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  1. Resident Evil 4 - Revisited

    Writhe in my cage of tormentdelight, my friend.
  2. Into the Breach

    The passive ability which stops your mechs taking damage when blocking a Vek spawn is
  3. Into the Breach

    I only just noticed there's an Undo Move button (and the ability to undo an entire turn) So many wasted turns
  4. My Picross game - Picrastination

    Yes please, I love picross and procrastination
  5. Help me pick Ten PlayStation games

    I used PCSXR-PGXP, but development on it seems to be dead. It looks like the Beetle PSX HW core for RetroArch supports this feature (PGXP) too, I just got it up and running for a quick test: Normal: PXGP on:
  6. Help me pick Ten PlayStation games

    Seconding forgetting about Rage Racer and getting non-PAL Ridge Racer Type 4, amazing racing game and soundtrack. I recently discovered PS1 emulation has advanced to the stage where some of them can attempt to perspective-correct textures, which fixes the PS1's signature wobbly textures and texture warping. RRT4 looks amazing with it
  7. Monster Hunter: World

    This sort of stuff is why I love the Monster Hunter endgame, just geeking out with the gear system to put together fun builds which maximise a particular way to play:
  8. The Walking Dead!

    Welcome back to The Walking Dead: What Happens Next (spoilers: shit writing, utter stupidity)
  9. Binary Domain

    The correct answer was "French scrap-head" Mouse controls are something else on this when you're controlling a turret. I'm currently trying to take down the gorilla for the second time and it takes about 6 full swipes on the mouse mat to turn 180 degrees. Did they also change the mechanic for defeating the gorilla from the first fight without telling you? That's brutal game design.
  10. The Alan Partridge Thread

    Lynn, these are sex people! partridge.cloud is best
  11. Consolevania's back...

    The first episode of Series 4 has been posted to YouTube: I wonder how long it'll stay up with that Switch advert at 2:02
  12. Binary Domain

    Freebie GET from that Sega thing. Does it ever stop being so stop-start? At least having skippable cutscenes makes up for all the forced-walking bits.
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    It's worth going on recon missions for monsters you hit a wall with. Keep your weapon tucked away and concentrate on avoiding their attacks, learning their tells and spotting suitable openings for your weapons of choice.
  14. The Humble Thread

    GTA IV's biggest problem seems to be that it's boring as fuck.
  15. The Humble Thread

    GTA IV seems to work ok, but they never bothered to go back and rip out Games For Windows Live, so you still need to log into that It accepts outlook.com addresses, which was lucky. Rockstar seem to be terrible for lack of support of their older PC games, though. Check out this lot: https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/7u3d5n/humble_rockstar_bundle_1_manhunt_gta_3vice_city/dth8e02/ I assumed there'd be a way to skip cutscenes in Max Payne 3 by now, but no dice

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