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  1. The Strange/Norrell boardgame looks brilliant! Rulebook here: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/178234/jonathan-strange-mr-norrell-english-language-ruleb
  2. I don't really do podcasts, which is why I have only seen all of the second-hand wibblings on the internet. But I have been reading around since watching the first two episodes and I think this is what holds the key, for me: https://viewfromll2.com/2015/04/03/serial-the-above-average-investigations-of-detectives-ritz-and-macgillivary/ The documentary has had a kicking from all the reddit crowd because they are all convinced that Adnan is guilty, and they have spent the past however many years picking apart all of the evidence in minute detail establishing how all the ev
  3. Thought this was great. Just a simple, smart, funny, superhero movie, which is all it needed to be.
  4. In spite of the poor man's Tarantinoism I thought the strong performances carried the first half of this and it was okay - until Billy Lee turns up and it just turns terrible. The bit where the guy kicks the shotgun up from the floor and fires it is possibly one of the most stupid things I've ever seen in a film.
  5. Another absolutely baffling movie. It reminded me of those images where they take kids' pictures of animals and photoshop real photos to resemble them. I guess the script for Hotel Artemis was written by an actual 13-year-old and then they got a bunch of adults to make the film, including, inexplicably, a bunch of actors who usually are not desperate for work so I can only imagine that they appeared in this as some sort of ironic joke.
  6. Watched this on the plane. I was just confused by the absolute lack of charisma on the part of ANY of the actors; the absolute lack of humour in any of the wisecracks; the absolute lack of logic in any of the plotting; etc. etc. It just felt like a sequence of scenes strung together featuring hateful characters played by nomark actors. Absolutely baffling.
  7. It's got a right kicking on Reddit but I think the first two episodes have been pretty good - assuming they follow up on certain threads in subsequent episodes. It's interesting seeing/hearing I had previously only read about online. Jenn comes across as completely unreliable in the court footage and even more in modern interviews, and it defies belief that anybody could have ever believed that Jay's recorded interview is anything other than heavily coached.
  8. Just caught the Theranos documentary on HBO. Not a lot in it that hasn't been in all of the print coverage apart perhaps from any real self reflection from the silicon valley/Steve Jobs worshipping douchebag who enabled it all. And one absolutely mind-blowing scene of footage of a bunch of theranos execs dancing to MC hammer at some sort of corporate event that appears to have been lifted wholesale from an exquisite parody of office idiocy.
  9. I never caught the original podcast but have followed some of the back and forth online and just caught episode 1 of the new HBO documentary (watching episode 2 right now...). Anyone else catch this yet? I'd be interested to know the views of seasoned Serial followers. Edit: holy shit, the first taped interview with jay is like something out of Wilt.
  10. I have just stumbled on Ender's Game. It is mind-blowingly bad.
  11. It's terrible, if that helps?
  12. Not even the worst performance this six nations imo.
  13. Yeah Ireland have been crap. The ref has been crap. Wales deserve to win the match and the tournament. England up there with them. ireland have been second best by some margin against both of them.
  14. Ugh. At least there is no chance of Ireland going into the world cup with any false confidence. Glad Martin Johnson pointed out that the ref has been a *bit* shit.
  15. Why did Wales get the scrum when stander (I think) shinned the quick free kick? Wales looked a mile offside... But yeah Ireland looking all sorts of out of sorts again. They've done well to stay within 10 points I think.
  16. Pretty sure this is now in my top ten movies EVER because it was just so perfect.
  17. It will definitely be a challenge getting anything out of the Wales match next week for sure. And I can't see Scotland getting anything out of their game either. But I think either England or Wales would be deserving winners this year - although the result of yesterday's game shows just how fortunate Wales were to get away with that forward pass. Shame Ireland made such heavy work of the tournament this year, but personally I'm more interested in the World Cup - got tickets for NZ vs SA, Irl vs Scot, Eng vs Fra, and JP vs Scot.
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