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  1. I've not really thought about this before this thread, but the games I'd consider puzzle games would have the problem solving as the main gameplay mechanic and would have solutions/endings to any given puzzle. So I would include Monkey Island, the Witness and Portal as different types on puzzle games. But Tetris, Bejweled and Puyo Puyo aren't as while there are strategies to perform better at them, you can't really solve them. Which is why many of them have dedicated 'Puzzle Modes' where the pieces are the same each time.
  2. They're saying that Naughty Dog have honed making games that look fantastic with shit gameplay.
  3. I haven't played this version but generally for pub leagues you score points when the dots at the ends of the chain add up to multiples of 3 and 5, 1 point for each multiple. So if the dots add up to 15, the person laying the last domino would score 8 points.
  4. Thanks for the tip, finally finished off the last Konami Pixel Puzzle I had outstanding. Going to give Expert mode a go now...
  5. I've had about an hours play on it today using the Switch touch screen and I've not found it an issue. Helps that you can touch anywhere to do the gauge so you don't have to block too much of the screen. I had a quick go using the stick and touch screen is definitely the better option.
  6. April/May Borderlands 2 + all DLC (PS4) - I've been playing this through on co-op with a friend for a while now and we finally got the Platinum Trophy, we finished all of the DLC on Ultimate Vault Hunter mode (I think) but didn't quite get through the main story on UVHM as we got burned out on the game. It's a fun game to play through and this is especially true in co-op but it does tire after multiple play-throughs especially when we had to do some grinding to get the Platinum trophy. That said we just used those points as something to do while we talked about other things and had a catch up. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel +all DLC (PS4) - We then jumped straight into the Pre-Sequel and had a lot of fun with it, again I think playing through in co-op makes a big difference to the experience and we happily played through most of it again in TVHM. We didn't bother trying to get the Platinum trophy for this though as the grind was just too much! Whoever thought having challenges linked to the equipment grinder was a good idea needs to be fired. Also it is worth mentioning that we had a ton of golden keys for both this and Borderlands 2 which helped reduce the grind in finding useful weapons a lot. There is No Game (PC) - I downloaded this after reading @Unofficial Who's write up and I'm glad I did. A short, fun experience that can be downloaded for free, so why not give it a shot? Defunct (PC) - Picked this up in one of the recent Xbox sales for 89p and while I got my money's worth I'm not sure I could recommend it to others. It has an interesting control scheme but while it can be fun to zip along in I didn't feel compelled to go back to it afterwards to try out other routes and some of the jumping is just annoying to do. It was a pleasant enough diversion and it is short but I'm not sure that is enough. I do feel though that the general mechanics could be refined and used to make a better game, I got the feeling of the downhill levels from Tony Hawk 1 in some sections and a tighter focus on that aspect would make me much more likely to go back to it. Horace (PC) - I've written up my detailed thoughts in the main thread but overall I loved it, though it can be damn frustrating in parts. The writing is great though and if you are a retro games fan than you really should give it a try. Alienation (PS4) - Another game I have played through in co-op and it works well with a few rough edges. It's a solid twin-stick shooter but I don't like that enemies sometimes hide behind the scenery or that they only have health bars once damaged, making it easy to overlook them. The fact you get different drops for each player is a nice touch and you can set the challenge as you like it. We've completed 1.5 playthroughs and we'll definitely go back to it, but we've taken a break to start on Diablo3. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot on single player to see how it is as well.
  7. Finished this last week and what a gem of a game this was, yes it has it's flaws (especially towards the end) but I bothered to complete the extra objective and I'm already thinking about re-playing it on Steam which I don't usually bother with. The writing was genuinely great and there were too many great easter-eggs/sight gags to count, I probably missed a ton as well. More detailed thoughts on specific bits, both good and bad. This includes many spoilers: Overall I loved it, if you are a gamer of a certain age then you really should play it as it is one giant love letter to retro gaming. It also had the Steptoe and Son/Bertha mash up I never knew I needed.
  8. Glad I could help @Mogster. This thread has been responsible for my Picross addiction flaring up again so its nice to be able to add something to it.
  9. The square where column 4 and row 5 meet is a cross, if that helps.
  10. Feb/March/Time has lost all meaning Old Man's Journey (PC Gamepass) - Played this through after reading someone on this forum's thoughts on it, I could have sworn it was in this thread but I've looked through and can't find it again. Pleasant and short story with some very light puzzling, a nice way to spend 1.5 hours of downtime. Children of Morta (PC/Xbox One) - Really enjoyed playing this through, the ranged characters are by far the best with Linda controlling more like a twin stick shooter. Towards the end you do get a bit overpowered but I liked it enough to get all of the achievements bar the co-op ones after beating the game. Looking forward to the promised DLC that should ramp up the challenge a bit. Pikuniku (Xbox One) - What an odd game, but one I'm glad I played through. Another game where there isn't much challenge but it was a nice game to unwind with at the end of the day and just enjoy the journey. I wasn't a big enough fan to look out all of the extra bits and there are challenges you can't return to post game which is always a bugbear of mine. I'd love to find out what the co-op mode is like but that won't be happening anytime soon! Ori and the Will of the Wisps (PC/Xbox One) - I've already written up my thoughts on this in the main thread, overall I enjoyed it but not as much as the first game.
  11. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair (PC) - There is a lot that this game does well, especially the over world, and I have had a good time with it for the majority of my play-through but the Impossible Lair is just not fun at all. It is a good idea in theory but there a few points where you can get caught in an infinite death loop neglecting the point of being able to take extra hits. It has sapped my enthusiasm for trying to get it finished, so on the abandoned pile it goes. I think Ape Out might be joining it soon.
  12. Finished it today, though the achievement for doing so didn't pop. The worm boss is definitely the worst part, mainly due to the burrow being a pain in the arse to use properly as Rudderless said above. The final area and boss is also tricky but you can get away with so much more when there is some imprecision as long as you have a nice health buffer. Though the final boss has also one of the worse bits of confusion: Overall I enjoyed most of my time with it but it is definitely felt like a step down from the first game, though it has been a while since I played it. There are some really odd design decisions, when you get the chance to move freely in feels great but then every challenging bit they throw in narrow restricted sections that throw that to the wind. For example the way to make burrowing trickier is just to add in extra windy paths to bump off of, which isn't that much fun. Also the story is all over the place (End game spoilers):
  13. After going VR gaming last week I'm looking at getting a VR headset, think I have decide on getting a Quest with the Link cable rather than a Rift S but it seems everywhere is out of stock. Is it worth getting the 128gb over the 64gb, especially if I am planning on getting the Link cable?
  14. I think Eurogames tend to be worker placement games, so each round you decide where to place workers to gather resources or other actions for your turn. Drafting Games are any where you are picking options from a general pool. For drafting Maguc, for example, you open a booster pack, pick a card from it to build your deck and then pass it on to the person to your right. You then also get handed the person on your left's cards, you then pick a card from that and then pass it on as before. You then keep going until all the cards have been picked, which gives you your cards for the main game.
  15. Feb Gris (PC) - I think this definitely suffered from going into this with all of the hype I had eard about it, which meant the first 30 minutes of fell a bit flat for me and felt like fairly standard platform fare, abeit very beautifully made. I think this was definitely down to going in with having heard so much hype about it. Once it picked up though the pacing becomes much better and the game becomes more into its own. Its an easy game to play through and I liked the narrative but I don't feel a need to go back and get all of the collectables anytime soon. Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (Switch) - I can see why I never finished this game the first time round when I played it, the first introduction case is easliy the worst from the first two games with lots of inconsitencies and jumping logic. The story through the rest of the cases is good enough to make up for the slow start and, as after finishing the first, I'm looking forward to finishing the trilogy off. I've heard the second is the weakest game as well so hopefully Trials and Tribulations hits the ground running. Outer Wilds (Xbox One X) - I don't think I could add anything to Pob's brilliant write up on page 3 and to say too much would be to spoil it, I have put some thoughts in the main game theread. I didn't find my self as attached to it as some but it really is unique experience and a game I'm very glad I played to the conclusion.
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