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  1. I've heard good things about Yomi, I assume I wouldn't need anything more than the two decks you have to give it a go?
  2. Looking at the last picture in this update I would guess not: https://mythicgames.net/darkest-dungeon-the-board-game-the-quest-begins/amp/
  3. Forza Hub is a separate app that assigns you a Forza level based on how much you have played/achieved on each of the Forza games that it tracks. Each week you can claim money across all the games based on your Forza level
  4. It makes a big difference for when I'm likely to upgrade. It's much easier to justify upgrading when you will be directly replacing something. Likewise, if and when I do upgrade I'm not going to be buying too many new releases due to cost so it is good that I will still have a library of games to play. It was definitely a factor when I bought my PS2 and Xbox 360.
  5. I got mine in the 'swimming pool' bit you are using. Couple of decent verts then started grinding the lip of the pool, you then get the gap bonus for jumping the channel. That's a good point to chuck in a flip trick and change grinds as well.
  6. Same here, really useful on Manual special moves where you are doing pretty much the same button presses anyway.
  7. It might help once you get some stats up. I found I was bailing a lot more until I got the Air and Ollie stats up so you have more time to position yourself after a trick. I'd forgotten what a difference they make!
  8. I hadn't pre-order this as after the previous HD remake I didn't have high hopes for this. After reading the comments here and the generally positive reviews I caved and picked it up yesterday and I'm so glad I did. This is the first game in ages I have lost track of time while playing. As a huge fan of the first two games this is everything I'd hoped it would be. Im pleasantly surprised by how much muscle memory I've retained and how little I remember from the first game in terms of level structure. The main issue I'm having is hitting the revert consistently but it's getting there. I've always been in two minds about the revert as it makes the game much easier especially in competitions. The challenges look like they are really going to open things up though and encourage players to find new lines using new restrictions. Really looking forward to getting properly into them and ticking off gaps.
  9. The second player could also fire star bits at things in the level such as enemies to stun them, so there were lots of extras for them to collect. I assume so you couldn't get stuck by someone firing away all of the star bits.
  10. The Game and Watch is also up for £45: https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-merch-accessories/game-watch-super-mario-bros./12690781.html
  11. If you search for Mario 3D , there is a pre-order page on the UK store: https://store.nintendo.co.uk/nintendo-switch-game/super-mario-3d-all-stars/12690751.html?autocomplete=productsuggestion
  12. Sadly not, they have had the blue colour for gaps and the sfx when you hit one in most of the games and they haven't all had the checklist. THPS 3 being a good example of this.
  13. I really wanted to like this but I might have to accept that this isn't for me. Played a couple of games with my friend last night before the network crapped out, in the second we got quite far and I enjoyed it. Played it again this afternoon and I haven't been so frustrated with a game for ages. I've worked out that I hate the races with a passion, mainly because the jumping is just terrible. I will give it another go with other people though as the other mini games seemed a lot more fun. Hopefully I'll get used to it eventually .
  14. I've had a quick look around but has there been anything confirming if the Gap Checklists will be in the game?
  15. I don't want to know how long it has taken me but I've finally finished Expert mode on Konami Pixel Puzzle. Now to finish the three puzzles left on S3. I tried to put the end screen into a spoiler box but it went wrong
  16. The Arcane Golem fight goes on far too long which makes every re-attempt that much more of a chore while you get through the early patterns again. I beat the Demon General the other day having put the game down for a while due to that boss, eventually I watched a video which gave me some good pointers. He went down after a few more attempts once I got used to the later patterns but I don't know if I could have done it without the extra help. Demon General Boss spoilers:
  17. The route to the end definitely needs better signposting. I finished the game by accident as I wanted to try and get all the extras in case I couldn't go back. It looked like there was an obvious way on so I went in the opposite direction and entered the first level I came to, which just happened to be the one that led to the end. I have since gone back to try and get everything but, as others have said, a lack of map really makes it into a chore. I navigated the rest of the game fine though.
  18. I've started playing this through Gamepass and it's brilliant so far. Only a a few hours in but the challenge has been good without being too frustrating, I've died to bosses a few times and then worked out what I'm doing wrong as it goes on. The writing has been great as well, as others have said the Storekeeper has been the best up to this point. Looking forward to see how the later game handles.
  19. May/June/July - I need to remember to update these more often Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch) - Finally got to the end of Story Mode but I still have a lot of the pre-built levels to finish. At it’s best it perfectly distills the Mario template, but there a re a few items I’d happily see the back of. The angry sun and the moving skull platforms that I found too slippery for two examples. I wish you could remap buttons as well, it would be a pain as it has so many different styles but not having the Run button on a trigger shouldn’t be an issue these days. Definitely be going back and trying out some user built levels. What the Golf (Switch) - Kept me glued to my Switch until it had been 100% completed, wonderfully inventive and simply a lot of fun to play. Some of the challenges are more annoying than others though I’d recommend trying both control methods if you do get stuck. I used the touch controls for 95% of the game, and this seems the best way to play, but there are a few challenges that are made easier with the stick control. Minecraft Dungeons (PC Gamepass) - Enjoyed it enough to play though once but I got bored by the repeat grind pretty quickly. It would have been nice to be able to just jump up a difficulty setting once you reach the end of the main quest. I have gone back today to play the new level which is more of the same really, I’m not sure how much more I’ll play of it though due to…. Diablo 3 - Eternal Collection (PS4) - I’ve completed this in that I have played through the main story to the end. I’m still putting a lot of time into the post-game content mainly due to playing co-op, we’ve started Season characters as well so that’ll be many more hours. There have been a few moments that have felt repetitive and I’m not sure I’d still be playing this as much if I was only playing solo. It is still fun trying out new builds though, something that isn’t really doable in Minecraft Dungeons. Don't move (PC) - I got this as part of the huge Itch.io bundle. It is one of those procrastination games which takes place mainly on one screen and you have to work out how to unlock achievements and trophies to progress. Helped as something to mess around on when I needed a work distraction but I couldn’t recommend it. Kids (Itch.io) Another game that was part of the Itch.io bundle. It’s a 30 minute art piece that has some nice moments but didn’t really resonate with me. Still it’s always good to try something a bit different and it filled a lunch break nicely. 428 Shibuya Scramble (PS4) - Loved this, though I am a big Zero Escape and Danganronpa fan so this was right up my street. Using real actors to tell the story though photos works really well, in both world building and keeping the story going and the cast full commits leading to some of my favourite WTF endings ever. The extra content is a mixed bag, it would also have been good to know before you start it that one extra section is basically 1.5-2 hours of only reading. Seasons after Fall (PS4) - Nominally a metrovania game but with no enemies to fight so it is all about the platforming and puzzling. There isn’t really much challenge and the jumping can feel off sometimes but it was a nice relaxing game as something to switch off to.
  20. I've not really thought about this before this thread, but the games I'd consider puzzle games would have the problem solving as the main gameplay mechanic and would have solutions/endings to any given puzzle. So I would include Monkey Island, the Witness and Portal as different types on puzzle games. But Tetris, Bejweled and Puyo Puyo aren't as while there are strategies to perform better at them, you can't really solve them. Which is why many of them have dedicated 'Puzzle Modes' where the pieces are the same each time.
  21. They're saying that Naughty Dog have honed making games that look fantastic with shit gameplay.
  22. I haven't played this version but generally for pub leagues you score points when the dots at the ends of the chain add up to multiples of 3 and 5, 1 point for each multiple. So if the dots add up to 15, the person laying the last domino would score 8 points.
  23. Thanks for the tip, finally finished off the last Konami Pixel Puzzle I had outstanding. Going to give Expert mode a go now...
  24. I've had about an hours play on it today using the Switch touch screen and I've not found it an issue. Helps that you can touch anywhere to do the gauge so you don't have to block too much of the screen. I had a quick go using the stick and touch screen is definitely the better option.
  25. April/May Borderlands 2 + all DLC (PS4) - I've been playing this through on co-op with a friend for a while now and we finally got the Platinum Trophy, we finished all of the DLC on Ultimate Vault Hunter mode (I think) but didn't quite get through the main story on UVHM as we got burned out on the game. It's a fun game to play through and this is especially true in co-op but it does tire after multiple play-throughs especially when we had to do some grinding to get the Platinum trophy. That said we just used those points as something to do while we talked about other things and had a catch up. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel +all DLC (PS4) - We then jumped straight into the Pre-Sequel and had a lot of fun with it, again I think playing through in co-op makes a big difference to the experience and we happily played through most of it again in TVHM. We didn't bother trying to get the Platinum trophy for this though as the grind was just too much! Whoever thought having challenges linked to the equipment grinder was a good idea needs to be fired. Also it is worth mentioning that we had a ton of golden keys for both this and Borderlands 2 which helped reduce the grind in finding useful weapons a lot. There is No Game (PC) - I downloaded this after reading @Unofficial Who's write up and I'm glad I did. A short, fun experience that can be downloaded for free, so why not give it a shot? Defunct (PC) - Picked this up in one of the recent Xbox sales for 89p and while I got my money's worth I'm not sure I could recommend it to others. It has an interesting control scheme but while it can be fun to zip along in I didn't feel compelled to go back to it afterwards to try out other routes and some of the jumping is just annoying to do. It was a pleasant enough diversion and it is short but I'm not sure that is enough. I do feel though that the general mechanics could be refined and used to make a better game, I got the feeling of the downhill levels from Tony Hawk 1 in some sections and a tighter focus on that aspect would make me much more likely to go back to it. Horace (PC) - I've written up my detailed thoughts in the main thread but overall I loved it, though it can be damn frustrating in parts. The writing is great though and if you are a retro games fan than you really should give it a try. Alienation (PS4) - Another game I have played through in co-op and it works well with a few rough edges. It's a solid twin-stick shooter but I don't like that enemies sometimes hide behind the scenery or that they only have health bars once damaged, making it easy to overlook them. The fact you get different drops for each player is a nice touch and you can set the challenge as you like it. We've completed 1.5 playthroughs and we'll definitely go back to it, but we've taken a break to start on Diablo3. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot on single player to see how it is as well.
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