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  1. Finally. I think the ref is having a good game btw.
  2. France look good when they have the ball though. Feels like they are always one good pass from a score. (So I'm kind of happy Ireland have had all the possession so far...)
  3. It would honestly surprise me if Ireland win another match. I assume they need to win all their matches with one or more bonus points to be in with a sniff of the tournament right?
  4. I think at the moment Wales are clearly the best team in the tournament followed by England. But as ever the margins are so fine. For all their dominance if that Welsh forward pass had been called this would be a close match. That's why Ireland are nailed on to win the tournament. Or something...
  5. I think I'm rooting for Wales today but what needs to happen for Ireland to win the tournament?
  6. Owing to the latest kerfuffle over Age of Steam I discovered this series of interviews with board game designers, which I thought was pretty interesting: https://boardgamegeek.com/forum/46/boardgamegeek/interviews-optimist/page/1 (The interviews that sparked my interest were John Bohrer and Martin Wallace btw.)
  7. What are the differences between the games in the North Sea series? Why would you pick one over the other, and/or why would you need more than one?
  8. I have given up on this. It's just too poorly written. Like a YA novel with a bit of rape and violence thrown in to adultify it. Has anybody else read it? Am I making a mistake?
  9. Finally watching season 2. Fucking hell I wish this English guy would fuck the fuck off.
  10. I actually found the very last third to be rambling and overlong. The middle bit is great but then for some reason the action moves to Italy and it all gets a little boring. Still a great book though.
  11. I just started reading Lagoon by Nnedi Okorafor because it turned up on a recommended list somewhere and because I figured that reading some African sci-fi would be interesting. But holy shit is it bad so far. The writing is awful (dull and expositional); the characters are scarcely believable (and the omniscient narrator's accounts of their inner thoughts is laughably plodding - sample quote, about the president of Nigeria: "He wished he were at his home in Abuja with a glass of cool Guinness, watching Star Wars on his high-definition wide-screen television. He loved Star Wars, especially the
  12. Yeah it got way too complicated way too quickly (and the app size got bloated even more quickly) but talking to my friends who enjoyed it, it seems that most of the fun they got out of it is (was?) the boss raids, particularly the time-limited ones. A lot of people reckoned it was like the good old days of MMORPG raids. Worth noting that these people mostly enjoyed it so much that they had no qualms about dropping pretty substantial sums on it. Not sure how viable it is of you want to play for free.
  13. Well a report has just pointed out that Activision (and EA) is overpaying its top management even by the rampantly out of control general standards of general corporate (mis)management.
  14. Ireland continue to look pretty unconvincing. Hope they get this out of their system before the World Cup.
  15. Good job Wales! I was asleep. My brother in law reckons England were robbed by the ref. My dad reckons Wales were the better team and sinckler was lucky not to be carded. Love the six Nations.
  16. I got an email about a video game sale this morning and it includes a Space Hulk game which sent me down a rabbit hole and now I've discovered that there are about a million different videogame versions. I didn't even realise that there so many versions of the boardgame itself. Has anybody played all the videogame versions? Are any of them any cop? I played the original PC version which was fine; and I saw the original Saturn version at some Golden Demon event or something. I haven't played any since...
  17. It looks like there will be more but I guess he only just posted the fifth part.
  18. I am only halfway through its five parts, but enjoying this so far: https://therewillbe.games/blogs-by-members/6466-the-howard-street-batrep Sample quote: EDIT: Part 5 doesn't seem to be linked to from part 4, so here is the link: https://therewillbe.games/blogs-by-members/6472-the-howard-street-batrep-5
  19. There's one for millennium blades up now - might as well enter it!
  20. I love Nick Evans's columns. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2019/feb/18/wales-england-six-nations-breakdown-key-rugby-union
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