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  1. Meta guns are well and good, but the Halfdan-D I just got from Banshee with Outlaw & Rampage goes CHONK CHONK CHONK CHONK all moon long.
  2. Just the 980 Nightfall left to do to get ready for the Undying title when the Undying Mind arrives. I've done this week's 920 a couple of times as part of a quest for the last of Eris' ghost buddies and that got hairy enough Most of the requests I've seen on the PC LFG discord won't let you in without Izanagi's Bugged Quest Gun or Divinity. Does anyone here play late on the PC? It's 11pm in the UK when I can start playing during the week.
  3. Wow, the triumphs which need final blows in the Vex Offensive are the absolute worst.
  4. Randy's is brutal in Momentum, it's not a one-tap, but critting for 140 is enough when it fires that fast and has that many bullets in a clip. I'm at 96% on rapidly defeating opponents including a grenade launcher kill for the Mountaintop, feeling sweaty every time I get heavy I've failed a few times to the walker in that forge, whatever they've done to it if you don't keep heavy you're screwed. Edit: that was brutal, a 4 kill streak with Play Of The Game to tip me over the edge:
  5. I switched to Fighting Lion and Play of the Game to grind out the rest of the kills/medals for the Randy quest and now I just have the double kills to finish for Mountaintop too
  6. I'd given up on the Randy's grind last week, but a bunch of hours in Momentum Control and I'm heading towards 100% for the final blows part. Hunter middle-tree Nightstalker, Jade Rabbit, crouch and sweat every corner you're aiming at, slide round every corner you take and the invisibility and truesight you get from crouched precision kills make it easier to chain kills as people re-peek where their teammate got killed and you can see them doing it! It does highlight how silly the magic bullets in this game are. Pre-firing roughly the right area when someone's about to run around the corner before you can even see them on your screen is a guaranteed headshot with the Jade Rabbit. Just the slightest peek of a head from someone at the window in zone C on the Mars map when you're crouched all the way over in zone A becomes an easy headshot, even though the scope doesn't really give you enough zoom to be that accurate.
  7. There are no forge quests any more, they're on daily rotation on the Earth destination.
  8. That's a known bug, the Fighting Lion is labelled as a grenade launcher when it's actually an across-the-fucking-map sniper rifle with big, slow, explodey bullets.
  9. TIL that by the time you see this you never want to look at a grenade launcher again
  10. This is the first Mayhem I've had Shards of Galanor for and... oh my If you can get a kill with Blade Barrage and get away safely, instant super.
  11. They're not allowed to fix this easy powerful enemy farm until I've forged all the Black Armory legendary frames Also handy when you realise you're sitting on a stack of Finest Matterweave:
  12. Does the Whisper of the Worm quest scale up to your level? I'm at 950 + 13 and I made it to the second combat room on my lonesome, where I just got deleted over and over again until I timed out.
  13. I've reset my Valor rank 3 times and I'm still only 24% final blows / 39 % defeats and medals into the Randy's Throwing Knife quest? All my guardians are dressed LIKE IRON LORDS so I think that's enough Iron Banner for now.
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