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  1. I also thought the open challenge was to win a PG Games, but I was put in a 6 versus 2 match (guess what team I was on) and were thrashed, but I did get the most flag denials and stolen crowns from both teams and the challenge popped. Fair enough having this challenge in the list, but putting it in the last week when people have spent the previous three weeks putting the effort in to get 100% leaves a bad taste. At least put these type of challenges in the first week so people can decide whether to pursue the full season. Also enjoying my time at the top of the club hall of fame (until peon21 knocks me off again )!
  2. There's some on top of the volcano. If you go into horizon solo you can use rewind when hitting the one snowman and it keeps logging as separate hits.
  3. So, I had a bash at completing the season objectives on The Eliminator. Then this happened: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/suplex-monk/video/148461669 I'm still shaking!
  4. Could I have an invite please? Gamertag: Suplex Monk. Not much of an online player, but enjoy the rival events and am currently addicted to the accolades. Currently on over 620,000 though I'll be screwed once I finish the easy ones! And thanks Boozy for setting this up.
  5. TX200 - 2:13.719 I've always ran with braking line, ABS, traction and stability control on, but I've attempted these challenges with braking line only. I'm trying to teach myself to be more fluid round the track, rather than chuck it into a corner and fight spinning out. It's a lot of fun trying for that balance of speed versus smoothness. @Jonny5 Boozy made a guide on page 27, just substitute the car and track. I can't remember if you can rent cars in this? If not then yes you'll have to buy it.
  6. Just tried the new challenge... this is going to be a bit of a bastard.
  7. Thanks for this Boozy, I hadn't played F7 for a while and this gave me the motivation to get back into it. And also finish with this -
  8. Hi all, normally a forum lurker but enjoy having a go at these challenges, so here's my best so far
  9. That Narcosis trailer brought back childhood terrors
  10. https://norwichphotos.co.uk/index.php?/topic/252444-rol-ling-staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt-daytona-usa-xblapsn/&page=14
  11. Possibly my all time favourite song,with lyrics that are sadly still as relevant today as they were in '89.
  12. Tactile feedback. Audible clicks. Rumble.
  13. Resi 7 demo update has just went live.
  14. Suplex Monk

    PS4 Pro

    I've just swapped the xbone sticks from my old pad to the pro and they work fine . In fact the pad has had some changes in design which makes it easier to swap sticks.
  15. Had a go of the third event and after about ten attempts was well happy with my time. There were a few sections I hesitated with,but with practice I'm daring to dream I can make it into the top one hundred! Those times from SnoopZakaDaVe and Meatball are phenomenal though.
  16. Cheers,that's good to know.Now I'm mulling over whether to continue my veteran run (IIRC it took me about three hours to get past 'Burn 'em Out').
  17. I usually keep track of the latest releases as well.Now I just need MW2 and I'm golden (will probably get released with next year's COD).
  18. Here you go: http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/192702-far-cry-2/&page=1
  19. Hi,are you stuck at the door at the royal palace?Because you can blow it up. Edit:sorry I meant royal fortress.
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