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  1. I've had a go at the challenge, it was very hard trying to find games that have not been released on consoles as well but I think this list works. I haven't got a Steam Deck but most of them have a playable or verified deck rating on Steam so I think it is good. With that, the list: Don't Make Love, Super Auto Pets, Watch Me Jump, You Have to Win the Game, Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt for free picks (£0). Shatter (£1.69), Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (£2.09), Why Am I Dead At Sea (£3.99), Reventure (£4.99) and Deathstate: Abyssal Edition (£6.99) More information on the free game in this section: More information on the paid for games in this section:
  2. They have split them into two different catalogues, so it could be this is just the 'Games Catelogue' announcement with a 'Classics Catelogue' announcement to follow later.
  3. I've always used the D-pad to play Tony Hawks and find the stick pretty much useless for them, which is why I struggle to play the Tony Hawk games on any platform other than the PlayStation. I think revert has always been on the R2 for the PS games.
  4. I had exactly the same thing happen to me, it also went back to about 20%. I did it back up to the mid 30s and it was back at 20 odd again the next day. In the end I started loading one of the specials after each session to ensure it had saved my progress.
  5. Other way round, Premium is the tier up from Extra that has the streaming and older games. These tier names really aren't working.
  6. I was enjoying my time with this but it froze on me last night and now it won't load. I'm playing through Gamepass on my laptop and haven't been able to fix it. It may be the save has corrupted but I can't find a way to stop it loading the cloud save to check. Just have to wait until I can set up the Xbox One again I guess and try through that.
  7. It's telling that generally all the positive things people have to say about the game are to do with the visuals and the details and nothing about the actual gameplay. That's certainly how the game felt to me, it looked wonderful and was great to explore but it controlled like crap and it felt like a chore to play. I'd definitely be interested in going back to see it fully tarted up in a sandbox mode but I have no desire to actually play the game again properly.
  8. Certainly going to be interesting over the next few years as all the deferred wages they have agreed to start to come up. Will definitely happen to more than just De Jong.
  9. The Berks Trilogy, I think the Bear with sunglasses won us over. Actually became a family favourite, I remember making maps with my dad for the third game. The cover art has absolutely no relation to the game what so ever from what I remember, but it looks very dynamic. It did lead up to the blurb on the back though as it was infuriating. Especially one part where you come out of a long tunnel which neither my brother or I could ever beat, I'm not even sure if it was possible or not but we tried repeatedly
  10. Can't believe I didn't instantly think of Boom Blox on the Wii. Lots of fun chucking bombs around levels to exploding things in the right way to pass levels. Also just as fun in multiplayer from what I remember. One of my favourite games for the system.
  11. Teardown was the first newer game that came to mind. You have to set up destruction to complete level objectives in a minute. I haven't played it but it has reviewed pretty well. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1167630/Teardown/ EDF has always been a fun series for levelling buildings whilst trying to save the Earth.
  12. I got about halfway through it playing on the Xbox One, I thought it was alright and I had some fun with it but I found a few issues with it. Nominally it is a bit like Hotline Miami in that you are trying to chain together a series of kills to clear out an area of enemies before you can move on, the big differences being the wide range of weaponry and the fact is has an isometric view rather than top down. When it all clicks it really is great to chain together a run and it is good for something to pick up, do a couple of levels and then put down again. I had some issues with the camera view, whereas you can be much more precise with Hotline Miami's top-down view as you know where things are relative to you I had some very frustrating deaths where I didn't quite land where I thought I would. There are some platforming bits in the game that felt a bit out of place and I was glad when I got through them. Likewise I had some issues where it didn't quite control as I expected, especially when transferring from and picking up weapons which was very frustrating. I also found it quite a challenging game and I was only up to the halfway point, definitely had a harder time than I did with Hotline Miami. Hope that is of some help to you.
  13. They all look good and personally I like the d8, but the colour composition on the d20 really does go together well. I'd love to see what the d12 looks like with a light orange rather than the yellow to give a Kingfisher feel to the whole effect.
  14. What a lovely thread, look forward to seeing how the hydro-dipped dice come out especially the yellow and green prototype. It's a tough choice but I think the Cosy dice might be favourite so far as the colour mix is just great, reminds me of an old scarf I used to have which is probably the most middle aged thing I've ever posted. I'm a big fan of the blue quake and the sky set as well, the yellow looks great against them and really makes the numbers stand out.
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