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  1. The leap by Chaos at the end of the trailer is hilariously bad, they way he lands to no effect or fanfare other than moaning like he's thrown his back out.
  2. I had a really good run when I cleared Floor 3 that was largely down to getting the item that makes the arrows spin twice, made it so they were more likely to hit something every round. I've put a picture of the finish in the spoiler box below:
  3. I've been enjoying my time with this, it is a great quick play game and the one-more go pull is very strong. I'm still not sure how much winning depends on luckily hitting what you need or not, sometimes though it has definitely been me trying to force a build that has caused me to fail. Up to Floor 5 now and I can't see me stopping anytime soon.
  4. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/160477/onitama Onitama would be my recommendation, one of my favourite games. It is an abstract strategy game in which you are trying to take you opponents 'King' or move your 'King' into their starting square. For each game 5 movement cards are used, with each player starting with 2 and the remaining card placed to the side. Once a player uses their movement card they swap it with the current spare card. It's a very easy game to set up and play but there is a lot of depth to it. The movement cards are picked randomly each time so it changes from game to game as well.
  5. Didn't Days Gone get a major patch a few months after release which changed a lot of people's opinions of it? The original reviews were very mediocre for it
  6. I'm more annoyed by the phrase 'ranked by year' in the introduction than by the list itself.
  7. I echo the recommendation to give Hypnospace a go, I really enjoyed my recent playthrough of it. It's also available on PC through gamepass which is how I played it, it definitely felt like a keyboard and mouse was the best way to navigate it.
  8. One of my main memories from the first Half-Life is a bit fairly early one where there is a flooded room conducting electricity that you need to go through. You turn off the power and get to a vent in the dark where a head-crab jumps at you as you go through the vent. I have played Half Life many times and I still jump at that bastard crab every time. I'm going no where near that experience in VR!
  9. Another expansion but it should be a hefty one, it is including a whole mod with new levels and enemies that was built using the mod creation kit. The team that made it were brought onto the team for the official expansion to port it across.
  10. Runner up slots go to Mario Galaxy, The Outer Wilds and The Last Guardian but my top game would be Return to the Obra Dinn, a wonderfully constructed game that I couldn't put down until I had seen it fully through.
  11. There are 4 tabs in the game library section of the UI, the third tab is for PlayStation Plus and has a link to the PlayStation Plus Collection and the monthly games
  12. They should be in your Game Library and there will be PS Plus tab with them in
  13. This did end up being my Christmas game and what a wonderful game it was, even my wife enjoyed watching me play which is a rarity.
  14. Has anyone played Cuphead on their PS5s yet? I'm wondering how good the Backwards Compatibility is for it
  15. It has been a while but probably Bust-a-Move 2, I'm picking that as it doesn't have all the special bubbles in the multiplayer (if memory serves). Puzzle Bobble Live on the Xbox 360 remains one of the few games I have had people rage quit on.
  16. I'm really hoping this is good, SMB is one of my favourite games of all time. Reassuring to see you've played it @SuperCapesand the handling is still good.
  17. I just played Abzu through on the PS5 and it is wonderfully colourful and relaxing.
  18. Catch-up Picross Special Konami Pixel Puzzle (Mobile) - Pretty good Picross game but there are a few issues with the way in which in controls. It is sometimes nice that it fills in X's for you but I'd prefer to have had it as an option you can turn off and on or a button you could push to fill when you are happy with it. Likewise it was annoying that you couldn't drag a line to fill it is quicker as it will overwrite any square that are already filled in. The worst part was the countdown timer for some of the levels which really isn't great when you want to do more than one puzzle a session. The Expert mode was pretty good and a nice challenge, thankfully the boss mode cooldown is removed and they even throw in a couple more puzzles. The pictures are well done and it's a nice trip down memory lane in the main. Murder by Numbers (Switch) - Long story short, I loved this and I hope they make another. There are some really good puzzles in terms of difficulty and they are framed really well. I thought the story was pleasing enough if nothing outstanding but it did genuinely make me laugh in some places and it moves along nicely, the pacing seemed spot on and there was never a point where it felt too long for cutscenes with no puzzles. That said, the detective side of things is really fluff to hang the puzzles off of and it felt more like moving a story along than solving a crime. Personally I was fine with that but some people may prefer that they can just pick a picross puzzle and go rather than having to go through the story in-between. Picross S1 and Picross S3 (Switch) - The best series for Picross gaming on the Switch that I've come across so far, which controls really well and they keep adding more for each iteration. I started off on S3 until I got stuck on a few of the Mega Picross puzzles so jumped to S1 and kept going between them. I've also got through most of S2 and started S4 as well, but sometimes it really is best to leave a puzzle for a bit and come back to it later. My one complaint is that I wish the Mega Picross puzzles weren't the same pictures as the normal Picross puzzles, but the games are big enough that it isn't too much of an issue. Can't wait for the Sega version to finally be finished, maybe one day they will port the Zelda ones as well.
  19. Some updates with more to come as I haven't done an update in a while: Carrion (PC Gamepass) - Moving the monster around and killing everything that moves is fun in the most part and it doesn't outstay it's welcome. The lack of map meant that I gave up on trying to 100% it but it kept me coming back to the end. The Touryst (PC Gamepass) - I played this in short game breaks which helped keep it fresh as I was playing through, nicely presented and the exploring is fun and I ended up 100% it. It isn't very challenging except for the trying to beat all the arcade games, proper relief on finally nailing the F-Zero clone. A good relaxing game, though the moving balls in that one area can fuck right off. Glass Masquerade (Switch) - Simple puzzle game where you are rebuilding stained glass window designs like jigsaw puzzles. Something casual to switch off to in short downtime periods, I used the touch screen to play it and it would be a perfect phone game for 15-20 minutes journeys. Aether (PC) - This is an old Edward McMillen game that is included on the Basement Collection where you navigate an alien between planets using its tongue as a propulsion mechanism. The whole thing is very slight and can be played through very quickly, about 15 minutes, which gives you enough time to play around with the movement controls. A nice distraction Battletoads (PC Gamepass) - This has great production values but the gameplay is bang average. It did enough to keep me going for one play through in very short bursts (drop in and out games have been making up a lot of my gaming time) but it was deleted as soon as it was finished with and I won't be returning to it, even for easy to get achievements. A Way Out (PS4) - There is a lot to admire with this game in terms of scope and when it all works it is an interesting experience, but it really didn't stick the landing for me. I've put some more detailed thoughts (with big spoilers included) in the spoiler box below: The Messenger (Xbox One Gamepass) - This was right up my alley and overall I really enjoyed it, some of the boss fights were too long though but there was a real satisfaction when you do take one down. There were enough frustrating bits (especially long traversal rooms over bottomless pits) that I didn't want to go back through it again to get all the seals but it is definitely worth giving the game ago.
  20. I had a text earlier saying thank you for placing my order, I'm assuming the confirmation text is different to this?
  21. Someone has already put up a picture of Peter Molyenux so I'll nominate the 'Milo' Kinect demo
  22. Just finished this as well and I can only echo everyone else's sentiments about how good the game is and how hooked it got me. Thank god I was off work this week so I could dedicate time to keep going back to it over the last two days, I honestly could think of nothing else while I was trying to get to sleep last night going over where I might have been going wrong. I did get through some of it without working out the full logic behind who was who, so making 'educated guesses', and it's been interesting going back through the thread reading people's thoughts and processes as well as some other sources to plug in the gaps.
  23. Cool, in that case let me know what you'd like for them
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