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  1. The forced triple buffering setting recommended in that DF video makes a world of difference, it was dropping to 30fps for me with vsync on otherwise.
  2. There is no backlog, free your mind.
  3. If you have the season pass and have progressed it with your main, you should be able to claim the armour pieces on it one by one (lowest level first) on your alt to level it up pretty close to your main (unless they've fixed that since I stopped playing again).
  4. Just "finished" Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate after ~110 hours of playing nothing else, but if I start mucking around with other weapons that could easily turn into a few hundred more. I don't think I like the hyper monster variants you need to fight to max out end game gear. Giving them double health, always in rage mode and never-ending stamina removes so much variation from the hunt, it's boring to hunt them solo as a result, just constantly having to deal with a raging damage sponge with fewer openings to punish than usual.
  5. GTA VI will only have an online mode initially. Development of the single player mode - which will be exactly as good as you expect it to be - will be financed by people buying Shark Cash Cards. Source: my uncle showed me the beta running on his Switch Pro development unit.
  6. Same but with Monster Hunter, were it not for an extra 45 minutes kip on the bus on the way to work I'd have been dead. Traffic jams on the motorway were heaven. Does one-more-going Ouendan on the bog to the point where you can't feel your legs count as a dumb gaming shit?
  7. Just about to hit G Rank (spoiler for the High Rank Hunter Hub "boss") After World I wondered how I'd ever play Longsword without Foresight Slash, and were it not for some of the Rise footage which looks like you can do Adept and Aerial-style moved using the wirebugs, I'd be wondering how I'd ever play it without the Adept Evade. If you're looking for more MonHun between World and Rise, I can absolutely recommend this. It's ridiculously cheap when it goes on sale and I'm only just about to finish the tutorial after 60 hours.
  8. The Dark Souls of Mario physics, every time I've come 2nd it's been fluffing a simple jump with no other pressure
  9. Is it this one?
  10. I think I said I was bored of the 3D Zeldas too have only ever finished Wind Waker out of them all (probably because it came out while I was at uni), and not to overlook BotW if that's the only reason you haven't played it, as it's a proper adventure now, not just the 3D Zelda dungeon-item-dungeon-item... Formula again.
  11. https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en What if Breath of the Wild... ...but free to play and invisible walls and embarrassing waifus because you're a 38 year old dad? It's not really much like Breath of the Wild, of course, just like Ubisoft's Breath of the Wild thing won't be. There's a lot more traditional RPG-ing on offer from what I've played so far, but everything seems to be done via resources and currencies (e.g. you spend books you find plus in-game currency to level up your character) because presumably they want
  12. 10 minute recap of mechanics from the gameplay video, soo goood
  13. I can't be doing the the JoyCons for 3D games which need the sticks, so I take them off and use the Pro Controller with the screen in my lap when playing off-TV
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