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  1. Apologies for interrupting the timeline but I was a little disappointed that the banner/hulk thing happened off screen. I wish they'd done that as a standalone movie.
  2. My main takeaway was that Spider-Man and Ant-Man are the best movies and characters in the MCU.
  3. I'm fully expecting a Doctor Whoesque Big Bad Wolf ending that fails to resolve about 90% of the plot strands that the writer(s) threw in when they were making things up as they went along back in the mists of the early series. Like, what was the point of the the wolves, the invincible world-breaking shadow things, the invincible world-breaking faceless assassins, those largely pointless women with whips and spears and stuff, the abysmal bit with the wavy sausage guy, the sudden appearance and subsequent disappearance of banking cartels etc. etc.?
  4. Is code Cromwell the one designed by some batty daily mail journalist who only designed one game (or something)? If so I really want to get hold of it but it seems to be rarer than hen's teeth...
  5. Humble Bundle is currently doing a bunch of digital boardgames (so, uh, plugged unplugged?) by Asmodee, FYI.
  6. Oof. Just noticed Iron Man isn't on there. It's available on Amazon Prime Japan. I wonder if there is some sort of streaming exclusivity that needs to run out before it can be added to Disney Deluxe...
  7. So I just signed up for Disney Deluxe, which seems to be Disney Japan's version of Disney Plus. Currently the Marvel roster is: Avengers Infinity War Black Panther Thor Ragnarok Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Doctor Strange Civil War Ant Man Avengers Age of Ultron Guardians of the Galaxy Captain America Winter Soldier Thor Dark World Iron Man 3 Avengers Captain America First Avenger Thor Iron Man 2 Marvel 75 years from pulp to pop! (whatever that is...) Iron Man Captain America Heroes United (some
  8. On episode 5 from the first series and this is great. I guess I didn't have any great expectations for it, which helps, because a lot of its greatness is in how understated it all is. I even love the low-budget look and feel of some of the bits. And Serafetc. is magnificent.
  9. I've just noticed that they are doing a free trial of Disney Deluxe, just in time for Golden Week here in Japan. Seem to include all the MCU movies - not sure about Spider-Man though. Might try to binge watch all of them in order! Then Star Wars if I have time...
  10. Watching Rizin. Satoru Kitaoka looks like he's been absolutely pounding the peds.
  11. I think city will win all their games. Maybe not Leicester. Liverpool might win all their games but then again they might lose to Cardiff, Wolves and Newcastle.
  12. So what is the run in for man city and Liverpool now? It's looking pretty unlikely for Liverpool now isn't it?
  13. Is jackbox the console party game that you play with your phones? That is truly terrible.
  14. Gah. Booked a business trip to the UK flying back from Heathrow early on Saturday morning. If only I'd known this was on I'd have given myself an extra few days!
  15. As I've stated in the main peds thread, I'm pretty sure that juicing in one shape or form is commonplace in every single top sport. I think people who don't ever set foot in a gym associate juicing with big muscles, but there are such a wide range of drugs that do so many different things. I remember watching an Ireland rugby match in a pub in Fulham and I got chatting to some roided up monster who happened to be there and it turns out he was mates with BOD, so at the very least BOD is socialising and training in circles where drugs are a given; looking at a few photos of a relative's wedding
  16. I picked up a free gundam model at the weekend: https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2019/01/uniqlo-x-gundam-brings-limited-shirts.html My daughter chose the gundam over Char's Zaku. Not sure when we will get round to building it yet though!
  17. Not sure if anybody is following the furore about GMT's Scramble for Africa. Basically they announced the game on their P500 list (their internal version of kickstarter, essentially); evidently there were some complaints that made them rethink whether the theme and implementation were appropriate; they announced its cancellation and apologised for their lack of awareness; and now they are getting it in the neck from everyone. It's a shame because clearly they are just trying to do the right thing; the game itself seems pretty self-evidently problematic (unlike games with a similar
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