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  1. to keep things as simple and as neutral as possible i am only using a VRay target light and a VRay camera - between those two i can control pretty much everything. the light stays static and i move the target to alter the direction of the shadows and time of day. and that's it - all i'm looking for at the moment is something that gives a bright, neutral light with hard shadows. i much prefer to have a blank render then add visual effects afterwards. i really don't like using HDR lighting unless absolutely necessary - because i work with architectural visuals, if we were going to use HDR i or someone else would need to go out on site to take pictures of the surrounding buildings/area and winter in Sweden isn't the best time of the year if you want sunshine. also, i don't like the overly clinical and exact finish HDR lighting gives - i want our (as a company) pictures to be more expressive and looking less like they have been churned out from a bureau. and while HDR is fine for volume studies or detailing, it doesn't really fit in with the way we want to produce images. it may further down the line if we can find the right balance, but at the moment i don't feel it's worthwhile.
  2. thanks for that - seems a lot to take in, but i will plough my way through it. i'm only now starting to get into the finer points of GI/sampling due to some problems thrown up by the office interior. the thing i found with VRay is that in the beginning it takes a lot of trial and error to get anywhere near the result you want - it took me two weeks of experimenting to finally get close to a decent universal sunlight rig. that was me coming to VRay almost as a complete beginner and inbetween actual work work. it's still not 100%, but it is a good base to continue from. despite the grind, it is a very enjoyable and rewarding program to use. i'm always learning new things and ways of making our workflow easier, and as i mentioned the speed is phenomenal. special shout outs to VRay materials - they have like 15 separate layers to muck around with. 5 specular, a couple of diffuse and the usual reflection, luminosity etc. even with this amount of complexity it makes things a lot simpler in the long run.
  3. bingowings


    hahahha, sorry - i just have to butt in here. what incredible horseshit. 'different wavelength'? christ. just because music goes at a million beats a minute with vocals that sound like a bag of dogs being hit with a spade doesn't mean it has any kind of bite or kick. to me, this is the hardest and most intense song i have heard. and i enjoy blaring nonsense like Atari Teenage Riot and AC4. anyway. carry on.
  4. wait until they CGI the complete fuck out of his head.
  5. can i just say, for the record, that VRay and Cinema4D are the greatest things on the planet. i have been learning VRay for the past three weeks or so but haven't used it on any serious official capacity until this week when i had to render an atrium as part of an office interior. VRay lights and physical cameras are excellent - so much to play around with and tweak. and the results are incredible - sharp, free of noise, and above all fast. what would normally take five hours to grind out in Maxwell Render takes 40 minutes with VRay. and even then, after that five hours the Maxwell image would still be full of noise. getting the correct light for both interior and exterior shots has taken the largest amount of time to understand, what with colour mapping and certain GI settings but for the first time in a long time i'm excited about the possibilities of renders again, rather than doing a lot of post work in Photoshop - most of which was wrestling with Maxwell's horrible results. my Photoshop work has already turned a corner so adding VRay to the mix has made me even happier. now i have discovered the joys of 2-sided material. this took 90 seconds to render at 2000x1500 pixels. 90 seconds.
  6. what will the UK then base their new currency on when the financial sector crashes?
  7. for centuries man has dreamed of pushing their mind and body to the very limit of endurance in the pursuit of sporting excellence. to prove that through dedicated training and ambition they can achieve greatness. to be the very best and to hear their name echo throughout time. to be called a champion and an Olympian. and now they can. by wearing bits of plastic and riding a tiny, brightly coloured bicycle up and down some bumps.
  8. the last time i saw the guy in the suit (outside of the Mahvel films) was when he played a dude who raped old ladies on The Shield... he played tremendous mind games with Dutch and made him kill a cat. odd thing is is that he plays the Suit And Tie Guy almost the same as his character in The Shield. very off-putting.
  9. downloaded the demo last night while i was out taking photographs. so yeah, it's ME2 with some bells and whistles. which is a good thing. i enjoyed the combat mission, but after playing ME2 recently, something doesn't feel right about the controls - maybe they are smoother or i should adjust the XY speeds, dunno. took me a while to get used to them for some reason. i'll be there on release day to get my copy, i am umming and aahing about the collector's edition but it's 999kr here so, y'know, that can maybe get fucked. as for Ashley - Kaiden was the most tedious, gormless, whining pile of space flesh since Lt. Gorman and deserved to eat nuclear death. it got even worse with Jacob in ME2 - i did his loyalty mission near the beginning and left him in his gun hole for the rest of the game - like, 50 hours of play time - not another single mission. dude must have had blue balls by the end. both of them can go and get fucked - but not by my femShep.
  10. http://soundcloud.com/das-boy/1999-02-07-essential-mix-ed-rush-optical Ed Rush and Optical Essential Mix, from 1999. skip the first three minutes, then it properly kicks off.
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