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  1. Plus those bastards at Capcom remembered to verify they hadn't included one move which can be safely spammed over and over to get past any number of enemies
  2. Type 4 has still got it in spades, throwing yourself into the corners at max speed and trusting you can control the slide feels just as good as it did in 1999. I still think of it every single time I'm driving in one of the tunnels under Brisbane. It looks amazing on today's PS1 emulators too, with all their widescreen-hackery, render upscalery and perspective-correct, er, texture-y
  3. Anything with a forced slow-walking exposition section in the first 900 hours, the new, still unacceptable, face of unskippable cutscenes.
  4. First solo win this week as The Invisible Jötunneer, I don't expect many more. People depend so heavily on the radar, even multiple rounds into the match you can sneak right up beside where they've taken position and let the toast fly
  5. I found a new vocation in the final hours of the non-flawless pool in Freelance Trials as a perma-invisible hunter who walks up behind the other team and says "hello to my little friend" (my little friend is Jötunn). I'm not proud, but the armour set I put together for it is now masterworked with the filthy shards which dropped.
  6. You could set a trailer for the Nicolas Cage version of The Wicker Man to that music and I'd like it.
  7. I'm about to enter my second week of trying to get a 1330 kinetic to max out my hunter. My alts are now up to 1328, but I don't have easy +2s like the Exo Challenge unlocked on them.
  8. OMG you can actually get wins on a 7 win card in Freelance. Got an ascendant shard on my first one, which was also the same game which reset my Trials rank. Shards all around!
  9. Genuine at this, and then going through the list of health mechanics and imagining a beam for each one of them.
  10. The spider sparrow is on sale for dust next week I've been using the broomstick sparrow for so long I legitimately forgot what they're called and had to stop myself typing "spider broomstick".
  11. The week 10 "Dreaming City Defense" challenge can be completed even though it's not visible yet, so you're going to have that for another few weeks.
  12. This week's Iron Banner bounties are ones which just playing it normally will finish off (kills, kills during zone advantage, teammate-assisted kills, matches completed). Om nom nom those +2 pinnacles.
  13. I hope Bungie never make a metroidvania, I've had to go back to orbit from this week's Shattered Realm 3 times by getting stuck in 3 different places.
  14. Servant Leader is almost Randy's Throwing Knife reborn, I have some nice rolls on it (Outlaw/Rampage and Subsistence/Multikill Clip) but I'm still trying to get one with Rapid Hit and Kill Clip and put a Backup Mag on it to give it that Randy feeling (My only complaint with it is it has one of those chevron sights) Still double infamy until the weekly reset, so slap that Gambit Prosperity mod on your ghost and get ready for transmat!
  15. I hear the rewards for winning individual matches are great once you have 7 wins on your card, but you end up playing against gods every game. I played for 3 hours last night and won a single match (got an enhancement prism and core at the end), I'm guessing this season you could build a new lighthouse from the Cosmodrome to the Hellmouth with the bones of solo queuers. Still managed to get at least one of each trials weapon and a full set of armour for my hunter on the way.
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