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  1. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    Legia Shattercryst + Xeno'Jiiva = rekt, it's nice to be able to check how effective your builds are in this version.
  2. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    The workload was beginning to get to Smart Biologist
  3. Nobuo's Organ


    People from /r/panelshow upload episodes to Google Drive pretty sharpish
  4. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    Dragon Piercer kill screens
  5. Nobuo's Organ

    The Twitch/Ustream/Mixer Thread - a Streaming Pile of Bits

    If anyone here is a Twitch Partner. they could create an Rllmuk team; I assume that makes it easier to automatically host each other and whatnot.
  6. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    Typical scene in my first pickle hunt
  7. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    Raging pickle time in an hour
  8. Nobuo's Organ

    Bad bits in otherwise good games

    All forced-slow-walking while we fit some exposition in bits in all games ever, a.k.a. the new face of the unskippable cutscene. If I can't do anything meaningful just take control away from me, don't make me pretend to pretend to take part in your shit videogame story.
  9. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter Generations - Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

    That's good to hear, I think I've inadvertently hit the endgame in World (soloing to the end before going online doesn't quite work when the whole game is online, whoops) and am tempted to pick up a Switch now this is out.
  10. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    HR unlocked, time to diversify a bit
  11. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    You mean I don't have to try the quest you can't speed up over and over again to get my Handicraft charm? Whythankyou, Monster Hunter World.
  12. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    http://game.capcom.com/world/steam/us/schedule.html Hello blue sharpness, my old friend I've come to hunt with you again Because a ??? Rathian softly creeping Left footprints while I was sleeping And the tailspike that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of High Rank
  13. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    Low Rank Hornetaur Greaves are the easiest Handicraft+1 I've seen in a MonHun. Don't sleep on them, fellow kids, that extra chunk of green sharpness makes such a difference for melee weapons. Am I imagining things or are the monster hitboxes either really good, more lenient or the latter because of the former? If you're milling about underneath a big monster and it charges forward, it feels like you only get hit if their legs would have gone through your hunter, whereas in previous games (3rd Gen, at least) you'd get hit almost every time unless you were able to roll clear of the whole leg area. Hit High Rank today and I am officially back on my bullshit, with a Handicraft+1, Attack+5 set to tide me over damage-wise until I can upgrade my weapons. Took a cheeky Barroth down before I realised things had gone all High Rank, then this Rathian tried to kill the weakened, sleeping Pukei-Pukei on me, so she had to die too. High Rank is still such a satisfying kid-in-a-sweetshop moment, and the game *wants* you to go on Expeditions to all the areas, like I wasn't going to be hitting the mining points and bone piles like a pickaxe fiend anyway. Also: the Bandit Mantle, like just hitting the monsters as hard as you can wasn't satisfying enough already. This game
  14. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    While the game explains things better than it has in previous versions, it still doesn't really tell you how to use each weapon effectively, so don't be afraid to go and watch a weapon tutorial for whatever you're using - you won't be spoiling anything for yourself (same for checking anything else you're not sure about on wikis, like where to get specific materials you need - the fun is in the planning and doing). Your times will drop as you get more familiar with each monster's openings and really know how and where to pile on the damage when the monster's down. I played > 1000 hours across the 3rd gen Monster Hunter games and was able to take the Barroth down in less than 10 minutes (I had to, as I spent the rest of the ✨surprise Barroth hunt✨ quest exploring the new level and killing the Rathian ). Edit: @ charley farley
  15. Nobuo's Organ

    Monster Hunter: World

    Don't take the option to hunt your first Rathalos on the expedition quest. 4 times I chased this fucker from top to bottom and he left the locale just as I was about to reach him in the wyvern nest to capture him Edit: I'm a moron again, turns out you can fast travel to camp sites you've unlocked, including the one right next to the Rath nest! Such accessible. Very monster.

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