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  1. Wordle 260 5/6* Should have been four as I should have known my fourth guess was wrong from previous guesses
  2. Wordle 259 4/6* Thankfully didn't get stuck into too much of a trap
  3. I think you've put in the wrong third guess as it doesn't fit with the pattern, the forth letter wouldn't be correct.
  4. Wordle 258 3/6* Second guess made this one pretty straightforward
  5. Wordle 256 5/6* Thought I was going to get it in 3, was then happy to get it at 5
  6. Wordle 255 5/6* Hmm, not impressed with that one
  7. Wordle 254 5/6* That should have been a four, I'm actually surprised it accepted the word I went for with the fourth guess.
  8. Wordle 250 5/6* Took 5 but that flowed quite nicely, I enjoyed that one
  9. Wordle 247 3/6* Feel like I wasted my best shot at getting a two there
  10. Wordle 246 5/6* Happy with that, except for the repeat letter placement for the second guess which hard mode apparently doesn't stop
  11. @Thor Same for me, utter brain fart this morning Wordle 244 X/6*
  12. You can't turn on hard mode once you have started, so it probably won't let you turn it off after a guess either.
  13. Wordle 241 4/6* Thankfully didn't get the bullshit word version
  14. Wordle 240 4/6* The longest gap yet between the third and fourth guesses, easily an hour on and off trying to think of a word that fitted.
  15. Wordle 239 3/6* My second guess led nicely into the actual word
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