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  1. I am glad (and slightly surprised) that people on here are enjoying these games. They are obviously not for everybody, but far too many gamers dismiss them as non-games and there is a lot going on under the hood. The chief draw of X-Men is fighting together with friends at specific times and in that respect I reckon it's a lot like raids and stuff in MMORPGs (although given the payment model, maybe paintballing is a better analogy given that you are essentially paying for equipment and ammo - but you don't have to). I have a secret story from the development of one of the games. I won't go i
  2. Yeah, is there a site that points out the clangers in Blade Runner? I'm sort of intrigued now.
  3. I only just saw this: I'm not quite sure what you mean, but are you interested in placing adverts in your Android app? Send me a PM if you are, in case I can help.
  4. Little bit amazed at the amount of kudos this film has received. Having finally watched it, it's just sentimental Hollywood rubbish. Clooney's worst movie since his Batman.
  5. Watched this on the plane yesterday. Holy shit it's bad. About 90% of it is very boring exposition. The rest is ersatz squalor, crap cockney accents and terrible, terrible acting (though given the quality of the script I guess the actors can hardly be blamed). Saoirse Ronan looks nice is about the only vaguely positive thing that can be said about it (if mild objectification of women can be considered positive...).
  6. Tourist

    Bad Meals

    It was about 16 quid with a beer - for a bowl of noodles! And flavourless is the only way I can possibly describe it. I'm trying to think of something similarly bland that I have eaten and I am struggling. Which is the precise opposite of what a tonkotsu should be. EDIT: Got it. It tasted like misou soup.
  7. Tourist

    Bad Meals

    So I went here last week: http://bonedaddiesramen.com/ It was awful. I don't know how it's possible to make a flavourless soup from pork bones, but they managed it, and the noodles felt like they'd been in the soup for too long. I guess the lightly boiled egg was okay, but at about twice the price I'd expect to pay, I felt cheated after eating a meal that was about a tenth as delicious as I would have liked. Apparently the chef is from Nobu or something... I amazed that anybody who has eaten proper, greasy, fatty, tasty Tonkotsu Ramen could be capable of being happy to serve such a monst
  8. You can, unless you've got shit in your eyes or you've never seen a moving image before or something.
  9. Frustratingly I have run out of negatives for the day so I feel compelled to reply to this: I was expecting some kind of entertainment. I was expecting it to live up to the goosebumpy moments in the trailer or, even if it didn't, to provide a modicum of popcorny spectacle. I foolishly expected some level of character, and plot, and even a smidgeon of dialogue that ventured beyond clunkily verbose exposition. So unless you were expecting nothing more than some moving images on a screen - a phenomenon that, in the modern world is so ubiquitous as to be reasonably unremarkable, and certainly so u
  10. Finally got round to watching this. Holy shit it's bad, isn't it? How did they fill such a marathon running time with such a wafer-thin plot and barely-sketched characters?
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