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  1. After building and kitting out my second house next to a patch of Black Forest before checking if the forest was more than 100 metres long (it wasn't), I finally found a proper forest and just finished doing a recce all over it (RIP to the trolls I'm now wearing). If I hop on a boat with bronze gear which looks like it's going to take me hours to craft, is that it, am I just fucked? I'm playing in such a risk-averse way I haven't died yet in 12 hours, the closest I came was a pair of skeleton archers in a burial chamber getting me down to 1hp while I was trying to zig-
  2. Yes! So many corners for which nothing will do but throwing your car right into it and confident-ing your way out the other side, it's a great test before the game will let you onto the final GP. It took me 3 goes to get past in my 20th anniversary play through (38:11 if the embed fucks up):
  3. Autumn Ring Reversed in an unmodified Dodge Viper RT/10 in the original Gran Turismo, slippy slidey fun.
  4. Coming to PC in 2022 as well: https://www.ign.com/articles/monster-hunter-rise-is-coming-to-pc-in-2022
  5. Perhaps ThePixelbarks is a huge fan of Knack
  6. GU was the last hurrah for the Wiki / MHGUDB app basically being a requirement so you'd know which quests to do to progress, there's no way they're going to take the rest of the QoL changes from World without also lifting the assigned quests system. I was still puzzling over why certain quests weren't appearing hundreds of hours into GU even with the Wiki and app to hand, just an utterly ridiculous glut of unmarked optional content.
  7. Zelda games I've actually finished ranking league of fun: Breath of the Wild A Link to the Past Wind Waker Link's Awakening As I was adding Skyward Sword to the "can't be bothered to finish this" pile, I swore it would be the last one I bought if they kept using the same formula - that worked out well
  8. Do they even have one of your French girls to draw in Canada?
  9. Cybernator Pachislot Mahjong Fight Club: Vandal Hearts Metal Gear Pachinko Quiz Magic Academy: Gradius beatmania IIDX 28: Yie Ar Kung-Fu
  10. It's baaad, and worst of all, this is the final shot of the movie, so.. Anyway, guess how many monsters get hunted in the 93-odd minutes before the credits roll.
  11. I don't know if it's been fixed since, but the sniper rifles in Cyberpunk can shoot through anything. Combined with the ping ability which highlights enemies, you can take out entire groups of enemies without getting line of sight on any of them, just ping the nearest vending machine and click on all their heads. When the scripting bugged out and a rolling shutter slammed down in front of my face, locking me out of a big arena battle instead of trapping me in it, it didn't matter as I could just snipe everyone and everything. The elbow in Double Dragon, infinitely loopa
  12. That's what your Rogues and your Nethacks are, so:
  13. Ha, I guessed where it was based on this post, achievement unlocked?
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