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  1. Apparently, apparently, there's some precedence in the lore about the darkness having been used for something like this before, but I'm too busy enjoying the top-voted comment about the cutscene on the r/DTG subreddit being "Nezzcafe" to be bothered finding out. I'm a grinder (I like to get things over with and be done with them - I hit rank 100 just before the first weekly reset this season ) but this season felt far too grindy if you were trying to get all the seasonal things. The Scallywag title (before its requirements were reduced), the seasonal craftable weapons and all the weekly challenges for the now-Obligatory 7x3 Grid required you to do the seasonal activities way beyond the points of enjoyment and indifference, and well into resentment, especially with nonsense like how the Ruffians were implemented and how relatively late guaranteed sources of red border weapons came. It also didn't feel great when some of the later challenges pointed out how you'd get them done quicker in the Master version of a seasonal activity, which there's no in-game matchmaking for, and with in-game LFG still a few seasons off. Still, Arc 3.0 buildcrafting has been great (I have about 30 new builds made) and I took the chance to have multiple breaks, play different things and came back later to finish up anything else I wanted to do (only finished gilding Conqueror a few days ago). I've spent a few hours today in DIM's Inventory, Organizer and Loadouts tabs, having honest conversations with myself about how many notes:PvP weapons I'll ever really use, how many duplicate copies of this season's 900 RPM SMG which I don't really like the feel of is appropriate to have, and dealing with all the duplicate exotic armour I have from the last 2 seasons, managing to clear out 120 vault spaces in preparation for next season. One of those duplicate exotics and a bit of shuffling armour affinities and mods around brought one of my favourite Hunter ability spam builds up 3 full tiers and made it triple 100, with only 7 wasted stat points, and if that's not what it's all about I don't want to be right (Bungie plz simplify it to be like the new Monster Hunters)
  2. Barbarian was sadly not a "don't read anything about it!" hype-worthy movie.
  3. I think I'm already halfway through it after only 2 hours played, but The Case of the Golden Idol is a fun detective game if you're looking to re-scratch that itch.
  4. I remember having the official strategy guide book for SNES SFII: Turbo which just went ahead and told you how to exploit every AI on the highest difficulty. Doesn't matter if Guile's a cheating, insta-charging fucker if you can bait a Flash Kick to nowhere out of him every time
  5. All "drama" streamers/youtubers are the worst
  6. I dreamt there was a new Adam Curtis documentary without narration. But this was a fantasy.
  7. Jan 26 - Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum'n'Fun! Feb 9 - Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition April 12 - Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST & Halo 4 Aug 24 - Destiny 2: Lightfall + Annual Pass (Preorder) Sep 22 - Trombone Champ This challenge is rrrather easy when you mostly just play Destiny
  8. There are some proper bangers in this, I've had the ska track in my head all weekend. I have to cross my hands (right on key presses, left on the mouse) to get the note timing right, which just adds to the fun.
  9. The E3 2021 trailer showed Link diving up into the sky islands via a pool of water which forms into a tear-like thing then shoots up into the sky, like a reverse droplet
  10. I had the exact same plan, but look what finally happened towards the end of my second reset: Now I need another 20 wins for gilding, just as well the infinite Titan shoulder charge, whoops everything exploded build makes Gambit incredibly fun: https://dim.gg/yok4xey/Solar-Mk.-44-Stand-Asides-Shareable
  11. GamesMaster, how can I "be" Big Man?
  12. Pity, this was the most Resident-Evilly live-action Resident Evil thing yet, fully embraced and added to the daftness of the games' plot.
  13. Solar 3.0 was a good time for Titans, I was almost not a Hunter main
  14. First solo flawless dungeon done (with a Lorely Titan of course)
  15. This is my favourite build for Gambit this season (it's fun in pretty much every other PvE activity too), infinite shoulder charges which make the target explode and take out everything around them. Once you have Roaring Flames up, a single One-Two Punch into shoulder charge one-hits large blockers. Slap the seasonal Solar Fulmination mod on while it's still here to delete entire rooms at once: https://dim.gg/yok4xey/Solar-Mk.-44-Stand-Asides-Shareable (Screenshotting it as DIM currently mangles the notes when you share a build - I've submitted a fix to them)
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