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  1. Genuine at this, and then going through the list of health mechanics and imagining a beam for each one of them.
  2. The spider sparrow is on sale for dust next week I've been using the broomstick sparrow for so long I legitimately forgot what they're called and had to stop myself typing "spider broomstick".
  3. The week 10 "Dreaming City Defense" challenge can be completed even though it's not visible yet, so you're going to have that for another few weeks.
  4. This week's Iron Banner bounties are ones which just playing it normally will finish off (kills, kills during zone advantage, teammate-assisted kills, matches completed). Om nom nom those +2 pinnacles.
  5. I hope Bungie never make a metroidvania, I've had to go back to orbit from this week's Shattered Realm 3 times by getting stuck in 3 different places.
  6. Servant Leader is almost Randy's Throwing Knife reborn, I have some nice rolls on it (Outlaw/Rampage and Subsistence/Multikill Clip) but I'm still trying to get one with Rapid Hit and Kill Clip and put a Backup Mag on it to give it that Randy feeling (My only complaint with it is it has one of those chevron sights) Still double infamy until the weekly reset, so slap that Gambit Prosperity mod on your ghost and get ready for transmat!
  7. I hear the rewards for winning individual matches are great once you have 7 wins on your card, but you end up playing against gods every game. I played for 3 hours last night and won a single match (got an enhancement prism and core at the end), I'm guessing this season you could build a new lighthouse from the Cosmodrome to the Hellmouth with the bones of solo queuers. Still managed to get at least one of each trials weapon and a full set of armour for my hunter on the way.
  8. I found a playlist of all the orbit music from Destiny 2, it's perfect mostly-chill/sometimes a bit epic background music https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDOdDCOrPnmlBt-JMLjIGZPfROq3hrmEO
  9. As a returning player, the light level grind absolutely sucks, especially when Iron Banner turns up on week 2 of the season
  10. Lucky Pants are so good, such a fun playstyle for hunters. Whip a handcannon out, unload it into the nearest face, hunter dodge to reload and immediately switch to your other weapon to start the timer. While doing the last strike to let me get an Exotic Cipher from Xur when he arrived, I finally got the Huckleberry catalyst. Cue 2 or 3 runs of Altars of Sorrow to grind that out, with my trusty 16-shot Ikelos void hand cannon as an effective damage dealer in the energy slot. Then I used the cipher to get the Last Word and... oh my! It's perfect - you can just get 2 clips and a reload in before Illegally Modded Holster runs out so you can save your reload dodge for another weapon. I did another Altars of Sorrow to test it out and one of the other players had a Divinity on the go. Oh! My!
  11. Why does this game still not have Monster Hunter-style loadout management built-in? So many different builds you can put together then fine-tune with mods, but then you have to do it all again manually when you want to switch to something else (the API still can't do mods, so DIM can't do them, so its loadout management doesn't cut it either). That just encourages people to stick with a couple of good-enough builds, whereas Monster Hunter adds hundreds of hours to its endgame when you start putting together hyper-specific builds which you can switch between on a whim. Same thing for ornaments and shaders, there's so much fashion fun to be had with them, but again you have to do it all manually, so who could be bothered putting multiple full sets together? Anyway, Lucky Pants is now amazing with a fast ROF hand cannon.
  12. Finally accepted that all my stuff from Season of the Undying and Season of Dawn is dead and dismantled 250 items from my vault over the last couple of weeks after reinstalling due to my daughter starting to play this. Sitting atop a mountain of refunded enhancement cores as I pop the code for Beyond Light and Season of the Lost into Steam
  13. Rez is the gaming equivalent of a favourite album, so it won't have helped that everything after the PS2 version hasn't sounded right. Really flat mix with little dynamic range and bass far too low, with effects missing on many of the various stabs and whatnots which get layered in. When the music in Rez ramps up it's supposed grab you by the fucking soul, while you tap out your own little beats on the cursor and destroy enemies to add to the track, but when it doesn't sound good that's all just so much meh, and turning up the volume can't fix the mix.
  14. This just got 110 new items and 6 new difficulty floors. The new essence items are ridiculous, I just had a spin where a single cat gave me 1552 Edit: ok, let's just end this run on payment 30
  15. John Wick 4. No, actually change that to "John Wick: He4dshots". Plot thus... all the baddies have bombs implanted in their brains, so John Wick must complete his mission without performing any headshots.
  16. They make your brain feel good. Margaret Robertson's "Why I play games" column has always stuck with me: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/6932785.stm
  17. Given nothing but the director, the name and the plot summary, which extremely on-the-nose songs are going to be used in this movie?
  18. Edit: phew, I think the "funny" bit just ended
  19. Every major plot revelation I can think of is something you've already seen in another movie, but this was a fun watch.
  20. Too many good games to be getting on with (I've only just got around to picking up Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes in the Steam sale, FFS), the only new one I'm genuinely looking forward (twenty-twenty-)to is Breath of the Wild 2.
  21. A remaster of the first was the only way we were ever going to see the release of another good Super Monkey Ball game
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