Last House on the Left (1972) 7 - The Fog (1980) 6 - The Blair Witch Project 5 - Black Christmas (1974) 4 - Henry:Portrait of a Serial Killer 3 - Combat Shock 2 - Roadkill:The Last Days of John Martin 1 - The Exorcist 3
  10. Hi all. Thought I'd use this thread to make my first post and also vote PS4.I fully expected to get a Xbone day one and see how the PS4 panned out,but this changed to a Shopto PS4 preorder after the first Microsoft reveal,then paid for a day after E3. It's not just the restrictions on the console that put me off but the whole attitude of Microsoft that make me think 'do I really want to give these guys any more of my money?'Whereas Sony whether it's PR or not do seem to have acknowledged all their criticism and addressed it.
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